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Aspire Vertical Markets Banking, Finance and Insurance.

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1 Aspire Vertical Markets Banking, Finance and Insurance

2 Bank, Finance and Insurance Solutions

3 Networking Financial institution branches are connected by a data network. Make use of these facilities for voice communications. Connect Branch telephone systems via network to have them function as a single system - Unified numbering plan - Easily place call to an extension from any location - Feature transparency between branches - Call Park – calls can be retrieved from any branch on the network

4 Networking Network up to 50 locations Network Aspire and Aspire S telephone systems Use IP network or ISDN link as transport to connect sites

5 Networking Advantages Single centralized operator - Share the services with all branches Single Centralized Voice Mail or Auto Attendant - Share resources with all branches (requires NVM) Central collection and analysis of call traffic data - Available with CallAnalyst Enterprise Server DID (Direct inward Dialing) - Share incoming trunks with all extensions - Calls directed to correct extension without an operator - Calls entering network at any location are routed to associated extension or department located at any branch

6 Voice Mail Takes message from caller when party busy or unavailable – avoid missed calls, improve productivity Interfaces with Caller ID to collect call back information Configured as Auto Attendant, answers and directs calls to correct extension locally or across the network Auto Attendant plays company greeting and promotional announcements

7 Advanced Voice Mail Features Personal Answer Machine Emulation - Screen calls as you would with an Answer Machine Conversation Record - Keep a record of important conversations Park and Page - Answers call and announces it over page system - Retrieve call from closest extension – no need to return to your desk to respond Message notification (local or off premise) - Visual indication on telephone - VM calls to advise of message

8 SMDR Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) included in every system Provides written record of telephone traffic - Record includes user, trunk used, number dialed, user entered account codes for incoming or outgoing calls With optional Ultra CallAnalyst (for single site) - Track telephone usage - Summarize call records - Analyze utilization of trunks and agents. Optional CallAnalyst Enterprise (for networks)

9 ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Call Center solution built into telephone system With optional inDepth or inDepth + - Tool for monitoring and analyzing Call Center Activities in real time with live on screen displays - Detailed activity reports for traffic and agent analysis - Use call traffic statistics as motivational tool for Call Center Agents With optional inView add-on - Screen display of real time agent and group activities - Use real time display as motivational tool for Call Center Agents

10 Call Forward - Redirect call when unanswered or extension busy - Redirect to Voice Mail or another extension - Optionally redirect calls off premise to home office or cell phone

11 Rich Feature Content Conference Call - Bring others into your conversation - Reduce need to make many calls - No need to gather participants together in one room Automatic Route Selection (ARS) - Outgoing call handling based on dialed number - Allow / block calls or routes based on extension COS - Specify alternate routes in order of increasing cost

12 Rich Feature Content Account Codes - Assign telephone usage cost to accounts - Use Forced Account Codes to control cost of long distance calls Music / Message on Hold - Tell caller that their call is important - Advise caller that their call is being processed - Provide informational announcements - Play music to entertain and sooth caller - Reduce abandoned calls

13 Rich Feature Content Conversation Record – live telephone call record - Use either Voice Mail, VSR connected to PC or PGDAD with external recording device to record important conversations or sales transactions Analog Device Connection (PGDAD) - For connecting analog recording device - For music or message source for MOH Analog extension ports - For Fax machine or modem Telephone Headset Connection - Useful for long conversations (useful for Call Center Agents). Leaves hands free to work on computer

14 Rich Feature Content Off-Hook Distress Signal - Sends alarm when telephone left off hook too long without dialing - Displays alarm message at designated extensions - Sounds audible alarm at extensions

15 E911 for medical or security emergencies E911 compatible (Enhanced 911) - Sends number of extension originating the call – identifies problem location - Requires ISDN or CAMA trunk to reach 911 Service Bureau - Compatible with 3rd party CAMA interface box 911 Priority Handling- Always connects to 911 Service Bureau overriding other calls if necessary No need to press a line key or dial trunk access code. - User may just dial 911 or use standard procedures to access trunk - Provides easy access in stressful situations Displays alarm message at operator telephone or designated telephones

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