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Examining Social Life.

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1 Examining Social Life

2 Sociology and Other Social Sciences
disciplines that study human social behavior or institutions and the functions of human society in a scientific manner. Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, and History. Sociology: Studies human society and social behavior Sociologist: interest in social interaction; how people relate to one another and influence each other’s behavior. Focus on group rather than individual Social phenomena: observable facts or events that involve human society

3 Anthropology Psychology Economics Political Science History

4 Thinking Like a Sociologist
How is your life influenced by: Values, beliefs, technology, experiences, and history Internet: Create new form of isolationism New global perspective Crime Trends: According to FBI: Violent crime occur every 22 sec. Property crime every 3 sec. Murder every 31 min.

5 Sociological Perspective:
If stories appear in media, then why study sociology? Do factors such as friends, family, gender, or education affect Internet or crime? Gain new perspective on yourself and the world around you Look in scientific way rather than common sense Help see all people are social beings Behavior is influenced by social factors Help find balance between personal desire and the demands of your social environment.

6 The Sociological Imagination
View own life within a larger social and historical context Sociological Imagination: Connection between the larger world and your personal life. Dubbed by C. Wright Mills

7 Exit Ticket What is sociology? What is the sociological perspective?
Applying what you have learned, is your life influenced by some of the factors discussed today? How?

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