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SOCIAL NETWORKING APP FACEBOOK. WHAT IS FACEBOOK Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg and was first used on computers. It was one of the first.

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2 WHAT IS FACEBOOK Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg and was first used on computers. It was one of the first social networking groups to explore the mobile apps market and soon became the second most popular app in the world after Google Maps. Facebook is a social networking platform in which a person has there own profile and can share messages, pictures and videos with people on the other side of the globe. Facebook also as an instant messaging option and an email option. The Facebook app allows the user to whatever the web app can do. People use the Facebook app as you can get hold of people as long as you have an service connection.

3 WHAT FEATURES DOES FACEBOOK HAVE News Feed or Wall lets you know what is happening with your friends and family and you can post on this so your friends can see what you are doing. The Like button lets the user like other peoples posts so the more popular is become the further it moves up the wall. On the phones home screen, a message will pop up to tell you if some has contacted you through Facebook. Events means that people can organise an event of any size through their phone.

4 IS THE FACEBOOK APP EASY TO USE? The Facebook app is laid out so it is easy to see where you want to go. The chat/ messaging is on the write hand site, and the menu is on the left having to swipe to see each section. The app also gives alerts so you don’t have to keep constantly going into the app if you are waiting for a message or another notification.

5 STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF FACEBOOK StrengthsWeaknesses Instant chat system Notifications on phone home screen The app is compact and having to swipe to see different menus means that everything is put into the app. Have to update timeline to ‘most recent’ so you don’t get old stories. Using the chat is hard as it is hard to show your tone when using messaging.


7 WHAT IS BBC SPORT BBC sport is a spin-off from the broadcaster BBC. The broadcaster set its sites on the internet scene and there sports department to a large part of this. The app gives the user the latest sporting news and a large array of sports to chose from. The app is one of the most popular in the UK in its categories and is free to use. People use the app because it is easy to use and it is simple to find out what you want.

8 WHAT FEATURES DOES BBC SPORT HAVE The app has a quick links section which lets the user to choose what sport they read about. The app also gives you live updates from live sporting events such as live football matches giving the user the latest scores and action using text commentary. The app also lets the user listen to BBC radio which has sports commentary such as Radio 5 live and 5 live extra. The app also lets the user have push alerts on their certain sports team. This means the user will get a message on the home page if there is any news from them.

9 IS THE BBC SPORT APP EASY TO USE The app has features for all sports that the BBC cover. The home page of the app clearly shows what sport matches are taking place and how you can follow them on the BBC. The front page also has the latest news from all sports which the user can refine by it down by sport and leagues. The live scores page clearly shows what sport and competition it is showing and clicking on the drop down section means you can change what you are looking for especially when there are a lot of matches going on at once. There is also a clearly placed refresh button so the user knows that they are getting the latest scores. The user can click on one of the matches to get a more detailed description of the match. It will take the user to other screen and will give them text commentary on what has happened so far or,if it has finished, a detail match report.

10 STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES StrengthsWeaknesses Live scores for all football matches. Coverage of F1 and Six Nation. Connection to Radio 5 live and 5 live extra Quick push notifications Simple interface is intuitive Only basic- no real appeal. Users can get the same content on mobile website. No real coverage of minor sports. No search function No video highlights




14 NEEDS OF STAFF This job involves having cases to solve which could be quickly answered or may need long term help. This means that the staff need to be organised and so that they can get to there cases quickly as possible. So, the staff need an interface that is easy to use and can use quickly. The staff also need a page that can help them with FAQ’s or just some basic IT information. They also need a log so they know what they need to do and what they have done. This needs to be organised so that they can search something quickly as possible and so they can find a former case if what they have said to a client hasn’t worked.

15 POSSIBLE FEATURES OF THE APP Time Log – lets staff log what they have done. Information centre FAQ’s answers Contact information Instant Messaging IM with fellow employees

16 IDEAS FOR THE DESIGN OF THE APP Home Page Interface idea 2 Interface idea 1

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