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Aspire Vertical Markets Executive Suite Solution.

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1 Aspire Vertical Markets Executive Suite Solution


3 Executive Suite IP Telephone support - Work from anywhere Connect to the office telephone system from anywhere Work from home or from Starbucks - Use NEC IP Telephone or softphone (computer software) (Future) to place or receive calls - IP telephone becomes an extension on the telephone system with its own extension number - Requires IP network connection and interface card

4 Executive Suite Voice Mail - Voice Mail and Auto Attendant provide a corporate image - May configure Auto Attendant to answer incoming calls - Busy or unanswered calls are sent to Voice Mail to record a message

5 Executive Suite Auto Attendant – a Voice Mail Feature - Answers incoming calls - Plays company greeting and give guidance to the caller - Offers company directory to assist caller - Directs the call to the appropriate department or extension - Flexible Call handling may be preprogrammed or based on Caller ID and DNIS

6 Executive Suite Advanced Voice Mail Features - Universal Desktop Messaging A feature of some NEC Voice Mail systems Provides management of Voice Mail, e-mail and fax Integrates with E-Mail software for easy control of voice messages - Playback - Annotate - Forward to a co-worker - Delete - Message Notification Visual Message Waiting indication on the telephone VM calls locally or off premise to announce a message

7 Executive Suite Caller ID - Requires Caller ID service from telephone company - Caller ID information displayed on telephone See who is calling before answering Use Redirect key to send call to operator or voice mail - May include both Telephone Number and Name - Can be used by connected computer to display patient information (Screen Pop) from a database - Caller information passed with the call as it is transferred

8 Executive Suite Station Message Detail Reporting (SMDR) - Included in every telephone system - Provides a record of telephone activity - Provides information to manage and control telephone usage costs - Call Record includes user, trunk used, number dialed, user entered account codes, start time and call duration

9 Executive Suite Optional Ultra CallAnalyst software - Collects and analyzes SMDR data - Creates reports based on department, extension or line usage - Allocate telephone costs to users of this resource - Generates bills for telephone usage

10 Executive Suite Analog Ports for Analog Devices - For Fax or Modem Analog Device Connection (PGDAD) - Connections for Music / Message on Hold source - Connection for analog recording devices

11 Executive Suite Flexible Day-Night Service patterns - Day-Night Service determine how calls are handled Activate different answering patterns - Ring the operators extension during business hours on week days - Send calls to Voice Mail with message that gives normal office hours or how to contact in an emergency at other times - Enable Night Ringing - Assign different Day-Night Service to different extension groups (different tenants) - Different Service may be activated by extension user

12 Executive Suite Easy to use Digital Telephones - Prime Line Just pickup the handset and dial to make a call - Ring Line Preference Just pick up the handset to answer a ringing call - One-Touch keys Most features require only One-Touch - Handsfree in every telephone Speakerphone not required - Display informs and guides user through operations

13 Executive Suite User convenience features - Softkeys provide user guidance – makes feature use easier - Directory Dialing – search on screen directory for name - Call Log Display Shows Missed Calls (requires Caller ID) Shows Dialed Calls - Call Announce Options Voice Announce with Handsfree Answer Voice Over to busy telephone Ringing telephone

14 Executive Suite Speakerphone (built-in) Full Duplex Speakerphone (optional) - Eliminates voice clipping common in switched speakerphones - More life like conversations

15 Executive Suite Group Listen - Allow others in office to hear both sides of telephone conversation - Speakerphone is not on during Group Listen so others are not heard by outside party Microphone Cutoff - Turns off microphone allowing user to speak without being heard by outside party

16 Executive Suite Conference Call - Connect others to you telephone call - Reduce need to make many calls - No need to gather participants together in one room Conference SPLIT - While in 3-way Conference, speak to parties individually

17 Executive Suite Conversation Record - Record important conversations for future reference - Optional recording methods Store conversation in Voice Mail Use PGDAD box with attached recording device VSR (Voice Security Recorder) connects to PC for storage Call Forward Off-Premise - Redirect unanswered calls to home office or cell phone - Redirect calls to IP Telephone extension – wherever it may be

18 Executive Suite E911 compatible (Enhanced 911) - Calls 911 Service Bureau and sends extension number to identify location of problem - Requires ISDN or CAMA trunk - Compatible with 3 rd party CAMA interface box 911 Priority – Always connects to E911 Service Bureau overriding other calls if necessary Easy to use – no need to press line key or dial trunk access code – just dial 911 Sounds alarm and displays message at operator telephone or designated telephones

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