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POST WEBSITE OVERVIEW Training Managers Workshop Computer Services Bureau 9/28/2014.

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1 POST WEBSITE OVERVIEW Training Managers Workshop Computer Services Bureau 9/28/2014

2 Background Overview: Site Redesign to Current Menu Structure in 2011 Dedicated area for Training Managers Online Field Tools:  POST ID lookup  CPT/Perishable skills status  Secure Learning Management tools

3 Quick Links Links of General Interest to Law Enforcement on POST Website Homepage

4 POST News Latest POST News Announced on POST Website Homepage POST Tweets News

5 Email Alerts Email Alerts icon allows subscription to various Newsletters Click to Subscribe

6 Subscribe to POST Email Alerts Fill in email address

7 Manage Your Subscriptions You will receive a confirmation email Click the link in the confirmation email to activate your subscription To subscribe, select each box To unsubscribe, un-check the box(es)

8 Twitter @CommissionPOST

9 Facebook @CaliforniaPOST

10 Helpful Tools for You POST developed Web applications that provide targeted information to the field:  POST ID lookup  CPT lookup  Coming Soon! POST Pass – Personalized information for you!

11 How Do I Lookup My POST ID

12 Obtain Your POST ID Online

13 Sign in to Lookup CPT

14 CPT / Perishable Skills Lookup

15 Current Compliance Cycle

16 Training Managers Items of Interest

17 “Information For” Groups Information is organized for specific audiences No unique information: every page can also be found through the menus If you have link suggestions, please send them

18 Information For Training Managers Customized for you!! If you have link suggestions, please contact me:

19 Regulatory Actions Training and testing specifications changes Language changes

20 Regional Training Map All Regional Consultants listed by assigned region Email, phone contacts Consultant information links accessed by clicking consultant name or on the map

21 Example: Region 7 Consultant Page Regional Consultant

22 Regional Skills Training Centers Click markers to see:  Contact details  Directions  Training offered (driving or force)

23 Background Investigation Manual Download Publication

24 Background Investigation Manual Download Personal History Statements

25 Background Investigation Manual Download Sample Forms Order Tabbed Dividers

26 POST Administrative Manual (PAM)

27 Training Administrators Course Click link for TAC Request Online Form

28 TAC Request Form

29 Training Delivery & Compliance Bureau

30 Who Does What in TDC

31 Search Engine and Site Map All information on the website can be found with the search feature  Type a word or topic to search  Use quotations to narrow search  E.g.; “Video Training”  Every page is available from the Site Map

32 List of Every POST Webpage Press “Control-F” to search the Site Map

33 Website Menu Overview

34 Training Tab: Overview More than 100 pages of Training Materials, updated frequently

35 Training Courses

36 Training Programs

37 Field Training

38 Legislatively Mandated Training

39 Requalification

40 Hiring Tab

41 CA LE Job Opportunities Follow directions to list job Click to sort by columns

42 Certificates Tab

43 Resources Tab

44 Publications Tab

45 Forms Tab EDI App

46 About Us Tab Find help here:  Phone list  Meetings  Org chart  Feedback form

47 About Us Tab: POST Phone List

48 What’s New with POST Website

49 Implemented June 2014 The responsive design offers:  Content delivery that is flexible to accommodate all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile phones)  The site automatically resizes images, text, forms, and buttons to maximize screen space so text is easy to read  Sharing links and bookmarking works seamlessly across mobile and desktop Responsive Design

50 Horizontal navigation vertical for small screens Click the plus sign on the right to open submenu. Navigation on Mobile Devices

51 Sign into Website on Mobile Device Click the lock icon to sign in / out Sign in: Click Lock IconSign out: Click Opened Lock Icon

52 POST ID Lookup on Mobile Devices

53 CPT Dashboard on Mobile Devices

54 Questions or Comments? Contact the POST Web Team: Thank you!

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