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Healthy Relationships 6th Grade Health

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1 Healthy Relationships 6th Grade Health
Bell Ringer Journal Question: Think of someone you like talking with. In a short paragraph, explain why you enjoy talking with this person.

2 Vocabulary Communication- The clear exchange of ideas and information.
Relationship- A connection you have with another person or group. Body Language- facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, and posture.

3 Vocabulary Family- The basic unit of society.
Nurture- To fulfill physical, mental/emotional, and social needs. Abuse- A pattern of mistreatment of antoher person. Physical Abuse- Involves the use of physical force Neglect- The failure of parents to provide their children with basic physical and emotional care and protection.

4 Group Activity In groups of 4-5 answer the questions on the back of the journal. 1. What do people do when they get angry? How does this affect others? Does it help to solve the problem? What do you think are the best ways to handle anger? 2. When you have a problem with a friend or classmate, what steps do you take to solve it? How do you think other people affect the way you handle your conflicts? 3. The goal of conflict resolution is to solve problems before they lead to violence, whether verbal or physical. What strategies can people use to accomplish this?

5 Vocabulary Friendship- A special type of relationship between people who enjoy being together. Empathy- The ability to identify and share another person’s feelings. Cooperation- Working together for the common good.

6 Video Bullying

7 Vocabulary Peers- Friends and other people in your age group.
Peer pressure- The influence that people your age may have on you. Refusal Skills- Ways of saying no.

8 Vocabulary Conflicts- Disagreements in ideas, beliefs, or interests.
Prejudice- An opinion or fear formed without having facts or firsthand knowledge. Tolerance- The ability to accept other people as they are. Compromise- A skill in which each side gives up something in order to reach an agreeable solution.

9 Video

10 Vocabulary Negotiation- The process of talking about a conflict and deciding how to reach a compromise. Peer Mediation- A process in which a specially trained student listens to both sides of an argument to help the people reach a solution. Violence- The use of physical force to harm someone or something.

11 Article How Can I Deal with My Anger

12 Group Work Get into groups of 4-5 read the instructions and complete the “Working It Out” worksheet. Please use your time wisely and participate with you group.

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