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The United Nations By Haresh Siva and Jason Nissenblatt.

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1 The United Nations By Haresh Siva and Jason Nissenblatt

2 UN Charter signed June 26, 1945 in San Francisco Result of United Nations Conference in International Organization Created by 51 countries The UN is formed The Chilean delegation signing the UN Charter in San Francisco, 1945

3 General Assembly Security Council Economic and Social Council Trustee Council International Court of Justice Secretariat Reparatory of Practice of United Nations Organs 7 Main Bodies

4 All other UN funds, programs and agencies Ex. UNDP, UNAIDS, WHO The System

5 Security Council: 15 members, (5 permanent) Secretary General = head of Secretariat The President of the Security Council rotates between members in one month terms Leaders

6 Must accept obligations of the United Nations Charter Admitted by General Assembly, recommended by Security Council 193 members of the General Assembly Membership

7 1. keep peace throughout the world 2. develop friendly relations among nations 3. help nations to improve lives of poor, conquer hunger, disease and illiteracy, and encourage respect for each others rights 4. center for harmonizing actions of nations to achieve their goals Purpose

8 Provides aid for the poor member states Every nation gets one vote in General Assembly Members can agree to impose sanctions Advantages

9 Every member pays a portion of $1.9 billion budget Ex. U.S. pays 22.0% of budget Peacekeepers, not Peacemakers Five permanent countries have veto power Disadvantages

10 Peacekeeping forces (Rwanda) Development (ex. Millennium Development Goals) Humanitarian Assistance International Criminal Court International Impact

11 China, UK, Russia have veto power UNDP in Nigeria (United Nations Millennium Campaign) 2006 Security Council economic sanction on Iran Impact on CGAP

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