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DinerMagic Innovative Solutions for Todays Restaurants! DinerMagic © Patent Pending.

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1 DinerMagic Innovative Solutions for Todays Restaurants! DinerMagic © Patent Pending

2 The DinerMagic Concept

3 How does DinerMagic work? Visit our website: Here you will find FAQs, Tutorials, Videos and Case Studies that will explain all you need to know about DinerMagic

4 First, you send us a copy of your restaurants menu (either a hardcopy or in electronic file format), your logo, some photos of your restaurant and foods, color preferences, and your desired website domain name. C e d ar House How does DinerMagic work?

5 If you dont have a website, you can choose from one of our pre-designed Website Templates, which will be customized with your logo and restaurant information, along with your choice of certain styles and color schemes. Or visit other websites and let us know what features you would like us to incorporate into your website design.

6 What web pages are included? Your basic website will include the following pages: Home, Contact Us, Map & Directions, Gallery, Daily Specials, Guestbook, Menu, and Contact Us. Optional pages available include a live Webcam, Jobs, Twitter and more to come.

7 Can I change my menu myself ? Yes! When you login to your secure websites Admin Panel with your username and password, you will be able to change any items name, description or pricing on your Online Menu. DinerMagic will automatically and simultaneously make the same changes for you in your PDF Print Menu which can be downloaded and printed by you or your customers at anytime and from anywhere.

8 From your Admin Panel select edit Menu. You will see an image of your menu with the Menu Section names. Click on the desired section you wish to edit and the editing fields for the selected section will appear with the current information. See the example on the next page. You also have the option of uploading a photo of the item which will appear on your online website. How do I edit my menu?

9 Once all changes have been made for the selected section, click the Update Button. The updates are automatically and simultaneously applied to your websites Online Menu as well as to the downloadable PDF Print Menu, which can now be downloaded and printed, by you or your customers.

10 This downloadable PDF Print Menu can be printed on most desktop printers. Once downloaded, the menu can be printed as often as needed. There are no wasted copies and updated menus are available immediately.

11 Online & Printed Menus Updated Simultaneously! Your updated Online Menu immediately appears on your restaurants website and your ready-to-print PDF Menu can be downloaded and printed. If you own a color printer that supports your menu paper type, you can do this yourself. If not, you can email your menu file, or take it on a CD or thumbdrive to your local copy or print shop.

12 How much does it cost? The price for a single license of DinerMagic is just $495. This covers the cost of designing your website and the digitizing and layout of your existing print menu. The monthly usage charge for full tech support, unlimited access to your DinerMagic website & menus, website hosting, management and optimization, is only $29.95 - less than $1 a day. Call us at (541) 412-0254 for a free online demo. Or if you are ready to sign up, visit our website at:

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