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High School Success Seminar Lee Campbell, EdD Head of School Marty Frendt, MA Upper School Principal Sherry Campbell, MS, LPC Counselor, Lower School Principal.

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1 High School Success Seminar Lee Campbell, EdD Head of School Marty Frendt, MA Upper School Principal Sherry Campbell, MS, LPC Counselor, Lower School Principal Jan Cooper Registrar, Home School & International Admissions

2 High School Success Seminars are held once or twice per year in daytime sessions for students and evening sessions for parents. This following PowerPoint reviews some of the concepts and programs discussed at our most recent seminar on 2/1/13. Perspective parents contact our admissions office for more details. Both perspective parents and current parents may contact an administrator anytime with further questions.

3 From Sherry Campbell, MS LPC Lower School Principal State Certified Professional School Counselor Pathways to Success Standardized Tests Types of Diplomas FAFSA

4 What is Pathways to Success? Pathways to Success is CCAs a personality, career, learning, and gifts testing program; included with 8 th grade tuition, grant funded by Stephen Kendrick for senior economic students and available to others for a small fee

5 Every adult I know hates their job! 2004 High School Graduate Pathway to Success Rationale: Informed Self-Concept - an understanding of self as it relates to interacting with others and the world of work. Students will be able to make educated decisions about college, career, and life.

6 Informed Self-Concept Scriptural Basis How am I unique? Psalms 139:14 - I will praise You (Lord) for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. What are my gifts? Romans 12:6 - We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. How can I use my uniqueness and my gifts to glorify God and find satisfaction in life and work? Ecclesiastes 3:13 - That everyone may…find satisfaction in all his toil-this is the gift of God.

7 Pathways to Success Pathway Connections PART 1 – TESTING & FOLLOW-UP A) Personality, Interest, Gifts, and Learning Styles testing administered to 8 th grade (included with tuition) and Economics students (Kendrick Wings Grant pays for this). Other students may be tested for $50.00 B) Parent Training – Counselor reviews results in individual parent meetings with all 8 th grade parents and other parents by request PART 2 – CAREER EXPLORATION A) Students meet with Dr. or Mrs. Campbell for College and Career Planning PART 3 – CONCENTRATED CAREER EXPLORATION A) Students may do an Internship for HS credit

8 TESTING 4 tests are administered in the 8 th grade: Personality Profile Learning Styles Inventory Spiritual Gifts Test Career Interest Profile

9 Testing Explained: The DISC Personality Profile

10 D = Task-oriented and are described as dominant, determined, and a doer. These individual are fast-paced and tend to make things happen. I = Outgoing/fast paced and people-oriented; these people are inspiring and influencing. S = Stable and steady, they are reserved/slower paced and people- oriented. C = Cautious, calculating, correct; they are reserved and task-oriented. Each person has a blend of all four-personality styles unique to the individual. A Product of Personality Insights Inc.

11 Testing Explained: The Learning Styles Inventory Learning Styles, the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Survey (Learning Styles, 2000) was used to assess students' dominant learning style. Learning Styles -Vision, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Survey January, 1998. Updated October, 24, 2000 _Learning Styles

12 Testing Explained: The VAK Learning Styles Inventory Visual learners do better with charts, demonstrations, videos, and other visual materials. Auditory learners usually talk to themselves a lot. They also may move there lips and read out loud. Kinesthetic learners do best while touching and moving.

13 Testing Explained: The Spiritual Gifts Inventory This gifts assessment focuses on identifying a students dominant motivation. Based on Roman 12:6-12

14 Testing Explained: The Gifts Inventory Perceiving - Right or wrong…Black or white…Quality control… Exhorting - Stimulate… build up…head up the Pep Rally Serving - Meet the physical needs of others Teaching - Research the facts, the history, new ideas, details…Impart instruction, communicate knowledge Giving - Love to give time, talent, and resources Administrating - Can see the bigger picture in a situation, delegate quickly Compassion - Focused on the emotional needs of others

15 Testing Explained: The Career Interest Profile Interest Profiler measures students interests and connects these interests to career clusters identified by the 6 Holland codes.

