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Chapter 6: Skills for Healthy Relationships

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1 Chapter 6: Skills for Healthy Relationships

2 Key Terms Relationship Friendship Citizenship Role Cooperation
Compromise “I” message Active listening

3 Terms, cont. Prejudice Stereotype Tolerance Bullying Hazing Aggressive
Passive Assertive Body Language

4 Healthy Relationships
Family Relationships Friendships Community Relationships Roles with Peers, Family, and Friends What roles do you play? Boyfriend/Girlfriend Best Friend Member of your church, synagogue, or mosque Member of the school band, volleyball team, or football team Daughter, son, sister, etc.

5 Building Healthy Relationships
Communication….be assertive, not aggressive or passive. Cooperation Compromise

6 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
Mutual respect and consideration Honesty Dependability Commitment Anything else??

7 Activity Watch the video:
Is their relationship healthy? What are they struggling with? What would you do?

8 Communication Barriers
Image and identity issues Unrealistic expectations Lack of trust Prejudice Gender stereotyping

9 Can you…. Can you take a compliment?? “Wow….you look great today!”
What would you say if someone said this to you?

10 What Causes Conflict? Power Struggles Loyalty Jealousy/Envy
Property Disputes Territory and Space

11 Communicating Effectively
Aggressive Passive Assertive Nonverbal Communication Examples……

12 Conclusion Healthy Relationships Communication Conflict Resolution

13 Questions?

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