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Atyrau Oil and Gas Event

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1 Atyrau Oil and Gas Event

2 Introduction Batys Techno Services LLP
BTS provides expert advice and specialist support in all your fleet management requirements. An innovative, small company run by a management team with a proven track record in the IVMS solutions market. An official distributor of the Mix Telematics range of products

3 Introduction Mix Telematics
An expert in the provision of fleet management products and services, Mix Telematics operates in 75 countries across 6 continents. Mix Telematics’ products are helping to save lives, increase security and improve compliance around the World. As an authorised distributor BTS benefits from the support and resources of a major global market leader

4 Powerful solutions that meet individual needs
The telematics range includes: Onboard computers Navigation systems Custom software solutions Web services Comprehensive service offerings Financing models

5 Vehicle Equipment Vehicle equipment can be configured according to individual customer requirements and consists of: Onboard computer (various product lines) Data communication peripherals (GSM/GPRS, DECT, data-key, Wi-Fi and Satamatics) Vehicle sensors (e.g. seatbelts, headlights etc) Input/output devices (e.g. FM terminal)

6 Fleet operations at the office
There are various options for organising fleet operations: Office based scenario. Fleet management software installed on a PC or in a client server configuration Web-based solution scenario, the application software runs on centralised IT resources operated by BTS. The client can access fleet data and vehicles through a standard web browser. Clients subscriber to the web service and typically pay a monthly fee.

7 Benefits of monitoring your fleet
Greater safety for all road users Increased vehicle utilisation and productivity Lower operational costs Ongoing return on investment Motivated staff through clear incentives and performance records Minimisation of company liability Controlled vehicle access Improved driver behaviour

8 What our clients say.. “Shell Kazakhstan Development BV looked at several solutions but were most impressed with BTS, who were able to offer an integrated fleet solution including lower emission diesel vehicles complete with Rollover Protection Device, maintenance package, defensively trained drivers and latest specification In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems. FM Communicator allows us to monitor our vehicles in real-time, enabling us to ensure that our drivers are safe and following best driving practice, such as wearing seatbelts and keeping to speed limits. This enhances the safety of our fleet whilst also providing us with additional benefits of fleet optimisation, minimising fuel expenditure and lowering our carbon footprint” William Frew, HSE Manager, Shell EP-C Kazakhstan

9 What our clients say.. “ BTS’ In-vehicle monitoring system has given us an essential driver behavioural tool. Not only has it helped us improve and maintain high performance from our drivers but it has also provided us with reliable and accurate fleet accident analysis. Since we invested in their system in 2007, BTS has always responded promptly and professionally to any queries”. Steve Burnell, Road Safety Coordinator, Agip KCO

10 What our clients say… “The effect is very visible. In addition to increased safety, we also benefit through a higher driver’s awareness and better attitude. After the system was deployed, the level of safety awareness has increased along with a stronger focus on risk-free driving” Terry Row, Logistics Superintendant, Tengizchevroil

11 A complete portfolio of BTS services
Application consulting Project management Installation and maintenance Customer training Financing models

12 For more information

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