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Tech Tools For Collaboration In Professional Learning Communities.

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1 Tech Tools For Collaboration In Professional Learning Communities

2  All schools in Robertson County School District are in the process of learning to function as Professional Learning Communities. This process was begun in 2008 under the leadership of Dr. Robert Eaker, MTSU Professor and co-author of various books on School Improvement and Professional Learning Communities. Professional Learning Communities in Robertson County Schools

3 Robertson County Teachers Collaborate for Student Achievement Why All These Papers? There is an easier way - through the integration of technology as a collaboration tool! GOOGLE DOCS The first of these tools is Google Docs. This free service provided by Google allows online users to create or upload files that can be shared with whomever the user designates anywhere in the world. Google Docs allows the user to share documents, presentation files, spreadsheets and much more.

4  Getting a Google Account is free. All you need is a working email address.  Click on the link to go directly to the account creation page:

5  After completing this account request, you will recieve an email from Google that requires you to click a link in the email to confirm that you are a real person. Click on this link in your email to activate your account. Now you are ready to log in

6  You can access Google Docs by going to their homepage ( Click "More" in the title bar and pull down to documents or go there directly by going to  With Google Docs you can create online documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawings and much more. You can also upload documents, pdfs, spreadsheets etc that you already have and share.

7  To create a new online document, click on "Create New, then click on document. 

8  Your new untitled document will appear as below. You want to give it a name by clicking the box "Untitled document" and name your new document. Now click save and you have an online document that you can edit anywhere and can be edited and shared by others anywhere you have access to the internet.

9  To share a file is easy. Click on the file you want to share, then click on the "Actions" pull down. There are several things you can do with a file from here. We want to share a document with others. Click on Share.

10  To share the file with others, you enter their email addresses here. You can also enter a note to put in the email telling them what you are sharing or other information. Click on the "can edit" button to allow others for view only or edit. You can enter several people here by putting a semicolon between addresses (;)

11  The persons you enter here will get an email telling them that you have shared a file with them. They can click on this file link and it will take them to Google Docs and show the file. If they do not already have an account on Google, it will take them to the login screen seen earlier to create a new account. After creating the account, they will see your file when they log in.

12  Now when the other user logs on to their account, they will see the document that you shared with them marked (shared) at the end of the file name. You can open and edit this document now. All those that you shared with can do the same. 

13  Spreadsheets are great for keeping up with data. You may already have some spreadsheets that you email around to each other in your collaborative team to work on or view things. With google docs, you can upload an existing spreadsheet or create a new one here. A spreadsheet created here is compatible to excel and can be edited using the same features you are accustomed to in excel.  To create a spreadsheet, just click on "create new" and pull down to "spreadsheet:

14  Your newly created spreadsheet will look like the picture below. Be sure to click on the word "unsaved spreadsheet" at the top and name your spreadsheet. It will be saved automatically.

15  You can enter information right into this spreadsheet then share it out so others can also enter information that all can see.

16  To share a spreadsheet, you will do just as you did to share a document. Click on "actions", pull down to share. Enter email addresses of those you want to share with just like you did in documents.


18  There are many, many additional things you can do with Google for collaboration. Below are some examples.  GOOGLE CALENDAR - Use Google Calendar and share it out to your collaborative team. You will all stay on the same page with dates, deadlines etc and when new events are added, all will receive an email to let them know an event is coming.

19  GOOGLE PRESENTATIONS - You can create a powerpoint compatible presentation online with your collaborative team. This can be accessed online or downloaded for use by any of your members.

20  Google Forms - You can create a form that can be helpful for entering information.

21  Online drawing tools

22  GOOGLE READER - You can use Google Reader to pull updated information from your favorite web sites.

23  Google is one of the most used search engines in the world.  GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE ( Set this as your home page for access to all things Google. You can sign in

24  GOOGLE MAPS - Google maps can be used to view maps, get directions and much more.

25  A satellite view of anywhere in the world. A truly amazing tool that allows you to “fly” across the globe. Great for Virtual Tours

26  GOOGLE IMAGES - Find clipart and pictures galore.  * A caution – all images may not be suitable for children.

27  GOOGLE VIDEOS - Find videos on practically any subject.

28  GOOGLE NEWS - Up to the minute news that is searchable.

29  GOOGLE SHOPPING - Search for anything sold online.

30  Many resources catered to education are available on Google.

31  Once in you can begin to collaborate with your Professional Learning Community like never before. Spend some time exploring all the features Google has to offer. These tools will help you and your Professional Learning Community to grow in shared knowledge and ultimately help your students achieve success! 

32  Collaborative teams that work with technology tools can help improve student achievement.

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