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Encouraging Healthy Relationships 9 th Grade Period 4.

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1 Encouraging Healthy Relationships 9 th Grade Period 4

2 Building Relationships 1- an emotional or social connection? Relationship When people are in healthy relationships, they are good to each other, and also help keep each other safe and healthy. 2- what does doing your part mean? Personal responsibility Keeping a promise, doing your part, accepting the consequences of your actions.

3 Building Relationships 3) Why do we want to communicate clearly? A- the person can understand what we are trying to say. B- the person your talking to can see your face as you talk. C- Make eye contact while talk is going on. “Good listening skills will keep you focused on what you are currently doing, no matter what the case.”

4 Body Language 4- ____________________ is a way of communicating by using the “look” on your face, or how you hold your hands/posture. Body Language 5- ______________________, the way you choose to act or respond. Behavior “Acting on your thoughts and feeling in a way that respects the thoughts and feelings of others is being Assertive!”

5 Family Relationships 6) Extended family- includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. 7) Blended family- 2 families combine Doing chores, is that a good or bad thing to do when it comes to helping out your family? 8) Nurturing- providing the things that people need in order to live and grow.

6 Family Relationships Respect- -Follow family rules -keep your word -Discuss disagreements respectfully. -Treat everyone else how you would want to be treated. -listen to that person when they are talking to you.

7 Problems 9) Neglect- did not meet basic needs 10) Abuse- harming you in an offensive way Abuse and neglect can hurt a person both physically and emotionally. Forms of abuse, 11)Physical 12)Emotional 13)Sexual

8 Life in a Health Community Tell me what a community is? 14) Community- people who live and share common backgrounds, locations and share similar interests. What do I mean when I say, “I will tolerate someone?” 15) Tolerance- ability to respect their differences.

9 When living in a Community Obey rules and laws Practice tolerance Take part in community activities Respectfully talk to people Work with others “When have more ways to solve problems, you are more likely to find good solutions.”

10 Building Friend Ships 16) When you have a relationship between yourself, and another person. What is that called? Friendship. 17) Peers- people who you are around, that only see for short amounts of time. 18) Friends- a person or group you spend time with. Why is positive Peer Pressure Good?

11 Building Friend Ships Positive ways of showing affection -Saying kind words -offering a smile -Laughing with them -high five -card or letter -patting back -supporting

12 Healthy Relationships Review Emotional / Social (relationship) Taking accountability (personal) Types of families Respect, chores, communication Body language Forms of abuse What kinds of friend are out there Affection

13 End of Chapter Review Study for test Wednesday Nov 7 th. Study Test “After power point, get with a group of 3. Once you are there I want you to go through the worksheet and quiz each other.” 8 minutes. -Grief Notes -Suicide & Depression -Relationships Notes From Today.

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