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School Management Tracking Solutions

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1 School Management Tracking Solutions
Bus Fleet Management

2 GeoMama School Management System is developed for ensuring the highest standards of safety & ease for the school transportation sector. The proposed system is designed to send automated SMS’s to the parents on real arrival & departure of school buses in their homes & for notifying the parents & school principals upon real arrival of the bus in school premises. The system offers both Web & SMS based access to the GeoMama Central Server so that real time data information about the status of school bus is shared with parents and school principals at any time. The system offers various features like GPS/GPRS/GSM/RFID technology, route plan management, driver management, violation reports speed report & many others reports that fit school management fleet demands & school administrators.

3 Launched in 2007 GeoMama end –to- end solutions allows the monitoring observation of fleet management in real time online tracking year round. The Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) software displays the current location of school bus via a standard web browser with the help of easy-to-use interactive mapping with a friendly English & Arabic interface. Our intuitive internet based application allows users to zoom into the action. Principals and parents can rapidly and easily identify, locate the school bus on the Internet in real time saving valuable time with point-and-click simplicity. Our school management solutions provides a real-time record of school bus stops which is important to school officials when it comes to knowing the exact times when school buses are making stops, picking & dropping student from school to students home by Accessing through a web site with a protected user name & password which gives school officials & parents a secure access of the location and performance of their school bus via their mobile phone or computers.

4 School Management consists of 4 modules
1.School Admin module which has Vehicle Management Add & manage Classes (sections) Add & manage Student info Managing parents information with students (address, latitude/longitude contact details, mobile number & ) Student Collection Points & General Route nodes Route Management



7 2. School Bus Vs Route Plan Determination
In this module, a predefined route will be drawn for each bus with the following criteria Routes will be attached with Students/Parent information Each node point in the route will have – Scheduled Time of Arrival & Scheduled Time of Departure (based on the Time & Direction) Define actual arrival & departure of the school bus Define expected arrival & departure of the school bus on the map.

8 3. Parent Login- Web Access
GeoMama will be creating a sub user for each parent wherein they can login & view the real time location of the school bus anytime.

9 The parent is capable of monitoring the vehicle movement in a user friendly map in real time. The interface will be providing the Scheduled Time of Arrival (STA) & the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Any delays from traffic related issues can be identified by looking into the map location.

10 4. SMS Module
Inbound- Parent can send a query to GeoMama SMS Short code (eg. Plate no?) And the Gateway will be responding with the current location of the bus & the estimated time of arrival of the bus Outbound-The SMS Gateway will be generating 3 SMS’s namely First SMS to be send to the parent – informing that the bus will be reaching the student home premises/collection point in 5 or 10 minutes (when the bus approaches the student home) Second SMS will be sending to all parents when the school Bus reaches the school premises Third SMS will be sending when the bus approaches student home for dropping the student.

11 Through message system, SMS gateway teachers and parents can communicate conveniently:
SMS School notice: Teachers & Principals can inform parental about parents meeting, payment, etc. Student status notification: teachers can send evaluation of students, such as behavior in class, homework, behavior comments, exam grades, recent status to parents. Notes from parents: Parents can send message to teachers in charge of class or school principals Assistant mobile office Meeting notice: send message to teachers through message inside school. Personal reminding: Customize personal time message to remind in time SMS

12 System scenario with integrated RFID Solutions
Realize message transmission and receiving through message CAT or gateway of mobile communication service provider.    Reader is installed near the gate and connected to server. Students wearing tags will be detected automatically when passing school gates, or school bus gate and message will be sent accordingly. A Send message to inform parents their kids have safely arrived or left school: Arriving: each student can wear a tag with unique ID. When he enters the gate or school bus, reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to system to inform his parents. Leaving: When student leave school, the reader nearby detects tag ID immediately and uploads information to system to inform his parents. Student attendance checking Students don’t have to stop to slide card one by one as the system automatically

13 3.System structure
Hardware: install readers, antennas with appropriate reading range and issue tags according to specific customer requirements. 4. System advantages System can be installed and run independently without relying on communication network in schools. Low investment: the price of a set of standard system can be as low as a couple of thousand dollars, even zero cost after running, services are charged to take back investment, even to make profits.

14 GeoMama Tracking Solutions
24/7 monitoring of your love ones, vehicles, fleet, asset, everything with just one click from your laptop or pc. Employee hours – weekly timesheets mean effective time planning and start/ finish/ over-time cost control. Vehicle usage- out of hours vehicle usage is logged, visits to know locations noted, stolen vehicles tracked in real time. Fleet management- single or multi- vehicle tracking means you can monitor your fleet and best utilize it throughout the day for the benefit of both the company and customers. Effective rout planning and control- set the routes and replay the journeys it required for comparison. Fuel and servicing costs – savings on private Mileage, efficient routing, reduced service costs. Mobile charges and safety – no need to call your drivers to find out where they are. Simply see them live on screen all the time. Office No 1, Mezzanine Floor, Green Corner Building, Al Riga Road, Near Al Ghurair City Centre, Deira, P.O. Box: , Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tel: , Mobile: Fax:

15 Thank you for your attention GeoMama Tracking Solutions

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