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CATS Warm Up 1.With any luck they would be in the same class. 2.Teresa is going to be my girl this year, he promised himself as he left the gym. 3.On the.

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1 CATS Warm Up 1.With any luck they would be in the same class. 2.Teresa is going to be my girl this year, he promised himself as he left the gym. 3.On the first day of school, Victor stood in line half an hour before he came to wobbly card table. 4.She was cute and good in math, too, Victor thought as he walked down the hall to his homeroom. 5.He was handed a packet of papers and a computer card on which he listed his one elective, French. 6.Besides, Teresa, a girl he liked was taking French, too. _________________________________________________________ 1.Put the sentences in the correct number order 2.What is the setting of this story? 3.What is the conflict in this story? 4.Which of the following is a good synonym for wobbly? a. shakyb. strongc. scaryd. broken

2 Rules and Procedures Review Mrs. Cannon 7 th Grade Reading Chapel Hill Middle School Team 7-1

3 Mrs. Cannons Basic Rules for a Successful Class Appropriate language is required; no cursing Come to class with the materials you need Do not touch anyone elses things without permission. Food, drinks, candy and gum cannot be eaten in this room Hands to talk, hands to walk Remember your manners: say please, thank you and excuse me Speak only when you have permission Talk must be kind, necessary and true.

4 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review Be seated at your assigned desk and start CATS/warm up. Make sure you have your AR book, your agenda (signed), notebook, pencil or pen, and paper and homework (when required). Remember: no book bags allowed in the class! If you are not in your seat by 8:30 a.m. each day, you will be marked tardy. Excessive tardiness or absences (more than 2) will lead to a phone call home. Attendance will be taken with the seating chart so make sure you are in your assigned seat every day.

5 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review Classroom courtesies and appropriate behaviors are always expected and appreciated! Talking, blurting, interrupting or expressing disapproval when someone else is presenting or talking is inconsiderate and unfair. Do not do it; chronic behaviors of this nature will with according to the school discipline plan. Inappropriate behaviors are: disrespect, defiance, profanity, obscenity, talking out of turn, and not focusing on the work in the class. School rules in the student handbook and posted in the classroom will be enforced if violations occur

6 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review You should NOT ask permission to leave the room for any reason, other than an emergency, during work time. You MUST have your agenda signed by the teacher to leave the room. The teacher dismisses class, NOT THE BELL, and all students must be in their assigned desks and quiet before class will be dismissed.

7 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review If you are absent, you are responsible for getting the assignments for the days missed. Please see the Make Up Work notebook on the bookshelf. Late work can be turned in anytime; however 5 points per day will be deducted for each day the work is late, unless you show me an excuse signed by your parent. If you missed a test, you need to talk to me about making it up as soon as possible. Please turn in an excuse for absence every time you are absent. Notes must be signed by your parent or doctor. Turn in all absence notes to teacher during homeroom.

8 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review Textbooks should remain in the classroom at all times. Please discuss individual needs or requests with me after class. Library and AR books should be in your possession everyday. You may not have permission to go to your locker if you forget it. If you check one of my books out for AR reading, you must sign your name and book title in the notebook on the back shelf.

9 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review Headings on your papers should be in the upper right corner and should look like this: – John Jones – August 17, 2009 – Period 1 – Mrs. Cannon Reading

10 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review You are always quiet and orderly whenever we are in the hallway.. Whenever there is a fire drill, Code Red, Code Green or Code Yellow, stop where you are, listen carefully, be silent, and wait for my instructions. If you need permission to go to the Media Center, raise your hand, get your agenda signed. You must leave the room quietly, be quiet in the hallway and be quiet in the Media Center or you will not be given future permission to go.

11 Mrs. Cannons Class Rules Review Some other simple things to remember: 1. Raise your hand before you open your mouth. 2. When I say 5 and begin to count down, you should stop, get quiet and pay attention to me. 3. When I am talking, pen/cils should stop moving and your eyes and ears should be focused on me. 4. Whenever someone visits the room, calls the room, enters the room or whenever I leave the room, you are totally silent and working unless I tell you otherwise. 5. Silence is always expected and required during homeroom, announcements, moments of silence, bus calls learning, work time and teacher talking.

12 School Rules Review Just so you know… school rules apply here also.. Just a few reminders for you to take note of… – CATS must be done everyday and all turned in on Fridays. – Copy your agenda message into your agenda everyday and have it ready for me to sign EVERYDAY – Keep your areas neat and clean (desk, locker, lunch sitting area, etc.)

13 School Rules Review – Always walk on the right side of the hall (no running) – Keep your agenda with you at all times – Only plastic bags are allowed for gym clothes – Always have paper, pen/cils, notebook and AR book – All adults at this school are equal. Respect everyone at all times.

14 Final Comments Here are a few final thoughts for you to take with you… Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. – Confucius The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. – Benjamin Mays Men are born to succeed, not fail – Henry David Thoreau I want you to be a success in this class. If you work hard, stay focused and keep your mind on the goal, I know for a certainty that you will be. Lets have a great school year.

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