16 Testing Explained: The Career Interest Profiles John L. Holland (1985) Vocational Preference Inventory Holland Codes ACT World of Work Map

17 Conclusion: Expected Outcomes 1) Students self-concept is informed 2) Students relate better to their peers and significant others 3) Students are empowered to make career choices that avoid the trap Every adult I know hates their job! 2004 HS Graduate

18 CCAs Standardized Tests TerraNova – Standardized Achievement Tests (administered to K5-11 th Grades) PLAN – Pre-ACT administered to Grade 9 PSAT – PreSAT administered to Grades 10/11

19 CCA Diplomas Cumberland Scholar – Highest Honors Honors College Prep General – only for Tech School Candidates –See our website or todays handouts for details

20 FAFSA Overview Free Application for Federal Student Aid What you need to complete the FAFSA: Pin #s Social Security #s Federal Income Tax Returns from the previous year (estimates are okay) Bank Statements Brokerage Statements 7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA Students Guide to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

21 From Lee Campbell, EdD Headmaster G.E.E.S.E Understanding High School Academic Success & College Acceptance The A/B Block Schedule

22 G.E.E.S.E High School Success: G.P.A. Entrance Exams (SAT) Essays Sports Extra-Curricular Activities

23 Grade Point Average GPA 0.0 or 4.0+ A 90-100 = 4 Quality Points B80 – 89 = 3 Quality Points C 70 – 79 = 2 Quality Points F 69 & below = 0 Quality Points AP or College Courses May add Additional Points for a Score Above 4.0

24 Do the Math… 1 A + 1 B ÷ 2 = 3.5 1 A + 1 C ÷ 2 = 3.0 1 B + 1 C ÷ 2 = 2.5 1 A + 1 F ÷ 2 = 2.0 1 B + 1 F ÷ 2 = 1.5

25 Whats the Good News… For 9 th Grade You Start Over!* For 10 th GradeYou Have Time Left For 11 th GradeYou are ½ Way There For 12 th Grade You Still Have a Chance For Everyone Your GPA is No Mystery Knowledge is Power *unless you have Algebra 1 and a Foreign Language

26 Why Should I Care? GPA College Acceptance Estimates* Emory 4.0 GA Tech. 3.9 UGA3.8 $18,000 Scholarship to Mercer 3.75** Zell Miller Scholarship3.7** Mercer & Emory @ Oxford 3.6 GA College3.4 NGCSU & GSU3.3 SPSU3.2 KSU3.1/2.5** Piedmont3.0 Hope Scholarship3.0** GA Highlands2.5/2.0** Chattahoochee TechHS Diploma *Loosely Based on Ga. College 411, Dr. Campbells Experience & Ga. DOE; Mercer Admissions; not a guarantee. **Only Core Classes Count for HOPE & for Certain Colleges

27 How Do I Get Good Grades? Plan/Schedule Study Do Your Home Work Communicate Use RenWeb Know Whats Important Make Sacrifices When Needed

28 Entrance Exams (SAT) What is it? When do I take it? How many times do I take it? How do I prepare?

29 1600 What? The SAT Has 3 Parts: Math – Score Up to 800 Critical Reading – Score Up to 800 Writing – Score Up to 800 Maximum Total = 2400 But Most Colleges Use only Math & Critical Reading for a Maximum of 1600 Almost All Colleges Super Score

30 What Score Do I Need? Examples: 1600+/- UCLA 1400Full 4 Years Tuition at Lee University 1350Acceptance to Ga. Tech 1275$18,000 Scholarship to Mercer and Invitation to Competition for Full Tuition 1250 Acceptance to UGA 1230Full Freshman Tuition at Lee University 1200Zell Miller Scholarship 1180Acceptance to Mercer 1120½ Freshmen Tuition at Lee University 1000Piedmont College 950KSU Acceptance *Loosely Based on Ga. College 411 & Dr. Campbells Experience, Ga. DOE, Lee Admissions; Mercer Admissions Actual results may vary depending on GPA etc. This is not a guarantee.

31 Essays You Must Learn to Write a Persuasive Essay Both for the SAT and for Acceptance at Many Colleges Writing Skills May also Determine Placement at Many Colleges Communication Skills in General Contribute to Future Success

32 Sports You may be able to play in college if you match your ability with your level of play. Examples: NCAA Division 1 UGA, Ga. Tech NCAA Division 2 Ga. College & State NCAA Division 3Piedmont College NAIA SPSU, Emmanuel College Whats your level of play?

33 Extra- Curricular Activities/Arts Music – Are you ready to audition? Art & Photography – Hows your portfolio? Leadership – Are you equipped? Community Service – Have you helped anyone else?

