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LinkedIn How colleges should be using LinkedIn. What is LinkedIn? Facebook for professionals Much more than an online CV A means of building relationships.

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1 LinkedIn How colleges should be using LinkedIn

2 What is LinkedIn? Facebook for professionals Much more than an online CV A means of building relationships Social media display platform A way to communicate A (soft) sales tool A research tool Advertising Vacancies A PR tool Answers Groups Polls

3 LinkedIn Stats 2002 – concept started in Reid Hoffman’s living room April 2003 = 4500 members 135m+ professionals around the world November 3, 2011 31m+ members in Europe November 21, 2011 8m+ members in the UK December 6, 2011

4 Agenda The college’s LinkedIn strategy Building/optimising your profile Building/optimising college profile Building your network Engaging employers/stakeholders

5 South Essex College needs a LinkedIn strategy for: Senior Leadership Team Increase your network of business/stakeholder contacts to help achieve college objectives Business Development / CPD Teams To develop their full cost training and apprenticeships objectives Marketing Team To promote the college and the college’s achievements in helping learners realise their objectives Heads of Department / Trainers / Lecturers To engage with students / employers etc Corporation member Professional networking etc

6 Colleges will have to adopt a comprehensive offline and online business development strategy in future – especially for apprenticeship, HE and full cost work Offline lead generation via direct contact, referral and networking Online lead generation via Google, LinkedIn and employer responsive web content… The above can be managed to provide evidence for Ofsted et al

7 So Why Use LinkedIn To Engage Employers? Six degrees of separation It’s where our target clients/ contacts are congregating…Business Networking site Effective tool to keep in touch with your contacts Will help you keep up to speed with what’s happening in your region and area of expertise – there are expert groups for most things Help you position yourself as an expert in your field Part of our lead generation strategy Part of our Search Engine Optimisation strategy

8 How to use LinkedIn to engage employers? Develop your profile to showcase any training successes you / your College has delivered Market research prospective clients / contacts Identify new training opportunities Identify relationships that could introduce you to key decision makers Contribute to discussions that will help establish your credibility…

9 LinkedIn is about building relationships Not a sales tool Primarily for building your reputation through trust Also showcasing your skills and branding yourself

10 Building Your profile 3 Key Phases: 1: Optimising Your Profile 2: Building Your Network 3: Engaging Your Target Audience

11 Optimising Your Profile Most important part of your LinkedIn strategy The biggest mistake is not to complete your profile Indicates Who you are What you do What benefits you can offer other people Objective is to position you as an approachable, helpful expert in your field Show that you can help solve problems

12 Keywords Recommendations Connections More Keywords Searchers Summary Social media links

13 People will look at your Headline Summary Specialities And evidence ….. e.g. recommendations


15 How to achieve 100% complete profile:

16 Getting Recommendations Critical for credibility Evidence from 3 rd parties that you are good at what you do Much more powerful than what you say about yourself Shouldn’t ask for recommendations ……. spontaneous recommendations read better Recommend others

17 Colleague recommendations aren’t as powerful as client recommendations but are worth considering in the early stages

18 Building Your Network Can search for contacts.. Some will be recommended Can use LinkedIn tools Will search your Outlook contacts and identify potential connections Far more effective if you personalise an invitation to connect Avoid the standard invite….

19 Search bar – search by people, company, jobs, groups etc. Drop down box of companies Personalise the search

20 Some Tips To Help Engage More Employers… Check your Company Profile Is it selling the benefits of your College? For employers focus on promoting your employer provision / training / apprenticeships …. Not School Leaver offer Your personal focus will depend on your area of interest

21 Searching for Contacts

22 Bloodhound search for aviation staff within 10 miles of Basildon

23 Say I want an introduction to the CEO at City and Guilds

24 All about Groups Join Groups that will help you achieve your objectives… Great way of expanding your network Establish your credibility by sharing your knowledge –Training e.g. legislation update for health and safety –Don’t make too sales focused: goal is share not close the sale..


26 421




30 In Groups … can Search by location E.g. Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking Groups, Search by Sector E.g. Retail, Search By Expertise E.g. Training & Development

31 Add Value to Your Network & Groups… Always provide useful information: –Share information – articles, news, events, surveys, questions, case studies, etc

32 Some Tips To Help Engage More Employers… Optimise Your Profile 100% Complete FHE/Training Related Keywords Don’t use too much jargon / FE terminology Update Status (keep it business focused) Share PowerPoint presentations etc

33 Get Recommendations Client – best endorsement Supplier – how professional you are Colleague – mention specific skills you want to promote

34 Join & Participate In Relevant Groups –Answer questions –Contribute to business discussions

35 Always check LinkedIn Profile before meeting prospective clients, interviewees etc.

36 Participate in discussions

37 Answer Questions





42 College LinkedIn Strategy 1.Lead from the top – SLT to use as a demo to other managers 2.Develop a policy to encourage use.. But protect the college from being brought into disrepute 3.Build / optimise personal profile 4.Develop your business objectives 5.Use LinkedIn in a way you feel comfortable with – e.g. 1.Search for existing/potential business contacts 2.Research local businesses 3.Join groups 4.Post / Answer questions

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