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Introducing Virtual Restaurant For Hotel & Restaurant Professionals.

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1 Introducing Virtual Restaurant For Hotel & Restaurant Professionals

2 A well constructed Home Page sets the tone for the rest of the site. Our talented team of designers will fit your restaurant into an exciting Fast Track Style …or custom design your site to your own specifications.

3 About Us A Page that describes your business to the world Featuring links to…

4 Map & Directions Make it easy for your new customers to find you!

5 Intro to the Chef Knowing a little something about the chef is an important way to establish a relationship with your customers Easily updateable through the admin section

6 On-Line Employment System Job postings can be easily added and updated… Giving you one more way to advertise for help!

7 360° Interactive Tour Ambiance is hard to describe with words With 360° Panoramic Imaging, you can show the world the unique aspects of your establishment

8 Recipe Section allows visitors to make their favorite meals from your restaurant…in their own kitchen! Heres an example Heres an example


10 Beyond every other consideration restaurants live and die by their menu With this exciting and fully updateable database, guests can choose to view each of your menus They can even search a separate wine database!

11 Items on the menu not only feature a photograph of the dish But also… Suggest the proper wine! Suggest the proper wine!

12 The Searchable wine list also suggests the meals that are complimented by the wine!

13 On-Line Reservation System Customers can book a reservation to be confirmed by the staff later!

14 The Take-Out menu indicates what dishes are available…

15 Links to these Take-Out dishes allow customers to decide on their meal. …and order their choices for pick-up

16 Banquets & Parties Promote specialty revenue by accepting banquet applications On-Line!

17 Events Calendar Live Entertainment?Live Entertainment? Monday Night Football?Monday Night Football? Champaign Breakfast?Champaign Breakfast? Keep your Customers Informed!

18 Good press is one of the best ways to boost credibility among diners. Positive reviews can be posted almost as soon as they are printed!

19 Highlight Daily Specials Change your specials with a click of a button! Offer visitors variety and incentive to come in and try the best of your menu for themselves!

20 Guestbook Provides interactivity Visitors can read the great feedback of other diners and post their own comments Offer real testimonials from your clients!

21 allows your customers to sign up to receive special announcements from your Restaurant. Daily Specials? Special Events?News Letters? Coupons? TargetedMarketing Technology Virtual Restaurant includes

22 This completes our Front End Learning Tour of the Virtual Restaurant To see a demo please visit:

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