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2 Learning Goals  Learn to integrate social media into web & marketing communications plan  Learn to design, implement, and evaluate social media projects and tools  Experience a variety of web tools that are essential in listening, participation, content creation, generating buzz, and community building tactical approaches

3 Class Series Agenda  March 16 th – Course overview, strategy planning session, RSS & social media listening  March 30 th – Twitter & Blogging – The Basics & Beyond  April 13 th – Facebook – The Basics & Beyond  April 27 th – LinkedIn – The Basics & Beyond  May 11 th – The Power of Video and Social Bookmarking  May 25 th – Using Podcasts, Document Sharing and Other Media for Social Conversation

4 Day 4 Agenda  Review from Day 3  LinkedIn Profiles  Recyclable Document  LinkedIn Features  Review

5 LinkedIn Vocabulary  Connections  Introductions  InMail  OpenLink  Recommendations  Answers / Q&A

6 Your Ever Expanding Rolodex  Rolodex 2.0 - social contact building  Add Connections: Invite, InMails, Introductions, Classmates, Colleagues  Personalize Invites  LION - LinkedIn Open Networkers  Quality vs. Quantity

7 Branding & Marketing Yourself  LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to brand yourself, and become more visible to the world that matters.  Seek Recommendations  Answer - gain recognition for expertise  Work on your network  Promote your LinkedIn profile  Update  Link to your blogs, websites etc - these complete your profile

8 Finding a job you love  “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” - Confucius  Get discovered - through participation  Get referred  Find the employer & job you want  Need to work hard on it  Why LI? Discreet, background checks, settle in faster

9 7 Keys to a Powerful Network 1. Your Character 2. Your Competence 3. Relevance of the people you know 4. Information you have about your network 5. Strength of your relationships 6. Number of people in your network 7. Diversity (of your network) Source: The Virtual Handshake


11 First, A Bit About Profiles  Your profile, on any network, is not a resume  Your profile maps to your goals  Network, job hunt, sell, attract, influence  Thou shalt have a complete profile  40x more likely to succeed when complete  Public profiles are productive profiles  “But what about those creepy Internet people?”

12 How do we get LinkedIN?  90% of all LinkedIn members joined in response to an invitation from an existing member  25 new professional members join every minute of every day

13 Creating the Ideal LinkedIn Profile 1)Upload a Good Photo 2)Complete Your Entire Profile, Including Previous Jobs 3)Use Email Address as Your Last Name

14 Creating the Ideal LinkedIn Profile 4)Use Keywords Liberally in Your Profile 5)Link to Web Sites using Keywords 6)Link to Blog RSS Feed

15 Creating the Ideal LinkedIn Profile 7)Update Profile Often, but don’t overdo it  Participation in Q&A, groups, adding jobs, projects and the like and adding connections are all considered updates! 8)Create Status Updates (like Twitter and Facebook Status)

16 Creating the Ideal LinkedIn Profile 9)Use LinkedIn Applications to increase your social footprint and further automate your update regiment.

17 Activate Linkedin Applications and Connect to Content You or Your Company Creates  WordPress & Bloglink  SlideShare & Google Presentation  Company Buzz (Twitter Search)

18 10)Invite Anyone You Meet in a Business Setting 11)Use Custom Intro Text Creating the Ideal LinkedIn Profile

19 12)Find Connections Through Linkedin Search o Name o Company o Location o Keyword

20 Browse Your Connections’ Connections to Find People you Missed or Forgot

21 Invite Contacts From Your Outlook and/or Webmail Databases

22 Creating the Ideal LinkedIn Profile 13)Liberally Provide and Request Recommendations o Use Custom Invite Text o Provide Some Guidance to Reviewer on Possible Themes/Keywords

23 LinkedIn Messages – Break Through the Clutter 14)Send Messages to Connections about Events, Job Openings, Requests for assistance, etc.

24 Creating the Ideal LinkedIn Profile 15)Join Groups (not too many) and Participate. Meet People Through Group Discussion (or members list), and Connect 16)Consider Creating Your Own Group 17)Join the Link Greater Green Bay Group! 18)Join the New North Social Media Breakfast Group

25 Building Your Reputation on LinkedIn

26 Regularly Search and Answer Questions in LinkedIn Answers Section


28 Using LinkedIn for Business Development 1.Connect with Clients, Former Clients and Prospects 2.Use Search to Find Appropriate Contact People at Target Companies 3.Use Search to Find Background Information on Prospect Personnel

29 A Matter of Etiquette  No different from the physical world  Don’t spam  Send your ‘Thank Yous’  Keep it pure  Give, before you expect to receive  Show respect, keep it no-nonsense  Remember: You are being watched

30 Network Socially “The most effective social networking is all about building relationships, engaging with others, and developing solid word-of-mouth marketing.” GET OUT THERE!

31 LinkedIn Q & A Need help after the presentation? Email


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