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Helping Small Businesses Succeed on the Web. Before you succeed on the web, you must be ON the web.

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1 Helping Small Businesses Succeed on the Web

2 Before you succeed on the web, you must be ON the web.

3 Why do small businesses need websites?

4 Customers EXPECT to be able to find businesses online Highly accessible information that businesses control Interact with potential or existing customers Remove the shackles of geography Cheap form of advertising Level the playing field E-commerce

5 Just having a website is not enough.

6 Survey of SMB websites: 60% don't list a phone number 75% lack an email link on their homepage 65% lack a contact form Less than 20% link to social media sites 93% are not mobile compatible Initial findings from the latest SMB DigitalScape analysis were presented by BIA/Kelsey

7 This is the problem. How can we fix it?

8 What we will talk about in this session: What Jimdo is and how we can help Working with SBDCs SmallBizRocket Initiative Working with clients Launching SmallBizRocket in your state

9 T-Shirt!

10 What is Jimdo?

11 One Stop Shop for Websites Online website builder Blog Store Mobile Unlimited pages Domain name Hosting Email Accounts

12 Since 2007 Over 6 Million Websites 11 Languages Profitable and in it for the long run San Francisco, Hamburg, Tokyo, Shanghai

13 Product

14 Websites, Websites, Websites

15 Online Store Over 100,000 online stores since 2012 400,000 sales $10M in sales Mobile Automatic optimization for smartphones 15% of visits in June 2012

16 Social Website is central to your social strategy Easy to share with top networks SEO SEO-friendly from the get-go Simple to add title tags, keywords, links

17 Customer Support


19 But you don't have to take my word for it...



22 T-Shirt!

23 In Search of America's Small Businesses

24 Why work with SBDCs?

25 Success


27 Launched August 17th at the GrowBiz conference in San Diego

28 Initial Applicants 90% have < 5 employees 33% in business >10 yrs 33% in business < 1 yr 38% have not used SBDC services before

29 T-Shirt!

30 Blueprint for Success

31 How to use the Blueprint with Clients Step 1: Set Up and Plan Your Site

32 Identify Your Audience What information are they are seeking?

33 Who are the primary and and secondary audiences? What is your message to them? What information are they looking for? How would they like the information to be presented? What is the correct voice? Pitfalls? Best practices?

34 Create a site outline.

35 Based on your identified audience's needs Sort into 5 or 6 primary groups Create a hierarchy Calls to action Direct and indirect navigational routes Pitfalls? Best practices?

36 Gather text, photos, and other content for your site.

37 Logo! Short and long descriptions of the company Existing writing must be modified for the web Images are important Videos are gold Pitfalls? Best practices?

38 Let's hear from a consultant who has tried out SmallBizRocket Jessica Murr Owner, Entrepreneur SBDC Consultant

39 Launching SmallBizRocket in Your State

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