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2 DO NOW Please stand up and bring all your belongs with you.
You may leave all your belongs in the back of class. Without talking you must place yourself in alphabetical order in the front of class. (Beginning alphabet on the left side of class)

3 UNIT OF STUDY Decision Making and Goal Setting
Communication, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Stress Management, Depression, & Suicide Healthy Family & Dysfunctional Families Communication, Conflict, Anger, Bullying Contraception & Abstinence

Relationships, Dating Pregnancy & Birth Reproductive systems Endocrine system, Puberty what does it mean? Sexually Transmitted Infections

5 Classroom Rules & Procedures
1. Handbook: Students are expected to know the school rules that are found in the handbook, and abide by those rules. 2. Entering the Classroom: Students enter the classroom quietly and calmly; they should pick up their health folder and take a seat at their assigned seat. Students should place all other belongings underneath their chair. (Each student should have everything they need for class on their desk and be seated quietly before the bell rings). If you are tardy it will be handled as stated in your student handbook.

6 Classroom Rules & Procedures
3. Do Now: Once you are seated you should then begin working on the “Do Now,” which will be written or typed on the board. This should be done quietly unless directions on the Do Now state otherwise. 4. Class Work: Students are required to keep a notebook, keep all handouts, quizzes, papers, etc. you will not copy other student’s notebook papers. Handwriting must be legible on all assignments, or teacher will ask student to redo the assignment.

7 Classroom Rules & Procedures
5. Getting Classes Attention: If I raise my hand in the air it means that I want all students to stop what they are working on and give me their full attention. If a student has a question or comment they must raise their hand and wait on the teacher to call on them. (Calling out in the classroom is not acceptable). 6. Collecting Class Work: Work will be collected according to the configuration of the desks. If we are in rows students will hand in their work to the person sitting to the right of them. Students should do this quietly and without looking at other classmates work. I will then collect the work from the students on the right-hand side of the classroom. If the students are not sitting in rows, I will circulate through the room and collect assignments from each individual student or group of students.

8 Classroom Rules & Procedures
7. Food/Drinks: No food or drinks allowed in the classroom. Water is allowed. Chewing gum is allowed unless you crack, snap or pop it, then it gets thrown in the garbage can and you lose this privilege. 8. Restroom: If you need to use the restroom you must completely fill out your assignment book and bring it up for me to sign. 9. When a Student is Absent: When you walk into the classroom and you go to pick up your folder you should look in the black expanding file and check to see if there was anything handed out for that day you missed, and what the homework is. If you still have any questions ask another student or you may ask me before or after class. You should also check Mr. Kablis’ website which will have any important information for class.

9 Classroom Rules & Procedures
10. Leaving The Class: Only the teacher can dismiss the students from class. You should always sit in your seat and wait for the bell to ring before you leave class. THE BELL DOES NOT DISMISS THE CLASS!!! 11. If Teacher is Absent or Out of Class: All classroom procedures are still the same. I expect students to be extra helpful and show the same respect to the substitute teacher. 12. Fire Alarm: If a fire alarm rings, leave all belongings at your desk, and line up according to school procedures. Everyone must listen and stand next to me outside, attendance will be taken.

10 Classroom Rules & Procedures
13. Questions, Concerns, Problems: If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with the class or the subject we are discussing come directly to Mr. Kablis. 14. Homework: Homework is due the next day, unless specified otherwise by the teacher or an excused absence, and then it is your responsibility to turn in the work the first day back from being absent. LATE HOMEWORK MEANS REDUCED CREDIT.

11 Classroom Rules & Procedures
15. Acceptable Assignment: Student work should follow all directions for assignments. Having assignments typed are preferred but handwritten assignments are accepted but must be legible, or teacher will ask student to redo the assignment. 16. Acceptable Terminology: Students are expected to speak using medical terms to the best of their knowledge. 17. KEEP CLASSROOM CLEAN!

12 Grading Criteria Tests and Quizzes: 50% Projects: 20% Homework: 20%
Class Participation: 10%

13 How to Contact Mr. Kablis
Website: Phone: (908) Ext: 3528

14 Who Are You Complete the “Who Are You” assignment quietly by yourself.



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