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Jamie Roder Anjana Venugopal

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1 Jamie Roder Anjana Venugopal
The United Nations Jamie Roder Anjana Venugopal

2 An international organization made up of most countries in the world, committed to promoting international cooperation, peace, security and economic and environmental development. Important Documents: The U.N. Charter The universal Declaration of Human Rights The U.N. Millennium development goals What is the Organization?

3 Began in 1945, continuing today: 68 years old
Predecessor was the League of Nations They are based on the same ideals, have similar purposes The U.N. was created after the League disbanded for failing to prevent WWII Originally only included 51 states, has expanded to 193 Age of Organization

4 “Maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.” (UN Homepage) Peacekeeping: Keeping peace and preventing disputes from escalating Peace-Building: Building peaceful international relationships Conflict Resolution: Resolving conflicts between or within countries Humanitarian Assistance: Promoting human rights/Giving humanitarian aid Purpose

5 Organizations Representing U.N. Purpose
International Court of Justice Resolves disputes between states Economic and Social Council Deals with economic and social issues General Assembly Represents the interests of member states Serves as a forum for member states to discuss and decided on international issues

6 Who is Involved? General Assembly Membership Leadership
193 member states (out of 196 countries) One representative for each state President: S.E.M. Vuk Jeremić of Serbia Some exceptions: Palestine (observer state) The Vatican Western Sahara Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon “Chief Administrative Officer” 5-year terms Symbolizes the U.N. and its values Acts as a spokesperson for member states Security Council 5 permanent members: U.S., U.K., Russia, China, France 10 non-permanent members (2 year terms) President rotates each month between the 15 member states

7 Pros and Cons of Membership
Advantages Disadvantages Provides a place to discuss and resolve international issues Gives small states a voice Provides protection and support in times of emergency Provides a state with international recognition, leading to respect Members can help develop international law, and must adhere to it Environment: Kyoto Protocol Human Rights States must pay a fee to be a member Burden to poorer countries Richer states do not necessarily reap a benefit proportional to their investment The Security Council is not representative of most member nations or even current world powers Does not have much power to act in times of emergency Ex: Rwandan Genocide

8 International Impact Mexico Nigeria Russia China Iran The United

9 Mexico Mexico pleads (to General Council) that other countries do more to help stop the drug trade U.N. contributes to the protection of human rights Committee on Migrant Workers Committee against torture Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

10 Nigeria Environmental Protection: Oil Pollution Crisis
U.N. Environment Program conducts study to determine the levels of oil pollution in Ogoniland and surrounding areas. Serves as a supervising presence to make sure that this issue is not ignored in Nigeria Tests show that drinking water near oil plants contains unsage carcinogen levels determined by WHO Capacity for Governance Program Programs to increase government accountability Economic Governance Program Prioritizing resources for economic development involving fiscal policy and aid Sustainability and Risk Management Program Protection of the country’s resources Private Sector Development Program Growing non-oil resource base and promoting markets

11 Russia Member of the Security Council Poverty Reduction
Focus on investing in right areas and development of private industry Crisis Prevention and Recovery Promotes development, esp. North Ossetia Energy and Environment Promotes efficient use of energy resources HIV/AIDS Increasing treatment availability/options

12 China Member of the Security Council Poverty Reduction Governance
Promotes equal rights and fair pay for migrant workers Governance Energy, Environment, Climate Change Joint Green Development Plan; UNDP and Ministry of Science and Technology are introducing “green” farming techniques that also produce profit to rural farmers Cooperation and Global Issues in the Global South International Poverty Reduction Center in China uses the U.N. to promote relations between itself and other nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

13 Iran Current large involvement in Iran’s nuclear issue
U.N. imposed economic sanctions: arms embargo, freeze on Iranian assets Tension over human rights issues Ex: U.N. urges Iran to release opposition activists from prison U.N. focus on development in: Environment and Energy Gender Poverty Reduction Crisis Protection and Recovery

14 The United Kingdom Member of the Security Council
The U.N. rarely intervenes in the U.K. since it is stable and adheres to U.N. objectives The U.N. can obligate the U.K. to contribute forces for U.N. missions

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