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Actividad Inicial Turn in your mini poster to the tray.

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1 Actividad Inicial Turn in your mini poster to the tray. Answer the following on p.172 (start a new subjunctive notes page): List as many verb (infinitives) that have irregular yo forms when conjugated in the indicative (regular present tense). Include each verb’s meaning and the conjugated yo form.

2 Announcements “Ojalá que…” mini-poster about what you hope will happen this summer due today. If you have not turned in your notebook for the notebook check, Friday is the last day to turn it in late.

3 conducir(to ) conduzco
Remember that some verbs have an irregular “yo” form. Here are some examples of these verbs with their indicative yo forms: caer (to ) caigo traer(to ) traigo conducir(to ) conduzco conocer(to ) conozco hacer(to ) hago poner(to ) pongo tener(to ) tengo salir(to ) salgo decir(to ) digo ver (to ) veo venir (to ) vengo fall bring drive know [a person] do/make put venir have go out say/tell watch/see come

4 Indicative vs. Subjunctive (p.164)
Dependent Clause Indicative (the present tense as we have used it so far) Certainty Belief whether the information is factual is irrelevant, the perspective of the person speaking is the focus Independent Clause } Subjunctive (new stuff) Uncertainty Doubt Hypothetical situations Es cierto … I’m certain… Espero… Dudo… I wish… I doubt… que

5 Just like most of our commands!
The Subjunctive (p.170) To conjugate verbs in the subjunctive: Start with the yo form Drop the –o Add the opposite ending: Just like most of our commands! -ar verbs -e -emos -es X -en -er/-ir verbs -a -amos -as X -an No –o ending at all!

6 Irregular Subjunctive (p.170)
Verbs that are completely irregular in the subjunctive are the same ones that are completely irregular in negative tú, usted, and ustedes commands. S I D E sea seamos seas X sean er vaya vayamos vayas X vayan r demos des X den ar esté estemos estés X estén star sepa sepamos sepas X sepan aber

7 The Subjunctive & Car/Gar/Zar verbs: (p.172)
Verbs that end in –car: c->qu in all forms Ej: sacar = saque, saques, saque, saquemos, saquen Verbs that end in –gar: g->gu in all forms Ej: pagar = pague, pagues, pague, paguemos, paguen Verbs that end in –zar: z->c in all forms Ej: cazar (to hunt) = cace, caces, cace, cacemos, cacen

8 Subjunctive & Stem-changing verbs: (p.172)
AR & ER stem-change verbs change inside the boot, just like they do in the indicative present. IR stem-change verbs change the normal way inside the boot, but also change in a DIFFERENT way outside the boot: e->i or o->u PREFERIR: to prefer prefiera prefiramos prefieras prefiráis prefiera prefieran DORMIR: to sleep duerma durmamos duermas durmáis duerma duerman

9 Verb Relay

10 New Notes page: 174

11 Uses of the subjunctive
To need the subjunctive, your sentence must have 2 clauses (the two clauses must have different subjects): MAIN DEPENDENT CLAUSE que CLAUSE Ex: I hope that he does his homework.

12 Indicative vs. Subjunctive
Choosing between the Indicative and the Subjunctive can be tricky. To remember when to use the subjunctive, just remember: 1:20

13 Wishes and hopes Opinion Request Doubt Uncertainty Persuasion
WORD UP If the verb in the main clause fits into one of these categories, the verb in the dependent clause must be in the subjunctive. Wishes and hopes I hope she can go. Opinion I hate that you won’t talk to me. Request Mom asked you to take out the trash. Doubt I don’t think Best Buy is open this late. Uncertainty It’s possible that I can help you. Persuasion I recommend that you study.

Wishes and hopes Opinion Request Doubt Uncertainty Persuasion SUBJUNCTIVE OR INDICATIVE? I want you to eat lunch. It is better that they go home early. I know that she is smart. The doctor recommends that he eat a healthy diet. I hope (that) the competition goes well. subjunctive subjunctive indicative subjunctive subjunctive

15 wishes, wants Esperar que-To wish, hope that Querer que- to want that
Ojalá que- Hopefully

16 opinion Es importante que-It is important that
Es mejor que- It is better that Es preferible que- It is preferable that

17 request Pedir que…-to ask that (someone do something)
Querer que…-to want that (someone do something)

18 doubt Dudar que- to doubt that No creer que- to not believe that
No pensar que- to not think that

19 uncertainty No es posible que-it is not possible that
Es posible que- it is possible that Es probable que- it is probable that No es verdad que- it is not true that

20 persuasion Preferir que- to prefer that
Recomendar(ie) que- to recommend that Sugerir(ie) que- to suggest that Rogar(ue) que- to beg that

21 Mini-Crossword Fill in the crossword with the phrases used with the subjunctive.

22 Tarea Crossword Subjunctive Practice Half-sheet

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