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Ms. Forbes’ Hints for Success Classroom Procedures & Behavior.

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1 Ms. Forbes’ Hints for Success Classroom Procedures & Behavior

2 I. Before Class Begins Write the Homework assignment. b. Planner & Agenda Enter quietly & sit down in your assigned seat. Take out class materials and put away any non- class materials. a. Entering Class Begin the warm-up as soon as you complete writing in your agenda. No talking during warm- up. c. Warm-up

3 I. Before Class Begins Try to AVOID tardiness. If you are late, come in quietly and pick up where the class is. Warm-ups will not be left up for late students – you will lose points! d. Entering Class Tardy Always have them with you. If you don’t, borrow from a classmate before the bell. Ask quietly. e. Class Materials Use it before class or ask during independent work. f. Pencil Sharpener

4 II. During Class When your teacher counts down from 5 to 1, stop what you are doing, focus your attention on the teacher and listen for instruction. c. Coming to Attention Raise your hand quietly and wait to be called on. b. Getting Attention & Answering Questions Always follow ALL of the HMS classroom rules. a. Following Rules

5 II. During Class Keep all papers in your notebook. Do NOT rip them out for any reason at all. e. Staying Organized Work with whom you are assigned, no complaining, and SHARE the workload. d. Working Cooperatively

6 II. During Class PLEASE do NOT do them! h. Pesky Trends (tapping, etc.) Place all papers from each group member in a neat pile. Your teacher or a student will collect them to put them in the “IN” box. g. Collecting Materials & Work Never have these out in class. They will be thrown away. If you choose to chew or eat or drink (anything but water), you are choosing to earn a U. f. Having Gum, Food, Soda

7 II. During Class Never without Permission. k. Being out of Assigned Seat You only get THREE hall passes per term; You can go only if you have your planner and only during a time that your teacher is not directly teaching. j. Asking for a Pass Always have them in class with you. i. Supplies

8 III. Other Late work is only accepted for excused absences. Students have the number of days absent to make up the work. b. Turning in Late Work Pick up all make-up work before or after class from the “Absent Bin”. You can ask a classmate for the AGENDA and EL or see the “Teacher’s Planner”. Do not ask me. If you missed a test or quiz, you must set up a time outside of class to come in and take it. a. Getting Make- up Work

9 II. During Class Your teacher excuses you, not the bell. You will not be excused if there is garbage on the floor or under your desk. n. Dismissal If you have them out, your teacher may take them. Notes may be read at parent conferences. m. Improper Materials/ Notes Find something to work on quietly. l. If you finish early

10 III. Other Set up a time to meet with me. I’m usually available before or after school and during lunch. d. Getting Help You can know your grade every Monday after school beginning the 3 rd week of school. You may only ask at that time. c. Your Grade

11 IV. Special Circumstances Immediate silence. DO NOT SAY HELLO unless asked to do so by Ms. Forbes. a.Visitors or Phone or Intercom Immediate SILENCE and continue working on the task at hand. Immediate SILENCE and LISTEN for any important information.

12 IV. Special Circumstances Perfection is expected and will be rewarded. Imperfect behavior will be dealt with appropriately. c. Guest Teacher Behavior Silently(!) make a double-file line. Wait for directions to exit. Stay together. b. Fire Drill Expectations

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