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Mr. Ellis’s Classroom Guidelines

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1 Mr. Ellis’s Classroom Guidelines
Rules, Procedures and Expectations.

2 WELCOME!!! Great to have ALL of you here!!
Looking forward to a great year! Let’s discuss some Guidelines and Rules for our class.

3 Classroom Guidelines Be Ready Be Respectful Be Responsible

4 Classroom Rules Enter the room in a orderly fashion
Daily objectives will be on the board Grab your journals and have a seat Be in your seat, quiet, and ready to begin class by the time the tardy bell rings Work during class time Do NOT leave a mess behind.

5 Classroom Rules, Cont. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
No one may leave class during the first or last 10 minutes of class. The bell does not dismiss you, your teacher does. In order to be dismissed, all materials must be put away, desks cleared, and all students must be seated in their desk. DO YOUR BEST!!!

6 Classroom Procedures See Class Rules posted in the classroom.
Tardy Policy: The door to this classroom will be closed and locked after the tardy bell has rung. You will not be admitted into this class without a pass from either the office or the teacher of your previous class. If you are late you will be required to go to the office and report yourself late. THIS POLICY IS NON- NEGOTIABLE!!!

7 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
You will be required to work from bell to bell, and I will dismiss you, NOT THE BELL!!! Dress code must be followed at all times. This includes, but is not limited to shirts being tucked in and ID badges being worn and visible at all times (around your neck). Carrying your ID badge does not count. If you do not have an ID badge, you will be sent to the office to obtain one. THIS POLICY IS NON- NEGOTIABLE!!!

8 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Hall Passes: Each student will be issued three hall passes at the beginning of the semester. Use them wisely. Unless otherwise directed, hall passes are only for this zone. If you are caught outside of this zone, YOU WILL LOSE ALL HALL PASS PRIVILIGES!! Talking during instruction is not allowed. While I am delivering instruction you should be quiet and attentive. This is not the time to sharpen pencils, talk, or be disruptive. Under no circumstances should you talk to one another across the classroom. Pay attention the first time.

9 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
The classroom is not the place to groom yourself. Please, do not brush or comb your hair, apply make up, etc. during classroom instruction. Eating and drinking are not allowed in class. The only exception to this rule is that you may have water as long as it is in a resealable container. No chips, candy, soft drinks, sports drinks or energy drinks. You are allowed to chew gum in class. If I see or hear your gum, then I will ask you to spit it out. If this becomes an issue, or I find gum on the floor, then gum chewing will no longer be allowed.

10 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Discipline: A minor disruption: A Warning 15-minute Detention (Before School) Parent Conference Referral to Principal A Major Disruption: These incidents will be handled on an individual basis, without regards to the outlined discipline plan.

11 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Make up Work: There are two scenarios: You are absent on the due date, in which case the assignment is due the day you return to school. You are absent on the day that the assignment is given, in which case you are responsible for getting the assignment, and will have one week to complete the assignment and turn it in. Special consideration will be given to students who miss several days of school time. Tests and projects fall under this category as well as homework and daily assignments.

12 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Late Work: Late work will only be accepted UP TO ONE WEEK after the due date, with a five (5) point deduction per day that it is late. Assignments not turned in after the one-week grace period will be entered into the grade book as a zero. Retesting: Students may retake quizzes, tests, and exams only once. The maximum grade you can achieve on a retest is 80. In addition, tutoring is always available for any student that would like to have certain topics or concepts reinforced.

13 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Grading Breakdown: 35% Daily Work- This category includes warm- ups, class work, project progress checks, notebook checks, and participation grades. 5% Homework- This category includes any work that is assigned to be completed outside of the classroom and will be assigned and determined at the teacher’s discretion. 60% Assessments- This category includes quizzes, tests and exams (landmark, benchmark, mocks, chapter, unit, and six-weeks) as well as projects and essays.

14 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Cheating is UNACCEPTABLE and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! If a student is caught cheating they will receive an automatic zero (0) for that assignment. During testing situations, students will be required to put all personal items under their desk and keep their eyes on their own paper. Interruptions: On many occasions, class may be interrupted by a visitor at the door or by the intercom. When this happens, the class is to become quiet and remain seated, until the message has been delivered and acknowledged by the teacher.

15 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Substitute Teachers: Should your teacher be absent for any reason, the school will place a trained substitute teacher in the classroom for that duration. EVERY STUDENT MUST AND WILL BE ON THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR!!! Upon returning, each class should have nothing but an outstanding report waiting for their teacher concerning their behavior.

16 Classroom Procedures, Cont.
Written instructions will always be left for the substitute detailing the instruction for that day. All students will do what is assigned. Just because a Substitute teacher is in the class does not mean the rules, procedures, or expectations have changed. ALL of these STILL APPLY!!

17 Conclusion These rules are subject to change and everyone involved will be made aware of changes, in writing, should the need for change be encountered. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to voice them to me.

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