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Mobile Lone Worker Personal Safety Solution

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1 Mobile Lone Worker Personal Safety Solution
Specialising in GPS Safety Solutions When Performance & Accuracy Are Critical 1

2 ERCard has teamed up with Romad.
Romad produce the RSP-100 mobile GPS and location-based Personal Safety Phone, providing powerful, accurate web based tracking technology. Our safety phones and applications utilise the latest SiRF and Sarantel technology and can be deployed in any aged person at risk, lone worker, security or remote worker environment.

3 About Romad Head office is based in the UK with 30 employees and additional sales representation in the Middle East, Ireland, Ukraine, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and Portugal. Device hardware and R&D facility in Korea. Also manages quality control and production. Platform software design and R&D is managed in the UK. More than 30,000 Romad devices globally. 3,000 currently active in the UK.

PERS technology allows frail, elderly and/or disabled persons to remain in the comfort and security of their own home, thus avoiding inappropriate and expensive institutional care. PERS systems mainly consist of a personal radio transmitter pendant and an automatic telephone dialler, typically located in individual's homes. When a client activates their PERS pendant the telephone dialler receives the transmission and commences a series of telephone calls to manned 24 hour emergency response centre. An appropriate emergency response is then initiated. We estimate the PERS Industry provides services to in excess of 100,000 clients widely dispersed throughout Australia in both urban and rural areas. PERS equipment is provided to a further 50,000 people (approx.) in residential aged care facilities (independent living and self care apartments) using staff monitoring of residents calls.

5 What is mPERS ? Romad has just entered into the PERS (Personal Emergency Response Service) market with Australia’s first premier medical alert system that integrates cellular and GPS technology, allows protected individuals anywhere in the nation to summon help while inside and beyond the home. mPERS (mobile PERSONAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES) Romad provides a technology platform that allows families and caregivers to always be in the loop, enabling them to locate loved ones real-time via the Web. The Romad personal emergency alert system, protects users whether they’re in their living room, garden or out to dinner, guarding their independence and relieving caregivers’ apprehension. Monitoring service staff is just a push of the button away from talking with the protected person as well as providing any necessary emergency services. Existing personal emergency systems only work in and just outside the home, while Romad is the first to use a national cellular network providing coverage nationwide

6 “Help at the press of a button”
What is the Romad? “Help at the press of a button” Romad Personal Safety Phone (RSP) represents the leading edge in mobile design and location technology. The Romad RSP-100 is small, slim line and lightweight. Measuring only 90mm in height, 46mm in width and a depth of 17.5mm makes the unit compact and comfortable. Weighing only 62.5g with the standard battery attached means that the device can be worn on a lanyard, or placed in a mobile case. Romad is also used globally to protect Lone Workers, enabling employers to comply with the latest Health & Safety Legislation.

7 Alarm Receiving Centre Platform
Key Components The Romad solution is made up of three key components. RSP-100 Personal Safety Phone Romad Lone Worker Platform Alarm Receiving Centre Platform RSP-100 GPS Personal Safety Phone, issued to lone workers providing communication, location, identification and SOS alert functionality when used in conjunction with Romad’s web based platforms. Romad’s Lone Worker Platform provides easy lone worker service set-up and management features including online reporting for SOS alerts, Pre-Alerts, low battery and non movement. Romad’s ARC platform enables accredited alarm receiving centres the ability to manage SOS alerts raised from lone workers via their RSP-100 which have been set-up using the Lone Worker platform

8 Device Specification GPS●GSM●GPRS Small, Slim line & Light weight
Weighing 62.5gramms with standard battery 90mm 17.5mm Clear Vibrant Display Boasting 96 x 25 pixel display, easily displaying Battery, Mobile Signal and GPS coverage SiRF Star III LP GPS Latest GPS chipset providing incredible location accuracy with low power consumption Dual Band/GPRS Supporting GSM 900/1800 and GPRS Phonebook The device allows up to 20 preset numbers to be stored in its memory SOS Activation The Romad will vibrate alerting the user to a positive SOS activation 46mm 2 Way Communication The device provide two way communication between themselves and the ARC. GPS●GSM●GPRS

