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Aspire Vertical Markets Retail Store. Retail Store Solution.

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1 Aspire Vertical Markets Retail Store

2 Retail Store Solution

3 Networking Network up to 50 locations Network Aspire and Aspire S telephone systems Functions as a single unit (single telephone system) - Feature transparency between locations - Unified numbering plan so users can easily call an extension from any location Single centralized operator or auto attendant - share the services with all locations Single centralized Voice Mail -.share this resource with all locations

4 Voice Mail – Auto Attendant Call Screening Eliminate unanswered calls - improve customer satisfaction Reduce call load of the operator. Use Message Mailbox instead of complex IVR - For simple inquiries such as store hours and directions Can also be used to direct calls to department such as Credit, Customer Service, toy department, etc

5 E911 for medical or security emergencies E911 compatible (Enhanced 911) - Sends number of extension originating the call Identify problem location - Requires ISDN or CAMA trunk - Compatible with 3 rd party CAMA trunk interface box 911 Priority - Always connects to 911 Service Bureau overriding other calls if necessary No need to press a line key or dial trunk access code. - Recognizes 911 dialed digits. - Customers not familiar with system can use Displays alarm message and extension at operator telephone or designated telephones

6 Cordless / Wireless telephones For Mobile Workers – receive calls anywhere (sales area, stock room) Calls go to wireless handset directly (no park and page required) Multi-button wireless telephone offers features of desktop telephones

7 Call Forward – Off Premise (external) Redirect busy or unanswered calls - Send call to home office - Send call to Cell Phone - Send calls to Answering Service Use in combination with Day/Night Mode switching to redirect call to Answering Service or home telephone

8 Connection for Analog Devices Analog Ports - Connect to fax machines - Connect to cordless telephones - Connect to modem transfer sales data approve/validate credit card sales Analog Connection Module (PGDAD) - Connect to Music on Hold source (up to 96) - Connect analog recording device (up to 96)

9 Park and Page A feature of Voice Mail Auto Attendant Automatically places incoming call in Park and plays announcement over paging system. Retrieve call from any telephone

10 Call Park Temporarily park calls so they can be answered by others Answer calls from anywhere in the store or on the network Retrieve parked call by pressing flashing Park Key on any telephone or dialing a Park Pickup Code

11 Call Coverage Key Alternate answer points for incoming calls Personnel in sales area can respond if call not answered Immediate or delayed ring for secondary extension

12 Conversation Record Live Recording of telephone calls Record suspicious or threatening calls Recording configuration options - Voice Security Recorder (VSR) records calls saved to PC hard drive - Voice Mail Record Feature - PGDAD box connected to analog recording device

13 External Alarm Sensor Connection Used by small stores to alert employees when customer enters the store Can be connected to shop-lifter detection equipment

14 Paging system access Play background music for the sales area - create soothing atmosphere Broadcast promotional messages Discreetly announce calls to staff on the sales floor Use speakers built into the telephones or external speakers

15 Music / Message on Hold M is for Music but its also for Message Announce products and promotions to callers on Hold

16 Toll Restriction and Dial Block Prevent telephones in sales area from being used by customers Prevent some extensions from dialing long distance calls - avoid excessive telephone charges

17 Toll Restriction Override Also called Walking Class of Service Allows designated employees to place calls from the sales area telephones by overriding toll restriction

18 Door Phone Conveniently answer the door (back door, receiving dock) from any telephone Monitor entrance to building for access control Release door latch from the telephone

19 Calling ID and Calling Name Display Information about call is available before call is answered Helps speed call processing Can be used with computer to display customer information (screen pop) This information placed in Call History which can be used to return missed calls. Requires Caller ID service from telephone company

20 Call Forward Call Forward Busy or Call Forward No Answer can redirect calls to an assistant, the operator or Voice Mail Any Caller ID information is transferred with the call so return call can be made - (Caller ID information cannot be sent off premise)

21 Department Group Ring Useful for departments such as Accounts Receivable or Inside Sales Ring all extensions in group or hunt for idle extension in group

22 Distinctive Ring Tones and Key Flashing Patterns Identifies trunk or intercom calls The LCD display will also identify the source of a ringing call

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