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Computer Class Procedures

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1 Computer Class Procedures

2 If I am not in the room, DO NOT Enter
If I am not in the room,  DO NOT Enter! Don’t just walk in if the door is open!  Peek your head in to see if I am in here.  Sometimes, I go to the workroom in between class changes. Line up outside against the wall in a single line by my door.

3 Enter the Classroom Quietly, respectfully, and in an orderly fashion
Enter the Classroom Quietly, respectfully, and in an orderly fashion! Sit in your assigned seat and wait for further instructions.

4 Tardy? If you are tardy: Enter quietly and place tardy slip on my desk
Go to your computer or seat Begin working by asking your neighbor where we are in the lesson (in a whisper)

5 If You Miss a Day, Check the Student Center for Missed Work Bookcase and take all worksheets that have your name on them in the box for your hour. If there is nothing in the box, ask me for them When you are not here, school at MCJHS continues. You are responsible for all work missed.

6 Your computer and desk number are usually the same!
Seating Assignments Once a computer and seat has been assigned to you, it is yours until I decide to change it. Your computer and desk number are usually the same!

7 Use Your Break Time Wisely!
Use of the restroom should be for emergencies only! If permission is given, you must fill out your agenda and bring it to me to initial. Leave your agenda at your station and grab the hall pass to go to the restroom! You will not be allowed to go to your locker. Don’t ask!

8 STUDENT BOOKCASE Located at the front of the classroom (desk area).
Items available: Pencil sharpeners Hole puncher Stapler Kleenex Tape

9 Sharpening Pencils Should be done before the bell rings and definitely before you are sent to your computer! Get my point?

10 Books & Binders All books and binders must be left at your desk. You are to only bring handouts and pens/pencils to your computer station. If you are told to sit at the computers first, then place all books under the table, under your chair, or between the legs of the tables.

11 Materials at the Computer
All of your materials such as worksheets, pens and pencils must be placed on the RIGHT side of your keyboard!

12 Respect the Equipment We DO NOT own these computers.
You are simply using them for this semester and other will need to use them in the future. Do not make any marks on the desks or furniture in any way.

13 Requesting Help at the Computer
DO NOT call out my name! Procedure: 1. Reread the directions and try again to solve the problem. 2. Ask each of your neighbors for assistance. 3. Wait patiently! (Continue to try solving the problem yourself) 4. Rotate your station number card to HELP

14 How to ask a Question while in the front of the room?
During a lecture: Raise your hand Wait to be called Do Not Blurt Out your thoughts and questions ~ it is disruptive and very rude

15 In Cases of a Fire Drill -
Go immediately out of the closest door to you. Line up single file towards 4th wing (the two story building). Proceed into the teacher’s parking lot towards the sidewalk in a single file line. Listen for your name and answer “here”.

16 If you are called to the office,
Fill out your agenda and bring it to me to initial. I will dismiss you to go from class. If you do not have your agenda, use the hall pass, unless you are checking out.

17 When school-wide announcements are made,

18 If you want to call home, Ask me for a Phone Request slip
Fill the slip out completely Bring me the slip so that I can sign it You will then bring it to the secretary.

19 If I send you on an errand,
Use the hall pass Go straight to your destination DO NOT make any noise in the hall Come straight back

20 If We Have a Visitor Continue working on your class work and wait for further instructions.

21 When you print assignments,
Listen to my directions!!! Sometimes, you will pick them up and punch holes in them. Sometimes, you will leave them on the printer.

22 Dismissal from Class The bell does not signal your exit from class
Dismissal from Class The bell does not signal your exit from class. You are to wait until given permission.

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