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2 ASSIGNMENTS All of your work will be done in class. I will always give you enough time to get your work done as long as you are using your time wisely. If you are not using the time I give you I will assume you do not have enough work to do and give you more. There will be times when you are expected to work individually and there will be times when I allow you to work as partners or even in groups. It is up to me how you work. If you work well in partners or groups I am more likely to let you do that more often. If you are not getting your work done in what I think is a timely manner you will work by yourself more often. Show me you deserve to work together.

3 ASSIGNMENTS All work assigned throughout the week is due on the last day of each week except the work from the day before the last day of the week which will be due the following week. EXAMPLE: If the last day of school for the week is a Thursday, Monday-Wednesday work is due Thursday and Thursdays work will be due at the end of the following week.

4 LATE WORK You will only get full credit on late work if you are making it up for an absence. All other work will be accepted at a grade reduction of 40%. So if you get 100% on an assignment and it is late it will be wroth 60%. Use the time I am giving you in class wisely and get your work done on time.

5 TESTS AND QUIZZES The objective of tests and quizzes is for me to evaluate what you have learned. These need to be accurate so that I know if you know the material we are covering or if I need to go over it more so that you can know it. The is absolutely no cheating in any form allowed or you will receive a score of ZERO on that test. All tests and quizzes may be retaken. All quizzes must be retaken by the time we take the chapter test that is covers the content of the quiz. You have two weeks from the time you see the score of your test to retake it. Be responsible and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

6 TESTS AND QUIZZES Tests and quizzes must be made up on your own time. (Before or after School or on a tutorial Friday.) I will only let you make up a test or quiz during class if you have all of your work completed and turned in.

7 TARDINESS You must be in your seat working on your warm up by the time I sit down to take roll or you will be marked tardy. If you are up sharpening your pencil, you will be marked tardy. (Take care of that before class starts) If you are taking to your neighbor, you will be marked tardy. If you are sitting at your desk with nothing on it, you will be marked tardy.

8 ABSENCE When you are absent, you must stay after school to make up the work you missed. You will NOT be allowed to take the book home. If you miss school make arrangements to stay after when you return and get your work done.

9 ENTERING THE CLASSROOM When you enter my classroom do so ready to learn. Make sure you have something to write with every day because we will be writing every day. Get to class on time and start working on the warm up activity so that you are not marked tardy.

10 LEAVING THE CLASSROOM  Always take a hall pass.  Always sign out.  Always sign in.

11 LEAVING TO USE THE RESTROOM You will be given 3 hall passes a quarter. When they are gone they are gone. Use your breaks to go to the restroom. Especially when you have me the second period you should have not excuse for why you didn’t use the restroom between classes. You may never leave during the following times: The first 10 minutes of class. The last 10 minutes of class. When we are taking notes.

12 GETTING A DRINK Unless you are choking or coughing to death, you may not get a drink during class. Get your drink between classes or bring a water bottle to class.

13 LEAVING THE CLASSROOM AT THE END OF THE PERIOD THE BELL DOES NOT DISMISS YOU!!! Do not start putting your stuff away until I tell you too. (This makes me VERY cranky). I will always give you enough time to get your stuff put away before class ends Again, the bell does not dismiss you I do. Stay in your seat until I say that you may go.

14 FIRE DRILL We will always go between the 1 st and 2 nd tree by the tennis courts. Make a straight line so I can count you and make sure you are all there. If you are not with our class it will be an automatic ISS.

15 SPECIAL MATERIALS If we are going to be using special materials, I will either hand them out or I will tell you to get them. If I have materials set out at the front of the room, leave them alone unless I give you permission to use them.

16 GETTING DONE WITH WORK EARLY You must have something to do if you get done with work early. This may be any of the following: Missing work from my class. Work from another class. Reading an AR book. This does not include: Sleeping Talking Being disruptive If you do not have something to do I will find you something to do and it will most likely be copping out of the dictionary.

17 GETTING MY ATTENTION If you need my attention for any reason please rise your hand and wait patiently and quietly. It is likely that I have 15 other people that need help too. I will do my best to help students in the order that they need it. You may have to move on to a different problem and come back to the one you need help on when I can help you.

18 GETTING YOUR ATTENTION When I am trying to get your attention please stop what you are doing and pay attention. It is likely that you need to know what I am going to say.

19 MY SPACE My desk is my space. Please do not invade my space unless you are given permission from me.

20 FOOD AND DRINK There is absolutely no food allowed in my class room. If I see (or hear) you eating it, I will take it away and throw it in the trash. You may have clear water in a sealable water bottle in class. All other liquid is not allowed. If you have it keep it in your backpack or I will throw it in the trash.

21 MUSIC As a school wide policy listening to music is not allowed. Therefore if you have headphones in your ears I will assume you are listening to music and I will confiscate them.

22 PHONES Absolutely no phones in class. I will take it away if I see it. I don’t care if you are texting your mom I will still take it away.


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