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2 Contents Introduction Examples Structure Substitutions

3 Introduction A reported speech A command / an order An advice
A request

4 Introduction A reported speech is a report of what somebody has said, but the reporter does not use their exact words. Direct structure: Tom said: “I have lost my umbrella.” Reporting clause Quote Indirect structure (reported structure): Tom said he had lost his umbrella. Reporting clause Reported clause

5 Introduction A command is an order given to a person.
e.g. Don’t make so much noise. An advice is an opinion or a suggestion about what somebody should do in a particular situation. e.g. You should take a rest for a while. A request is an action of asking for something formally or politely e.g. Will you lend me your book, please?

6 How to change a command (an order), an advice, a request into reported speech

7 Examples The teacher said to his students, “Do all the homework before you come to class.” The teacher asked his students to do all the homework before they came to class. “Will you come and see the match tomorrow with me, please,” said Tom to Mary. Tom invited Mary to come and see the match tomorrow with him.

8 Examples The father said, “don’t waste your time playing games all day, son.”  The father asked his son not to play games all day. “Please do not touch any of the material here,” said the employer to his assistant.  The employer told his assistant not to touch any of the material there.

Structure SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECT + TO INFINITIVE Notes: Object is the person who was advised, commanded, or requested. Some verbs is commonly used with this structure: advise, ask, beg, command, invite, order, persuade, remind, teach, tell, urge, warn, etc.

10 Substitutions Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
Use the structure to do the following tasks: Task 1 Task 2 Task 3

11 Task 1 Work in groups of four Look at the table cues
Make as many meaningful sentences as possible. Which group makes the most sentences is the winner. The winning group control the whole class to repeat those sentences.

12 Task 1 The mother The boys She They Tom advised asked invited ordered
begged warned him her Mary her son David (not) to clean the floor to go out at night to stay up late to lend some money to cheat in exams to do exercises

13 Task 2 Change the following sentences into reported speech
“You are ill. You should see a doctor, Mary” said her mother.  Mary’s mother advised her to see a doctor “Could you give me a ride to school?” said Tom.  Tom asked me to give him a ride to school. “Please, don’t tell anyone this story,” Peter said to his friend.  Peter told his friend not to tell anyone that story. “Give me some food, please, please,” said the beggar.  The beggar begged me to give him some food.

14 Task 3 Work in group of eight.
Each group will make a conversation about the following topics: Love Money Books Friends Study Perform that conversation before class. Other groups will report what you have overheard.

15 the end

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