9 Romad Enterprise Server

10 How the Device Works Pressing the SOS Alert button will trigger a number of events:- GPS location co-ordinates are acquired by the Romad RSP-100 These are transmitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) using the Romad ARC platform which will display the alert graphically, identify the user and provide their location. Simultaneously a two way voice call is automatically opened between the ARC and the user to ascertain their situation and respond according to their predefined escalation procedure. The Lone Worker platform is updated by the RES providing Administrators visibility of all alerts. “Hello Mr Davis, is everything OK?” 10

11 Pre-Alert / Amber Alert
Service Features – Pre Alert The Pre Alert feature is used inside some buildings where GPS coverage may not be available By holding down on the number 4 button, the user can record and transmit a voice message, leaving information that can be used in conjunction with location data. This could include a meeting time, place, persons details and the duration of the meeting. This is a requirement for the BS8484. 11

12 MAN DOWN The Romad device can alerts the user at chosen intervals during a period of time they are working at risk. The duration can be set in 30 minute increments for up to 24 hours. The user can choose the desired interval. This can be preset to 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes & up to 1 hour. Alert to user will be audible, vibration or both. The ARC will be alerted after consecutive alarms from the device. The ARC can respond as appropriate. Man down setting within the Romad device that alerts the user at chosen intervals during a period of time they are working at risk. the duration can be set in 30 minute increments up to 24 hours. Once the user has defined the duration they can choose the desired interval. The interval increments are preset to 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes & up to 1 hour. Now the settings are complete the user can start work and at the interval selected the device will ring or vibrate and the user must acknowledge this by pressing the green call button. If the alert is not acknowledged after 3 attempts the device will raise an alarm with the ARC to alert them to the situation. The ARC can then make a phone call to the user, if this goes unanswered they can then make a special call to the Romad unit which will be automatically answered by the device so an assessment can be made and assistance sent if required. Full location information will also be provided to the ARC to pinpoint the whereabouts of the user.

13 The Administration Platform
An easy to use interface for nominated people to edit user information on each device via a secure web based platform. Create access levels for individual departments/users. Users medical information. Add and edit details of up to 20 pre programmed telephone numbers to each users devices. Input your organisations internal escalation process information in the event of an emergency.

14 Support and Warranty Partner Support Support & Warranty Initial Set-up
Romad will support its customers in the initial set-up and roll out of its Lone Worker Solution Maintenance Our repair/replacement process ensure no end-user is left without a device. Our UK based repair partner is WEEE compliant. Warranty Romad provides 12 month warranty free of charge. Extended warranty options are available. Training Romad provide a full range of training programmes including training the trainer and full end user training. 14

15 Additional Benefits Additional Benefits
Cost Saving – The Romad device gives the ability to provide the benefits of a mobile communication device. Organisations are able to nominate what numbers can be called thus reducing call costs by up to 50% and also reduce communication devices to one device, rather than two. 24/7 365 Support – Offer your staff a solution not only in work but also out of office hours, in the event of an emergency. Reporting – The Romad Solutions can provide regular detailed reports to satisfy Health and Safety documentation as part of its solution. Future Developments – All Romad’s customers will have access to future developments and upgrade to our system, as they are rolled out. Reduce Stress – By providing care to your staff, these solutions can help your staff to reduce stress in the workplace. Staff Care – Demonstrates that your organisation cares for its staff and their welfare whilst at work.

16 Customers Include

17 Combining the ER Card and ROMAD was developed under the premise that great care starts with great information. When HELP or care is needed in emergency, it is critical that the response services have all the valuable information contained in the ER Card such as; Current medications (prescribed, over-the-counter, herbal supplements) Blood Type Allergies (to food or medication) Medical conditions Emergency contacts Physical or verbal limitations Major surgeries (anything removed or implanted) Primary care doctor Treatment specialists Emergency evacuation information  Advance directives and more ER Card enhances information and communication between patients and caregivers. This results in the delivery of the most effective and appropriate tests and treatment. In addition, medical mistakes can be sharply reduced. 

18 sample of ER Card program

19 Contact Details For further information please contact:
Tel: Web:

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