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Windermere Photo Gallery A Walkthrough of What’s New.

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1 Windermere Photo Gallery A Walkthrough of What’s New

2 What is Photo Gallery? Photo Gallery is Windermere’s exclusive photo viewing tool making it easy to create impressive virtual tours of your listings. With Photo Gallery you can: Organize media into customized categories of your choice. Add an unlimited number of photos. Print, e-mail or forward your Photo Gallery to unlimited viewers, all with your personal branding. Track the number of views to keep sellers updated of activity to their property.

3 New Features Quickly upload multiple photos at once. Add additional content to your Photo Gallery –Upload PDF floor plans for new construction homes. –Embed flash content such as a short neighborhood video. –Add your own 360° and panoramic images.

4 New Look Thumbnail images of all photos and a larger area to view photos or other media give visitors to and potential buyers the ability to see more photos faster. The fresh and professional look is designed to impress sellers looking to have their home stand out online. Improved agent branding displays your contact information on every page.

5 Photo Gallery appeals to Sellers and Buyers Sellers: Photo Gallery allows you to create a distinctive tour of your client’s home. Tip - Impress potential clients in your Listing Presentations by creating a mock Photo Gallery of a potential listing. Buyers: We’ve surveyed hundreds of visitors to find out what they want to see in a great Photo Gallery. Photo Gallery’s new features and upcoming enhancements are taken directly from user feedback.

6 Ready to start a new Photo Gallery? On the WORC go to Listings > Photo Gallery. Then select the “New” link.

7 Creating a new Photo Gallery Next: enter the property information. TIP: You are required to enter something as an MLS number at this stage, but it doesn’t have to be the actual MLS number. You can start your gallery and add the correct MLS number later.

8 Setup complete… Now you’re ready to update the property information, connect your gallery to the MLS, email the gallery, add photos and more.

9 Next: Create sections Select the Add Section link to add categories such as Living Room, Den, Backyard, etc. You can also add descriptions to each section. Select Add Photo to upload photos to each section. TIP - Sort the section order to match the way someone would actually walk through the home.

10 Next: Batch upload multiple images Select Browse to locate photos on your computer. Click browse again to add up to six photos. Select the Upload Files button to add photos to your gallery.

11 Next: Add section descriptions and captions Enter here Displayed here

12 Tips for photos DO: Use high-quality, professionally shot images utilizing great lighting Stage the home if possible (clutter and personal objects add noise to photos) Properly label your gallery categories so potential buyers know what they are looking at Use panoramic and 360 degree images sparingly for stunning views or large spaces Take a variety of photos - one of two images of a room is just fine for most homes

13 Tips for photos DON’T: Use low-quality, grainy images or images with poor lighting or glare Include pictures of objects from around the home Take photos of views that are not from the actual home Photoshop images to set an unreasonable expectation of the home

14 NEW: Add additional content to your Photo Gallery Use additional content sparingly, as users want to see photos most. Add 360 o and panoramic images, upload PDF files or embed flash content. Flash content most often includes videos, but can also include other Virtual Tours that meet specifications for Photo Gallery.

15 How to: Upload a 360 o or panoramic image Detailed instructions apply if you wish to upload a 360 o or panoramic image including the type of camera required. For more information click here and select Using Windermere Photo Gallery. click here (You will be required to log in to the WORC for the link to work appropriately).

16 How to: Upload a PDF floor plan For new construction Uploading a PDF is the same process as uploading a photo. This time, select “Add PDF.” Click browse again to add your PDF. Select the Upload Files button.

17 Tips for PDFs DO: Users must take extra time to download PDF files so use sparingly Include a floor plans for new construction homes Make sure your PDF is high-quality and clear to read Upload smaller files for faster loading (under 2MB recommended)

18 Tips for PDFs DON’T: Include reports or other documents - have potential buyers contact you for this information Use low-quality or difficult to read PDFs

19 How to: Embed video tours Adding video content follows a slightly different process: First, your vendor will need to host your video on a professional video hosting website. These types of websites will have options for embedding your video to other websites by providing “code.” Your vendor may be able to send you this code directly.

20 How to: Embed video content On your Photo Gallery, select “Add Media.” Copy and paste the “code” from your video hosting website or your Virtual Tour vendor into Photo Gallery.

21 Tips for video content DO: Use high-quality professional videos Upload your video to a professional video hosting website Post quick-loading, brief videos (30 seconds or less is recommended) Include a neighborhood video Less is more – use videos sparingly

22 Tips for video content DON’T Use lengthy videos or videos that include music, narration or resize a user's browser. Post videos that link to other websites. Include videos of yourself - buyers are interested in looking at homes and neighborhoods.

23 Share your Photo Gallery On your Photo Gallery home, select the Email link. Select a client from your CMS, or enter an email address. Click Send Email

24 Want More: Full details and help for Photo Gallery is available at WORC > Help > Photo Help.

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