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Origins of the Cold War April 28, 2014 Note Packet C.

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1 Origins of the Cold War April 28, 2014 Note Packet C

2 At the Yalta Conference (Feb. 1945), FDR, Stalin & Churchill agreed to the creation of the United Nations (UN) The UN’s structure includes a General Assembly & Security Council The Security Council includes 10 rotating member nations & 5 permanent members (US, Britain, Soviet Union, China & France) The UN serves as a forum for world leaders to voice concerns

3 Soviet Union allied with US due to Germany violating their nonaggression pact during WW2 At the Potsdam Conference (July 1945), Truman, Stalin & Atlee met to discuss issues of Germany & Poland Stalin wished for a Communist based Polish gov’t framework Truman insisted on free elections in Poland

4 Atomic bomb kept secret from Stalin Main US postwar goal was to bring democracy & economic opportunities to conquered in Europe & Asia Main Soviet postwar goal was est. satellite nations & spread communism

5 US foreign policy post-WW2 was influenced by 2 factors: Willingness of US to become involved in international peacekeeping efforts Determination to prevent spread of communism Policy of containment Confine communism to area it already exists Will be carried out through increased presidential power

6 Truman Doctrine Truman asked Congress for economic & military aid to Turkey & Greece Containment strategy Major step in foreign policy, moving away from isolationism & neutrality

7 The Marshall Plan became a main point in US foreign policy Created by Truman’s Secretary of State, General George Marshall Called for European nations to create economic recovery plans US would provide financial aid Reflected idea of strong democracies & new markets for American goods

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