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Are you LinkedIN? A. Social networking Improving visibility on ‘LinkedIn’ LinkedIn Profile In English Key Words Best Practice.

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1 Are you LinkedIN? A

2 Social networking Improving visibility on ‘LinkedIn’ LinkedIn Profile In English Key Words Best Practice

3 How to Use for Business Want to learn more about using social media for business? Tips and tricks on using social media to market your business and drive more inbound traffic, leads and visibility. Is social media necessary in business?

4 Social Networking Tools

5 What is the value of spending time on LinkedIn (LI) to those that are new to it or do not fully understand What is LinkedIn ? Who can and should be utilizing LinkedIn ? Why utilize LinkedIn ?. Are you LinkedIn ?

6 Background LinkedIn's CEO is Jeff Weiner, previously a Yahoo! Inc. executive Yahoo! Inc. Founded in December 2002 by Reid Hoffman and launched in May 2003 as a professional networking LinkedIn is available in other languages LinkedIn traded publicly May 2011(LNKD) A social network service

7 What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn a social network of 70 million* users enables you to make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return. LinkedIn a great place to network professionally, post and find jobs, answer questions and build thought leadership. LinkedIn can identify influential individuals at specific organizations.

8 Are You LinkedIn ? LinkedIn searches on target business or title(s) will identify people you may already be connected with, either directly or through your connections. LinkedIn is a great tool to leverage your existing contacts to connect with people and find potential customers online.

9 Why LinkedIn and Why should I join ? Do you have / use and and many others? Why? LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking site globally.* Allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs, find potential clients and create communities. Individuals / businesses can create their own professional profile for others in their network to view.

10 LinkedIn LinkedIn tops 70 M* users and 1* M business profiles LinkedIn runs on the network of ‘Connections’ “LinkedIn Answers” allows registered users to post business-related questions that any other registered user can respond.

11 Are you LinkedIn ? LinkedIn is free to register and is really a huge database of professionals. Twitter lacks profile depth, Facebook is all over the place demographically and is at times difficult to find people. Facebook LI standardizes information entered by users “Profile Headline”, “Summary”, “Education”, “Company”, etc. categories.

12 Are you LinkedIn ? So What is LinkedIn? It is the place to find and be found. The more connections you have, the more you will be found.

13 HOW TO USE Social Media In Business 1. Set up Your Profile on LinkedIn Whether you plan to use LinkedIn as an individual, or to represent a business, you will be interacting with and be seen by others without having a chance to meet them. LinkedIn Others may make decisions on whether or not they want to do business with you based on how you’ve utilized your LinkedIn profile.LinkedIn profile

14 HOW TO USE Social Media In Business A strategic approach is required on your professional profile or company’s page. Create a profile that communicates who you are as a person. Embedding a video in your LinkedIn profile and using a link that automatically is great Internet savvy but is it necessary for someone who just wants to see your profileEmbedding a video in your LinkedIn profile When you see the value of communicating on brand in line with professional objectives for being on LinkedIn, the need to create a ‘public persona’ of yourself will be necessary

15 HOW TO USE Social Media In Business Remember:-  Treat LinkedIn with the same respect you would treat a professional association meeting or industry convention  As a result you will be well on your way to building and enhancing your LI brand which will be optimized for business success!

16 1. Go to

17 Step 1: LOGIN




21 STEPS TO WRITING A GREAT LinkedIn PROFILE Complete Your Profile it should be 100% complete. Upload a profile photo. Add work experience, schools, and other relevant information about yourself A complete profile of your present and past experience will increase your visibility help you get found by employers, recruiters, and prospects.

22 STEPS TO WRITING A GREAT LinkedIn PROFILE List all associations and certifications one may choose to search by these rather than employer LinkedIn’s search rankings depends on the number of contacts you have, DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF by not optimizing your contacts at every opportunity ** Write about what you have done in every position describing your successes and accomplishments naturally using keywords.

23 Two different examples :

24 Complete the ‘specialties’ section for a list of key skills and knowledge areas using as many keywords as you can think like a recruiter. For E.g.: your looking for a well-versed person in web 2.0 technologies if you do not have the keywords in your profile no hit. Edit your SUB-header.LinkedIn automatically positions it underneath your name on your profile. Promote Your Company Include a link to your company’s website.


