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Created by: Stephanie Marro.  Build Online Presence and Personal Brand  Network with personal and professional connections  Job Search  Access resources.

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1 Created by: Stephanie Marro

2  Build Online Presence and Personal Brand  Network with personal and professional connections  Job Search  Access resources and information in specific career field  Expand skill set with technology world

3 LinkedIn world’s largest professional network with over 100 million members connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. Facebook largest social networking site with over 400 million accounts intended to connect friends, family, and business associates. Twitter an information network, with real-time information that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations.

4  Know Your Platform  Customize Everything  Ask for Something Specific  Take it Offline Whenever Possible  Say Thank You

5  60 million professionals  200,000+ organizations  Over 150 industries  2.1 million students  37,000 university groups

6  Connect with classmates, faculty, and family professionally  Find new opportunities for internships and full time positions  Manage what potential employers learn about you from the Internet

7 LinkedIn is NOT... …A place for party photos …A place to update the status of your cat …A traditional job board LinkedIn IS… … A Professional Social Networking Site …A network that allows you to make the most out of trusted professional networks

8  How do I get Experience without a Job? How do I get a Job without Experience?  Building Your Professional Brand  What Kinds of Jobs Do I Want?  Finding and Pursuing Your Career Passion  How Can I Network if I Don’t Know Anyone?  Building and Maintaining a Professional Network

9  How does this Help me Get a Job?  Turning Relationships into Opportunities  How can I stand out from the crowd?  Researching and Prepping for Interviews and other opportunities

10  Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date.  Your connections should represent your “real world” network  Search on LinkedIn Jobs  Message Key Network Contacts  Demonstrate Your Expertise on LinkedIn Answers.


12 Example 1 Hi Laurie… A friend of yours, [insert name here] suggested I connect with you as I am new to LinkedIn and just learning the ropes. I would appreciate any help you may offer. Thanks [insert your name] Example 2 Hi Laurie… Last September I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Web 2.0 Conference in NYC. While I knew no one you took the time to talk with me and offered some places to visit while I was in your town. Thanks so much and I look forward to reconnecting. [insert your name] Brief is fine, just make it PERSONABLE! - Beyond Social Media




16 The generic invitation to connect Shows lack of effort into building a relationship Lack of Sensitivity Like a resume, a profile should be brief and targeted Spelling/grammatical errors, inconsistencies Just as you would carefully review your resume, you should check your profile Weak Headline Clearly identify yourself and your career interest No Recommendations Recommendations serve as a powerful resource for potential employers to see previous colleagues endorse you.

17 Began as a social networking experience for college students. Has grown into an experience for everyone including those who seek a professional networking experience

18  BranchOut  career networking. LinkedIn profile can be imported. Browse and share jobs that people within your career network have posted.  Virtual Business Cards – personalize your card and attach to facebook messages.  CareerBuilder  Updated job and internship postings delivered directly from CareerBuilder to profiles  Location and career interest is used to send relevant information  Follow links to apply  Search by keyword, location, and category  Hire My Friend  Promote your friends who are job searching to your other Facebook Friends with the Hire My Friend App. You can include a brief description of their skills and link to their LinkedIn Profile  IngBoo  Select advanced search options (keyword, location, category) on Monster, Simply Hired, Career Builder and other job sites.  Get LinkedIn and Twitter updates

19  Inside Job  allows you to be in a network of professionals. Search for other professionals based on places they work, have worked or have interviewed.  Upload resume and previous work experience.  Search by keyword, location, organization or job titles  Professional Profile  Similar to facebook profile, but you become part of a network  Post resumes and recommendations that can be imported for LinkedIn accounts.  Browse other profiles and see resumes that are public.  My LinkedIn Profile  Badge to connect your LinkedIn account to your Facebook Profile  LinkUp Facebook App  Companies publish jobs from their corporate websites onto their Facebook Fan pages.  Work with Us by Jobvite  Displays jobs on profile or fan pages.  Browse opportunities at companies where your friends work, apply and send Jobvites to contacts.  You must be invited to use this application by authorized users.

20  Decide if your Facebook Page will be social or professional  Choose what information on your profile business contacts or prospective employers should see  Create a simple profile (or clean up existing one)  Limit the photos you post  Post content relevant to your job search or career  Use Facebook e-mail to build relationships with your Friends  Choose your Friends wisely

21 Helps build connections with interesting and relevant people around the world who are working and talking about topics related to your interests.

22  A way to get the latest information on your interest  Twitter for Personal  Twitter for Business  Tweeting

23  Make your profile public  Choose a Twitter name  Fill in your location with your real location  Create a strong bio  Choose a photo that is more of your face  Start a following slowly  Don’t just follow anyone  Pay attention to other’s tweets  Retweet Judiciously

24  Professional Social Networking is a tool to assist in your job search and networking experience.  Recruiters still expect candidates to apply with a resume and a cover letter via the company web site or a job board site.  In order to have a well-rounded search, you still need to search for jobs and take time to apply.

25 Center for Career Services Southern Connecticut State University Room 102, Schwartz Hall 203-392-6536

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