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1 Websites – Are They or Are They Not a Necessity? Responses to New Consultants Questions.

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1 1 Websites – Are They or Are They Not a Necessity? Responses to New Consultants Questions

2 2 Original Discussion: Consultant: Do you have to have a website in order to succeed? Cesar: No you dont HAVE to have a website but there are plenty of reasons that having a website can help you not only succeed but establish credibility and act as a 24 hour sales man for you, your products or services.

3 3 Original Discussion: Consultant: What do I need in order to have not only a website but a successful website? Cesar: In a nutshell you need to register a good domain that contains your primary keyword, a good hosting account to host your site and a list of established goals of your site. In other words what are you going to be using the site for? Is it to build a list, generate leads, sell products and or services, etc. etc.

4 4 Original Discussion: Consultant: With all this talk about needing a web site and not needing a web site…what is your opinion? Cesar: My personal opinion is that you DO need a web site for several reasons. In the following slide I will list the Top Ten reasons why I feel it is necessary to have a website.

5 5 TOP TEN REASONS TO HAVE A WEBSITE: 1.Most of your competition will have a website. 2.Websites stay open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! 3.Allows for better email communication which is the ultimate contact and networking tool. 4.Allows for you to survey your audience. 5.Allows for you to sell your products and services online. 6.A website can open up not only local markets but regional, national and international markets. 7.Attract new business through search engines. 8.Provide detailed contact information to prospective clients and make it easier for clients to locate you online or in person say with a map to your office location. 9.Allows for another medium of interaction with your clients and prospects. 10.Provides for instant credibility! These are just MY top ten reasons but there are plenty more reasons which would take up too much time to get into.

6 6 1.Database 2.The Market 3.Competition 4.Sales Personnel 5.Back-End Products 6.Joint Venture Opportunities 7.Untapped Assets or Opportunities 8.Growth Areas 9.Key Profit Generators How can a website help you identify Your Ideal Target Market

7 7 Here is what I have done so far: 1.Researched other web sites to get a basic idea of what I would like to have on my site. 2.Had a logo or am working on a logo. 3.Registered a domain name and purchased hosting already. 4.Developed a brochure and or flyer to hand out at networking meetings. Can you use any of this when helping me to develop my website?

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