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Vertical Markets Education, K-12 School. K – 12 Education Solution.

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1 Vertical Markets Education, K-12 School

2 K – 12 Education Solution

3 Voice Mail - What can it do at school? Voice Mail Call Screening Outbound Notification Call Announcement Mail Box

4 Voice Mail Call Screening Incoming calls answered by the Auto Attendant reducing the workload on the office staff Voice Mail greeting can be used to make announcements about events or activities Calls for teachers can be routed to the teachers telephone or to the teachers voice mailbox depending on the time of day or telephone status Messages for teachers and staff are accurately recorded by Voice Mail – no more illegible or inaccurate hand written notes Save Calling Party Number (if provided from the telephone company) for Return Calls Opt-out features let caller speak to live person or sound night ringing after school hours

5 Outbound Notification – What is it? Makes outbound calls from a stored database Dials calls from a text file Delivers recorded voice message Allows response via voice reply of DTMF dialing Activated from telephone or Voice Mail management screen - Secure – User ID or password required to activate

6 Outbound Notification – Applications Absentee Notification - Notify parents when child not in school Notify parents to consult teacher when child grades not meeting standards School closing or school activity notifications Substitute Teacher Locator Paper Trail of Notifications - Log calls in report - Call Results file with auto print option - Status of Notification calling displayed on-screen

7 Announcement Mail Box Plays announcements to callers - School is closed today December 1, due to snow - The welcome home pep rally for our victorious team will be at 3:00 PM Announcement can be recorded from anywhere – after entering appropriate password Schedule special greetings for holidays and weekends

8 Security – a priority for schools Off-Hook Duress – send alarm when classroom telephone remains off hook without dialing Call Recording for security, record threatening or malicious calls – 2 options - NVM Voice Mail - VSR ( Voice Security Recorder ) - Analog recording device (connected to PGDAD) E911 support

9 Emergency 911 Compatible E911 Out Dialing - Sends number of extension that dialed 911 to identify location of problem - Requires ISDN or CAMA trunk - Compatible with 3 rd party CAMA trunk interface Dial 911 for Emergency Call. No need to dial trunk access code or press a any key. - Users not familiar with system to easily make Emergency calls 911 Priority - Always has access to outgoing trunks - Overrides existing call if necessary to make outgoing call in an Emergency Displays alarm at designated telephones. Displays extension number that dialed 911 Sounds alarm at designated telephones or to paging system

10 Network schools and administrative offices Networking allows units at different locations to function as a single telephone system. Voice Announce and Handsfree ICM across the Network Common features and procedures at all locations – Feature Transparency Share a common Voice Mail system from all network sites – reduces cost for Voice Mail Share Trunk Facilities among sites Unified numbering plan throughout the network.

11 Network Options Uses IP or PRI trunks Up to 50 sites can be connected to the network Network Aspire S to Aspire M/L

12 Multi Mode Operation– (Day, Night, etc.) Operations very depending on time of day. - Call handling – Redirect calls to different extensions or Voice Mail after school hours Call Forward Off Premises late at night - Access to trunks - Toll Restriction - Ringing Play Ringing to Page Zone after hours so custodial staff can answer Universal Answer allows call to be answered from any extension

13 Wireless telephones For administrators and security personnel, calls can be routed directly to their mobile wireless telephone. - No need to locate by paging - Dont have to locate an extension telephone in order to respond to the page Handle calls easily with multi button wireless telephones Security personnel able to quickly make calls from anywhere in emergency. - Dont have to search for telephone to place a call.

14 Limit Telephone Usage – Manage telephone costs Toll Restriction - Control what type calls extensions can make Long Distance calls, Local calls or None - Restrict extensions by time of day Long Conversation Cutoff - Telephones in public areas - Limit student conversations SMDR keeps track of telephone usage - For a single site, Ultra CallAnalyst generates telephone activity reports - In Network installations, CallAnalyst Enterprise tracks and consolidates call data from multiple sites.

15 User Convenience Features Softkeys provide guidance - makes features easy to use Directory Dialing – search on-screen directory by name Call Log Display - Shows Missed Calls (if Caller ID received) - Shows Dialed Calls Call Announce Options - Call Announce with Handsfree Answer - Voice Over to Busy Telephone - Reverse Voice Over Flexible Numbering Plan – match extension numbers and room numbers

16 Caller ID Requires Caller ID service from telephone company Sent to Digital Key telephones for display - See who is calling before call is answered - Show calling number and name (if received) Sent to Analog telephones for display Sent to Voice Mail for Call Back (Return Call) Sent to Call Log for Missed Call display

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