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Sexual Transmitted Infections

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1 Sexual Transmitted Infections
Sexual Transmitted Infections(STI)- Any pathogen that spreads from one person to another during sexual contact. Human Papilloma Virus- The most common Viral Infection. - Most Cases have no Symptoms. Some forms cause genital warts. Sometimes immune system will destroy the virus. Associated with cervical cancer. Pap Test help detect cancer cells in female cervix.

2 Chlamydia Most Common bacterial Infection.
Can be cured with antibiotics. Male Symptoms: Experience painful urination Frequent urination and discharge from penis. Female Symptoms: Often have no symptoms other then a yellowish discharge. If untreated can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). PID can lead to Infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Can transmit it to baby can suffer damage to the lungs and eyes

3 Hepatitis B or C, Are sexually transmitted and affect the Liver.
Also spread by blood to blood contact. Symptoms: -Most do not experience symptoms.Some -common symptoms are fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, and jaundice. Diagnosed by a blood test. Medication help but there is cure for HBV or HCV. HBV vaccination is available but not one for HCV.

4 Gonorrhea A bacterial STI.
Affects Urinary tract of males and reproductive organs of females. Male Symptoms: - Usually have a thick, puslike discharge and painful urination. Untreated leads to Urethritis and infertility. Female Symptoms: - Painful urination. Puslike discharge. More mild symptoms then in males. Untreated leads to PID and infertility Can transmit it to baby during birth, baby given special eye drops to prevent infections. Treatment includes Antibiotics.

5 Genital Herpes Viral STI
1 in 5 people ages 12 and older are infected with herpes simplex virus. Symptoms: Hardly noticeable, in others they may include painful blisters that appear around or on the genitals. Once infected can experience symptoms for life. Woman can infect infant during childbirth, causing blindness and possible death.

6 Syphilis Bacterial Infection that progresses through four distinct stages. Painless sores called chancre appears at the site of exposure. May spread from the sore to different parts of the body. Sores appear in mouth and flulike symptoms develop. A skin rash often appears on the hands and feet. Symptoms may disappear for years. During this time however the bacteria attack internal parts of the body, such as the brain and heart. If untreated can cause brain damage, paralysis, and heart disease. This stage can lead to death.

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