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Making Healthy Decisions

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1 Making Healthy Decisions
Chapter 2 Making Healthy Decisions

2 Lesson 1 Making Decisions

3 Decision Is a choice you make and act upon.

4 Good Decision Is one that is carefully considered and the outcome evaluated.

5 Personal Responsibility
To accept how your decision will affect yourself and other people

6 Values Beliefs that you consider to be of great importance

7 Good Values Respect for yourself and others Responsibility Honesty
Self-control trustworthiness

8 Character The way that people think, feel, and act

9 6 Steps of Decision Making
1- Identify the problem 2- Consider values (Beliefs and principles that guide your life) 3- List the options 4- Weigh the possible outcomes 5-Choose one and act on it 6-Evaluate your decision

10 Lesson 2 Influences on Your Decisions

11 Influence A force that affect your choices when you have a decision to make.

12 Peer Pressure Pressure you feel when your friends want you to do something POSITIVE NEGATIVE

13 Other Influences Media

14 Lesson 3 Examining Your Decisions

15 Consequence Result of an action that you take

16 Precaution Is an action to avoid negative consequences

17 Questions you need to ask yourself about your decisions.
Uphold my values Set a good example for others Cause emotional pain to me or others Help me reach my goals Harm me or someone else physically Help others Strengthen relationships with my friends

18 Advice Suggestion or ideas given to help make decisions
Ask your parents Ask a trusted adult

19 Lesson 4 Setting Your Goals

20 Goal Working towards something you want to accomplish

21 Self-esteem How you feel about yourself as a person and how much you value yourself.

22 Two types of Goals 1-Short term 2-Long term

23 Interests Something you enjoy and want to learn more about

24 Setting Goals 1-Identify goal and write down six activities that you enjoy. 2- Write down three of the above activities that you do well 3- Add more details to the items that you wrote down in step 2 4- How could these items that you wrote down eventually become goals?

25 Lesson 5 Reaching your goals

26 Is the achieving of your goal
Success Is the achieving of your goal

27 Action Plan Clearly state your goal
Outline things you need to accomplish to reach your goal Have a timeline for reaching your goal List resources you need to reach your goal

28 Something that goes wrong.
Setback Something that goes wrong.

29 Making an Action Plan 1- Write down you goals
2-Make a list of the steps you will follow to reach your goals. 3-Do some research to find information that you might use to reach your goal. 4-Estimate how long it will take you to reach your goal. 5-Check you progress periodically. 6-Reward yourself once you have made your goal

30 Persistence Is the commitment to keep working toward your goal even when things happen that make you want to quit.

31 Lesson 6 Goals Can Change

32 Assess Measure your short-term achievements toward long term goals.

33 Coping Dealing with problems and troubles in an effective way.

34 1- What if 2-Should I 3-Could I 4-But then
When you change your goals these are the question you should ask. 1- What if 2-Should I 3-Could I 4-But then

35 Lesson 7 Communication Skills

36 Communication Skills Are Methods for expressing your thoughts and listening to what others say.

37 Communicating Clearly
1-Stay focused 2-Choose words carefully 3-Watch your body language

38 Active Listening Not only hearing what someone says but also showing that you understand what the person is communicating

39 Active Listening Skills
1-Face the person you are talking to 2-Make eye contact with the other person 3-Restate or summarize what the person says to you

40 Lesson 8 Refusal skills

41 Refusal skills Different way of saying no.

42 5 Refusal Skills 1-Say no in a polite way with a firm voice
2-Stay focused on the issues and stay firm to your beliefs 3-Stand your ground 4-Walk away 5-Avoid risky situations

43 Support System Is made up of family members and friends who will stand by you and will encourage you when times get hard

44 Making Healthy Decisions
Chapter 2 Making Healthy Decisions

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