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Building Healthy Relationships Chapter 11 (Grade level: 9-12) (Age 14-18) Rochelle Rich AyawtaTaylor Kristi Caruso.

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1 Building Healthy Relationships Chapter 11 (Grade level: 9-12) (Age 14-18) Rochelle Rich AyawtaTaylor Kristi Caruso

2 Healthy Relationships Cooperation Working together for the good of all Compromise Each person gives up something to satisfy everyone Give and take Strengthens relationships

3 Healthy Relationships Traits of healthy relationship Respect Acceptance Honesty Trustworthiness Dependability Loyalty empathy

4 Family Relationships Communication with parents Setting boundaries Building trust Opening communication lines Acknowledging their accomplishments

5 Family Problems Dealing with a broken home Filling in gaps of a missing parent Surviving a breakup Custody

6 Family Problems Cont.. Wanting more freedom Finding out who you are Running away

7 Family Problems Cont Media taking parental role

8 Family Problems Cont.. Domestic violence Spousal abuse Child abuse

9 Family Problems Cont Relationships with siblings Respecting each other’s space Learning how to resolve conflicts Show consideration for each other’s feelings Being supportive

10 Strengthening Family Relationships The family as a system Each person has a role Functions of a family Primary support system Meeting emotional needs Instilling values and religious beliefs Passing on traditions and customs

11 Building Healthy Family Relationships Affirmation Trust Commitment Time together Communication Respect Solving problems Love

12 Developing Responsible Relationships Friendships A significant relationship between two people based on caring, respect, consideration and trust. Friends share the same interest, hobbies, or aspirations as you Vary in importance May be hard work, but well worth effort

13 Building a Foundation Communication and Sharing Listening Skills Being an active listener –Really paying attention to what someone is saying and feeling. –Not making any judgments or interrupting while other person speaks. –Reflective listening, clarifying, encouraging, and empathizing

14 Building a Foundation Communication and Sharing Speaking skills Clearly stating what you mean Voice pitch Using “I” messages –Tells how you feel using the pronoun “II

15 Building a Foundation Respect and Trust How to handle disagreements Give the person a turn to speak Each deserve a chance to speak, be open Use “I” messages Express how you really feel Stick to the subject Don’ t lose track of the issue Keep the tone friendly Remember this is your friend that you value

16 Dealing with Peer Pressure The control and influence people your age may have on you. Positive peer pressure Role model Can show others what not to do Negative peer pressure Manipulation- sneaky or dishonest way to control others

17 Dealing with Peer Pressure Manipulation types Mocking or teasing Making threats, or using blackmail Using guilt trips to get desired results Resisting negative peer pressure Passive way Aggressive way Assertive way

18 Romantic Relationships Our first commitment: Self Healing the inner child Content with self Know yourself Attracting the right partner

19 Romantic Relationships Healthy Relationships Gaining respect Setting boundaries Resolving conflict Taking responsibility Confronting partner when they upset you Respect individuality Importance of compromise

20 Romantic Relationships Healthy Relationships Receiving and giving love Growing together Honesty and trustworthiness Be reasonable and realistic Sex is voluntary and not coercive Constant communication

21 Romantic Relationships Unhealthy relationships: Codependency Focusing completely on other person Defining self by relationship you have with others Using partner for emotional needs Fearing loneliness and abandonment Needing and loving not same

22 Romantic Relationships Emotional Abuse Being manipulation and controlling behavior Feeling ashamed of yourself Placing unreasonable standards on other Forcing compromise

23 Romantic Relationships Emotional abuse Using deceptive ways to control partner People disguise true intentions Using guilt trips

24 Communication Tips Express your feelings without attacking Listen Focus on solving issue not being right Agree to disagree and move on Be aware of body language and voice tone Express true feelings Take responsibility for mistakes Apologize

25 Communication Tips Don’t invalidate the other person’s feelings Listen to what is being said


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