26 STEPS TO WRITING A GREAT LinkedIn PROFILE Build a strong Network of Connections Individuals or Groups. Connect with people with whom you have worked or done business, or generally people with similar interests or work in your industry. Invite thought leaders in your industry to connect Find Meaningful Contacts. LinkedIn differently to search engines give you names of people who are immediately connected to you first and then 2 nd etc

27 STEPS TO WRITING A GREAT LinkedIn PROFILE Start with people you know. Friends, colleagues, relatives and business contacts Find people by company LinkedIn groups give you a great opportunity to reach and engage potential customers online.

28 Tips When Starting a Group on LinkedIn To demonstrate thought leadership in your market, then promote the group and grow the community. Your name is important! Consider which keywords your target members will search for. Make sure your group name is clear and includes these keywords Create a group for your industry, not your company. Design the group logo to fit the small standard logo size. Create a custom webpage for the group on your website.

29 Tips When Starting a Group on LinkedIn Connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. “Edit My Profile” and click “Add Twitter account” next to the Twitter field and so on. Customize your public profile URL with your name. E dit your profile so that your LinkedIn profile URL contains your name and looks like :


31 Add custom anchor text to links. Three links to other websites on your profile,customizing the anchor text on these links, you can rank you higher Optimize keywords in your summary section. Helps you rank higher in search engine results for these keyword searches.

32 STEPS TO WRITING A GREAT LinkedIn PROFILE Customize your public profile URL with your name. Edit your profile your LinkedIn profile URL contains your name and looks like : Whether personal/company/group Optimizing your profile with relevant keywords for your industry to best increase the likelihood that your profile will appear in the search results. Make a list of potential keywords including your location, the industry or field the positions and job titles you would like to target, and skills you possess that are mentioned within similar job titles.

33 STEPS TO WRITING A GREAT LinkedIn PROFILE As you begin to network with other professionals in your industry, look for keywords within their profile text. Make your Profile Public. Your looking for new opportunities, visibility and making an impression no reason not to open it publicly so change it from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’ Get recommended. Ask for recommendations to show your experience. HOW ?



36 Stay ACTIVE -Update your status often. Your connections see what you are doing and take notice Start asking and answering questions on LinkedIn Answers section. In this medium, you will be able to interact and connect with thought leaders, as well as establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You can generate a good amounts of leads for your business & visibility LinkedIn users tend to trust experts in their subject and direct contact is set up.

37 STEPS TO WRITING A GREAT LinkedIn PROFILE Integrate LinkedIn Into Your Marketing. -Invite your audience to network with you or join your group Don’t Spam- Trying to directly message or reach out to your LinkedIn contacts could be considered spam. Make sure that people you contact want to hear from you and that your message is relevant.

38 Connect and reconnects with you people Represents your career accomplishments and opens the door to new opportunities Helps you control your professional identity online A way to generate new leads for your business

39 Aims to engage an audience and build a network demonstrating your expertise and thought leadership Drive or Guide people to relevant and valuable content on your website or blog Valuable marketing tool A NETWORKING TOOL for ALL


41 4 Biggest Mistakes you are probably making 1. Having A Vague Headline  ‘ Marketing Manager’ vague –use a headline statement that really describes your expertise  Make it about 3 paragraphs and write in 1 st person ‘I’ statements 2. Maintaining A Passive Profile –More active in connecting with new connections 3. Not Trying New Tools- Using a 1st degree contact to gain access to 2nd and 3rd degree ones 4. Networking Only When You Need Something –Networking no different to real life so start recommending to get something

42 Common Mistakes CEOs Make On LinkedIn Don’t be (too) picky about who you connect with – and don’t wait for everyone to come to you. Let your professional personality come through your profile as CEO is not only being used for personal branding but for corporate branding as well. Have a LinkedIn profile! With 90% of companies using some type of social media strategy to increase revenue, your on-line presence is becoming a vital component of your corporate brand

43 Best Practices for LinkedIn Find who you know. Start with your existing contacts and send emails that you are LinkedIn Personalize your URL. Change your LinkedIn profile URL from the default set of numbers to your name. Email marketing. Include your LinkedIn URL in your email signature.Email marketing Add a picture to your profile. LinkedIn is about individuals a faceless silhouette profile says nothing Ask to connect. After a meeting and having received the business card

44 Why not? LinkedIn is a superb tool for creating, developing, and maintaining business relationships. Creates awareness of yourself among those who do not know you but whom you’d like to know, i.e. potential clients. Demonstrate your company’s competence and expertise to establish the trust upon which business relationships depend.

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