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Competition Analysis New Media Entrepreneurship Travel Group Business Team New Media Entrepreneurship Travel Group Business Team.

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1 Competition Analysis New Media Entrepreneurship Travel Group Business Team New Media Entrepreneurship Travel Group Business Team

2 Overview of Travel Industry  Generally two groups of travel websites: ones that aim to sell travelers trip packages and ones that aim to give travelers location information  The trip-package side is more for convenience, while the information side is more for enriching travel experience  The trip-package side feels more commercial, while the information side feels more personal and intimate  The best sites are those that combine both (Lonely Planet)  Navigation is usually easy, but pages can become cluttered with repetitive information  The best community features are those that allow users to write in forums, as well as share pictures, videos, lists of itinerary, map mashups, through multimedia means  User registeration preferred though not required  Most make money through advertising, some also through selling print guide books

3 Expedia  Mainly a website for searching and purchasing travel packages  Allows features such as booking flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and business travel  “Indiana Jones Experiences” gives recommended itinerary through the main tourist sites  Makes money mainly through advertising, but also affiliates, co-brand, and print label

4 Expedia  Rather easy to navigate through the site, with the tabs on the top indicating transportation models  Powerful search engine allows one to find the best deals on any flight/cruise from all locations using all modes of transport  User can register or log in as guest to create own travel itinerary  No community features--the descriptions of the tourist sites provided by the site staff  Some material on the individual sites repeat themselves  The disorganized advertisement banner placements gives a feel of commercial site rather than personal travel community  “Over 20 billion in annual gross bookings”  Gross profit as of 2008 grew 25% as compared to 2007

5 Lonely Planet  Similar to Expedia but with added features  Community features include the Thorn Tree Travel Forum, a forum on which members share travel tips  Encourage users to register  The Bluelist is a travel list created by users on the most interesting places in a certain country  Video section allows users to upload videos of their travels--works just like Youtube

6 Lonely Planet  Uses top navigation bar with sub navigation bar upon roaming; rather easy navigation throughout the site  Organized by destination, flight bookings, print travel guides, and hotels  Less emphasis on selling travel packages than presenting travel location (convenience vs. content)  The Travel Stories section uses mainly Lonely Planet writers to write reviews  Also includes travel blogs written by mainly users to share travel experiences  Allows users to share photos and videos through RSS feeds and through podcasts  Users can search for other users’ travel stories by destination or by author  Other interactive features include map mashups that allow different users to contribute reviews

7 Lonely Planet  Cons are that sometimes the video section, the Bluelist Section, the Travel Stories, and the Thorn Tree forum section overlap  Also the combination of user-generated content and Lonely Planet writers’ content can be confusing. Not enough aggregated content from other sites (ex. Current news of the country)  Makes money through advertisement banners, travel guide books, Lonely Planet TV, affiliations, and supporting charity organizations worldwide  Offers many different jobs including freelance writer, editor, photographer, etc.  Also advocates responsible traveling by providing tips on safe and environmentally-aware traveling

8 Fodor’s  Provides information on destination, hotels, restaurants, cruises, tours and itinerary  The Travel News section comprises of staff reviews of the selected locations and restaurants  The Talk section is a travel-based forum which looks rather amateurish  The Book It link leads to the Expedia’s main page to search for good deals on travel packages

9 Fodor’s  Travel News section also includes tips on traveling, as well as photo contests which interact with users  Barely any community features except for the Talk forum, clicking on user’s name just shows all his comments  Overall rather easy to navigate around the site  Allows users to rate the restaurants and attractions like other travel sites  Also aims to sell their travel books online  Claims to have up-to-date information on 300 destinations around the world  Also claims to attract 1.5 million unique visitors every month

10 Frommer’s  Also mainly a travel website to sell good deals on travel packages, but with more customer information  Allows users to find destinations, hotels, and book trips  Also includes trip ideas searchable by activities (cruise, airline, road trip, etc) and lifestyles (honeymoon, single, student, etc.)  Also includes travel tips such as going through foreign airports and travel safety, written by staff

11 Frommer’s  Frommer’s “Tips and Tools” page offers a good collection of tools such as calendar of world events, cultural customs, entry requirements (passport and visa), money exchange details, packing tips, and insurance and health concerns  Also includes interactive maps  Community features include the Travel Talks forum, organized by boards of different topics  Clicking on user’s name shows all his contributions  Makes money through advertising, content licensing, affiliate program, as well as guidebook selling and advertising  Also booking partners with third party commerce companies in links

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