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Aspire Vertical Markets Law Office. Law Office Solutions.

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1 Aspire Vertical Markets Law Office

2 Law Office Solutions

3 Client Call Handling The operators position is critical to the operation of a law office A DSS Console is an important tool for the operator - Visual extension status indication provides status information and helps expedite call handling Incoming call overflow sent to backup position - As alternative, calls may be sent to Auto Attendant

4 Call Assistance The secretary or administrative assistant is there to respond to calls when the lawyer cannot Call Coverage key on telephone displays calls to the lawyer and telephone rings if call not answered - Insures that calls are answered when lawyer away from their desk Small DSS provides status information about associates, assistants or clerks to assist in redirecting the call

5 Voice Mail with Auto Attendant Auto Attendant answers calls after office hours - Plays greeting and redirects calls Voice Mail records messages for the principals Provides visual indication on the telephone of a of a voice message Can be configured to call locally or off premise to notify lawyer of voice message

6 Advanced Voice Mail Features Universal Desktop Messaging - Feature option of some NEC Voice Mail systems - Provides management of Voice Mail, e-mail or fax - Integrates with E-Mail software to indicate messages - Allows easy control of voice messages Playback, annotate, forward, attach to e-mail, delete Personal Answer Machine Emulation (AME) - Monitor calls without callers knowledge - Prioritize and choose which calls to answer

7 Track Telephone Usage Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) built in - Provides a record of every telephone call For standard, wireless and IP telephones Optional Ultra CallAnalyst software - Gathers call data into a database - Analyze data and generate reports - Can create reports of charges to bill clients Account Codes - User entered codes for tracking costs billable to a client.

8 System Features Call Announce through built-in telephone speaker - Handsfree replay to announcement – no button to push - Receive call announcement even when busy on a call Voice Over in the handset - Announcement not heard by caller (speaker announcements may bleed over into the handset) - Option to have Voice Call Announce or have telephone ring - Option to announce new call or play busy tone to caller when extension busy

9 System Features Caller ID Support - Caller ID Service required from telephone company - Display Calling Number and Calling Name Know who is calling before answering the call Helps speed call processing Can be used to display client and account information from a computer database (Screen Pop) - Caller ID info remains with redirected call Info displayed at receiving extension Voice Mail can receive and save only the Calling Number

10 System Features Full Duplex Speakerphone (optional) - Eliminates voice clipping common in switched speakerphones - More life like conversations Call Forward Off-Premise - Redirect unanswered calls to home office or cell phone - Redirect calls to IP Telephone extension – wherever it may be

11 System Features Group Listen - Allow others in office to hear both sides of telephone conversation - Speakerphone is not on during Group Listen so others not heard by outside party Microphone Cutoff - Turns off microphone allowing user to speak without being heard by outside party

12 System Features Conference Call - Connect others to you telephone call - Reduce need to make many calls - No need to gather participants together in one room SPLIT - While in 3-way Conference, speak to parties individually

13 System Features Conversation Record - Record important conversations for future reference - Optional recording methods Store conversation in Voice Mail Use PGDAD box with attached recording device VSR (Voice Security Recorder) connects to PC for storage

14 System Features Private Line (DIL) - Connects a dedicated telephone line to a lawyers desk - Allows lawyer to receive calls that bypass the telephone system operator and Voice Mail - System SMDR can be configured to NOT record calls received or made on this line - May be used for outgoing calls when all the firm incoming lines are busy

15 System Features Guest Telephone - A telephone for the setting area of lawyers office that guests may use to place calls - Configured for Tandem Ring or Both Ring so calls to the desk telephone can be answered (by going off hook at the guest telephone) - Privacy Release or Conference feature may be used to allow guest to join a telephone conversation

16 System Feature IP Telephone support - Work from anywhere Connect to the office telephone system from anywhere Work from home or from Starbucks - IP telephone becomes an extension on the telephone system with its own extension number - Use NEC IP telephone or softphone (computer software)(Future) to place or receive calls - Requires IP network connection and interface card

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