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Chapter 29 – The Cold War. Origins of the Cold War.

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1 Chapter 29 – The Cold War

2 Origins of the Cold War

3 Differing Visions of the Postwar World  Abandon spheres of influence and allow democratic processes to determine the outcome of disputes  Protect every nation’s right to self-determination  Establish a sphere of influence in Central and Eastern Europe  Great Britain's feelings?

4 Thanks!!! We’ll open up a 2 nd front within 6 months Thanks!!! We’ll enter the Pacific war after tensions chill in Europe Diplomacy During the War What about Poland??? Soviets wanted a pro- communist government U.S. and Britain wanted to reinstate the exiled government

5 Yalta UN established Senate ratified charter 80-2 Polish Government  Soviets were already there and placed a pro-communist regime in power What to do with Germany?  Divided into 4 occupation zones  Berlin (in Soviet zone) also divided



8 April 12, 1945 FDR DIED

9 The Collapse of the Peace

10 Failure of Potsdam Time to get tough with the Soviets!!!!! However, the U.S. had to accept the Europe that Stalin envisioned HARRY S. TRUMAN

11 Trouble in China Chiang Kai-shekMao Zedong NATIONALISTSCOMMUNISTS Mao and the communists won; Americans felt that the U.S. (Democrats) had “lost” China

12 Truman Doctrine America must protect free peoples from subjugation by outside forces (Soviet expansion) * These ideas are reflective of American diplomat George Kennan The Containment Doctrine Atlantic Charter Truman Doctrine was applied to Turkey & Greece ($400 million)  the aid worked and containment became the new U.S. foreign policy

13 The Marshall Plan Secretary of State John Marshall proposed a plan to help rebuild Western Europe…WHY??? Humanitarian concern Fear that Europe would remain an economic drain on America Establish a strong European market for American goods Strengthen pro- American gov’ts in western Europe in order to resist being taken over by domestic communist parties A coup in Czechoslovakia caused any opposition to disappear

14 Mobilization at Home National Security Act of 1947 Established Department of Defense (combined War & Navy Depts.) Established National Security Council (operated out of the White House) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) replaced Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Gave the president expanded powers

15 The Road to NATO Western section of Germany and West Berlin were combined into West Germany (democratic)  Stalin responded by blockading West Berlin West Berlin Berlin Airlift went on for 10 months Berlin became a symbol of the West’s opposition and defiance of Soviet expansion 1949  North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 1955  Warsaw Pact

16 Reevaluating Cold War Policy NSC – 68 The U.S. needs to take the lead in opposing the spread of communism and it must mobilize to stop it anywhere in the world regardless of strategic or economic value of the land threatened.

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