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3 rd grade.  My favorite color is pink!!!!  I love to eat candy and chocolate.  I love Dr. Pepper and Coke.  I like to read and hang out with my.

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1 3 rd grade


3  My favorite color is pink!!!!  I love to eat candy and chocolate.  I love Dr. Pepper and Coke.  I like to read and hang out with my family.  I have a husband and 2 kids, Ryan and Abby.  I went to school here in Corsicana and graduated from CHS.  I have only taught 3 rd grade and love it!!!!

4  Be respectful to all people and property.  Raise your hand when appropriate.  Follow directions.  Be prepared to start class on time.  Always do your best.

5  Clap outs  High Fives  Tickets  Stickers

6  1 st time is a warning and you move your magnet with your number on it to the warning on the board.  2 nd and 3 rd time is a mark in the book. You will have to fill out a note and get it signed by a parent.  After 4 marks you will be sent to the office.  Extreme cases can be sent to the office immediately like fighting.

7  Go to the gym and have a seat in our line.  Sit facing front with your legs crossed  Read a book or study your spelling words without talking

8  Walk down the hallway silently with your hands behind your back.  Put everything in your locker that belongs there BEFORE entering the room.  Walk in the room silently.  Turn in homework  Get your breakfast and begin eating.

9  During the morning announcements everyone will be silent and paying attention.  If you hear an announcement during the day you need to freeze and cover your mouth to insure there is no talking.

10  Everyone will stand  Two flag people will hold the flag correctly  Correctly means to stand with both feet together with the flag at an angle in front of your chest holding it with both hands.  You will say the pledge clearly and in a normal voice.  Everyone will remain standing and still for the moment of silence also.

11  You will get your food before going to your desk.  Once you are finished pick up all of your food/trash and throw it away.  Get a wet wipe and wipe off the TOP of your desk.  Get out your journal and begin the morning work on the board.

12  Silently stand up  Push in your chair  Walk to the door in an orderly fashion  Stand directly behind the person in front of you  Put your hands behind your back

13  Stand in a straight line (directly behind the person in front of you)  Face front  Hands behind your back  Voices off completely  You walk on the right side of the hallway  Stop at all corners and wait on the teacher

14  Wait for the teacher at the door in a perfect line  Walk in the door  Go to your seat  Sit silently until given directions

15  As a group  Line up at the door  Walk to the restroom  Girls line up by the girls restroom  Boys line up by the boys restroom  Go in four at a time  Without talking or playing take care of business  Flush  Wash hands One push of soap and 3 pushes for paper towels  Come out and line up correctly  When one person comes out another can go in

16  By yourself  If I am teaching AND it is an emergency raise 3 fingers and wait for an answer.  If I am not teaching raise 3 fingers and wait for a nod.  Get a hall pass  Walk directly to the restroom  Without talking or playing take care of business  Flush  Wash your hands One push of soap and 3 pushes for paper towels  Come back to class  Return the hall pass (if someone forgets do NOT announce it to the class. When it is appropriate quietly let them know.)

17  Line up correctly  Walk to lunch room correctly  Stop at the corner and wait to see which line to go into  Stay in the order in which you arrived in the lunchroom  Get your milk, silverware, lunch, and extras  Walk to your seat  Eat lunch talking QUIETLY  If you get in trouble and your pin is pulled you will get a mark for lunch behavior.

18  Gather your trash  Walk to the trash can and throw away your trash.  When I get there you should be in a perfect line. (both feet in a box and silent)  Wait for a signal and return to class correctly.

19  Line up correctly  Walk correctly in the hallway  Wait at the correct place for a welcome in the classroom.

20  Walk to the end of the sidewalk and wait for the teacher to tell you to go play.  If you owe me time, start walking around the black top.  When you see me stand up with my hand in the air you immediately come and line up behind me correctly.

21  Come in and place it in the orange box labeled Turn in Smith for any homework I gave you and Turn in Gordon for any homework Mrs. Gordon gave you.  I will have everyone stand up correctly then when I call your name sit down.  If you do not have your homework I will hand you a yellow slip.  Fill it out and turn it in to my desk.

22  Quickly put your belongs away. Turn your homework in and eat breakfast.  As quickly as you can join in with our activities.

23  Read a book that is in my desk.  Work on unfinished work.  Study my spelling words.  Finish any journal entries you have not finished.

24  Raise your hand in the air.  Quietly wait for me to call on you.  DO NOT CALL MY NAME!!!!

25  Everyone will be given 2 sharpened pencils at the beginning of the day.  If BOTH pencils BREAK then get up and go to the cup and change it out.  Grab the first pencil and get back to your seat.

26  If I raise my hand then you are to look at me and raise your hand and stop talking.  If I ask for all eyes on me that means that you are to stop whatever you are doing and pay full attention to me.  If I ask you to clap one time you are to follow. (be listening because I change it up a lot)

27  Teacher says: Ba da ba ba ba…  Students say: I’m loving it! (All eyes on me and no talking.)  Teacher says: Goodness Gracious…  Students say: Great Ball of Fire!!! (All eyes on me and no talking.)  Teacher says: Hands on Top  Students say: That means stop!(Hands in the air, all eyes on me and no talking.)  Teacher says: Macaroni and Cheese  Students say: Everybody freeze! (Everyone freezes looking at me.)

28  Line up correctly.  Walk out into the hallway silently.  Wait at the window before Mrs. Gordon’s door until she welcomes you into her room.  You should be facing front and behind your back voices off.

29  If someone comes in they do not need an introduction.  Keep working and paying attention.  If I have to step out or speak to a visitor you need to sit silently and wait.

30  If the phone rings the phone person will get up and answer the phone. There is no need to announce the phone ringing or who the phone person is.  When you answer you say….  Mrs. Smith’s Room how may I help you?  If they need me say…  Mrs. Smith you have a phone call.  Always finish with…  Hold on just one moment please. Thank you.

31  Line up correctly  Walk down the hallway correctly  Walk into the gym and find our name  Sit in a line one behind the other with your legs crossed  Pay attention and be a good listener.

32  Get your backpacks from your lockers  Wait for the folders to be handed out  Once you have your folder put everything in your backpacks and sit of the floor.  Chair people push in ALL the chairs  Clean up crew will pick up all trash.  Pencil people will pick up ALL pencils and put them in the cup  We will read a story every afternoon

33  Line up at the door.  If you go to the gym or are a walker you will line up with me at the red pole.  If your parents pick your up on the side of the building you will line up in front of the door by the wall.  We will walk to the correct location quietly and correctly!!!!

34  No more than 3 people at a time.  You may have 2 of my books at a time.  You must straighten up the selves when you leave.  Only 3 minutes at time.  You may only visit the library once a day.

35  Sit quietly.  Continue working  Do NOT come out of the room, unless someone is sick, bleeding, or on the phone.

36  Line up at the door silently  Walk out of the room to the door and continue walking until the edge of the parking lot.  DO NOT run.  NO TALKING.  NO touching the teachers’ cars.

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