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Nancy Leve March 5,2013 And Your Small Business.

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1 Nancy Leve March 5,2013 And Your Small Business

2 45% of American adults own a smartphone; 25% a tablet (e.g. iPad.) # grows every day. How does your website look if accessed via a smaller device Get a tablet/smart phone for you Part of your image as a connected business owner Message: Accessible 24/7, keeping up with technology, using the latest equipment Be more productive from anywhere l Virtual Fundamentals 2013

3 Create a QR code (quick response bar code) Goes to your phone number or links to your website/to a video/to a registration page for your event/etc. Free creator software:, Kaywa, Microsoft Tag (ability for color rather than black and white) Test it and add to business card, flyers, posters People with a free QR reader app on their mobile device can scan the QR code no need for them to type in url or telephone numbers Virtual Fundamentals 2013

4 Software, applications, etc that you can access from anybodys device are cloud based Email, iTunes, Email Service Provider Facebook and other social media channels Use it for backup E.g.Carbonite Use it to share Evernote – between your devices With co-workers: Google docs, google calendars Dropbox Virtual Fundamentals 2013

5 Dont need more disk space Dont need to buy expensive software Accessible from all devices and from anywhere Is it secure???? Who to trust Are we increasingly vulnerable to outside attacks? Virtual Fundamentals 2013

6 Skype or Free for one-on-one Pay for multiple conference calling Do eye contact Superior to phone and email Join Me See my screen or let me see your screen Want to Host Webinars? A review of online webinar software: survey-of-6-top-webinar-platforms-for-business/ Virtual Fundamentals 2013

7 You Tube: Incredible resource to small business owners How to on any subject you choose Local 3-hour Workshops: SCORE Broward Online webinars Google has videos teaching you Google related stuff…as does LinkedIn and Facebook Online access to free courses through ivy league universities Virtual Fundamentals 2013

8 Number of visitors to website? Quality over quantity- bounce rate Where they came from Ratio of conversion to customers Revise what doesnt work Virtual Fundamentals 2013



11 Leave site after seeing one page Average = 40% Bad = over 55% Fix Keywords Design – clean/easy to use Navigation – too complicated Content- jargon, long text, no images, not saying anything Virtual Fundamentals 2013

12 Keywords- Search words or phrases used by potential clients when looking for your products and services Paid advertising- PPC – prices vary Captures only 30% of searchers Run special offers for $100 free Organic ranking- natural results Top 3 get 58% of all clicks Search engine algorithms – in 2010 they made 500+ algorithm changes Can be maximized by on page and off page SEO Virtual Fundamentals 2013


14 Search engine ranking changes Past = keyword stuffing and building back links New tactics: rewarding fresh content and social media New recommendations to hire content provider vs SEO expert In 2010 google made 500+ algorithm changes Moving towards personalized results based on your relationships, past behavior, location Virtual Fundamentals 2013

15 Choose an appropriate website name Think yellow pages Use company name ( rather, etc. Grow brand awareness Website visibility/promotional Business cards, email signature, email address Invoices, shopping bags, signage, flyers Voice mail message In person networking opportunities: meetup, Chamber, presentations Virtual Fundamentals 2013

16 QUESTIONS Virtual Fundamentals 2013

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