34 Good College Planning Visit Many Schools Keep a high GPA Take SAT Prep Take the SAT three times minimum Know the important variables:

35 Important College Variables Your Financial Resources Your Students GPA Your Students SAT Your Sport & Level of Play Your Desired Activities Your Desired Atmosphere Your students intended MAJOR

36 2013 Statistics in Progress 21 Traditional Seniors All Accepted before Christmas* 51 College Acceptances to Date $1,192,648 Scholarship Dollars Earned so Far *24 total including one visitation, one home school, and one transfer pending acceptance

37 The Block Schedule

38 What is It? An A/B Block Schedule is where you have four classes each day and classes meet every other day. You could have up to eight classes total next year instead of the seven you can have with the old schedule. This leaves room for fun classes, electives, advanced classes, and make-ups. We will call them Red & Blue days. You will quickly learn to keep track.

39 Why Are We Doing It? Students love it because homework is due every other day Teachers love it because the pace is much more relaxed Students get more electives of their choice Students are better prepared for college since its more like a college schedule More time to get help in class if you struggle More time to go deeper if you are ahead

40 Whats a Day Look Like? 8:10 First Period 9:40 Snack Break 9:55 Second Period 11:25 Lunch 12:05 Third Period 1:35 Break 1:40 Fourth Period 3:10 Dismissal

41 What Might Two Days Look Like? Monday A Red Day 1 st Period – Music 2 nd Period – Bible 3 rd Period – Math 4 th Period – English Tuesday A Blue Day 1 st Period – Weight Training 2 nd Period – Spanish 3 rd Period – History 4 th Period - Science


43 Whats a Semester Look Like? See the new calendar in the packet you will receive or download from our website – it is the block schedule packet

44 What Electives Will We Have? Contemporary Worship Band 1,2,3,4 Photo/Film 1,2,3 Music Appreciation Visual Arts Weight Training Supervised Study Hall Over 40 online classes* * Additional Charge May Apply More to Come in Future Years Red = New Classes for 2013/14 See the Counselor About Joint Enrollment

45 From Jan Cooper Registrar, International & Home School Admissions Understanding HOPE & Zell Miller

46 Understanding the HOPE Scholarship 1.Students must have a 3.0 GPA and graduate from an approved accredited high school 2. Student must maintain a 3.0 GPA 3.HOPE pays 90% of the 2011 university tuition rate 4.No book or fee allowance 5.Remedial classes are not covered 6.Maximum of 127 semester hours 7.Lose it? One single chance to get it back The graduating class of 2015 will be required to take a certain number of rigorous HS courses in Math, Science, or Foreign Language in order to receive HOPE.

47 Understanding the Zell Miller Scholarship - Highest Achievers- 1. Students must have a 3.7 GPA and graduate from an approved accredited high school 2. Score a combined 1200 on Critical Reading and Math sections of the SAT or at least a 26 composite ACT score These test scores must come from a single sitting 3. Must maintain a 3.3 GPA 4. Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be eligible without consideration of GPA, SAT, or ACT requirements 5. 100% tuition 6. No book or fee allowance 7. 127 semester hours 8. Drop below 3.3 and keep HOPE if GPA remains at 3.0 or above

48 How do I Know My HOPE GPA? Your HOPE GPA does not perfectly match your GPA as reported on Renweb. This is because HOPE only considers certain state required core classes, removes honors credits, and discounts AP credit. CCA calculates and reports unofficial HOPE GPAs to students on a periodic basis unlike many schools where you may or may not know if you have HOPE until the last minute and its to late to make improvements or changes. This is extremely important because some state colleges and universities use this same GPA for college admissions.

49 Why Choose Christian Education? Why CCA? From Marty Frendt, MA Upper School Principal

50 Why Christian Education ? To Glorify God, our Creator. To Bring Him Glory in all that we do.

51 Why Christian Education ? To Pursue the Truth, Not Afraid of Where the Truth will Lead Us.

52 Why Christian Education ? To Pursue the Truth… Example Teaching the Theory of Creation and Evolution. Guiding our Students to Logical Conclusions.

53 Why Christian Education ? To be Free to Explore our World and See Our World through the Eyes of the Creator. To Discover That GOD: Loves Us, Has Died For Us, Has Redeemed Us.

54 Why Christian Education ? To Care For Our Students As Jesus Christ Has Cared For Us.

55 Why Christian Education ? To Completely Prepare Our Students for their future.

56 Why Christian Education ? To Surround your Student with Teachers that: show the Love of Christ, discipline with mercy and compassion, are growing in their relationship with God, are experts in their subject area, give an overabundance of opportunity for student success.

57 Why Choose CCA for High School? Small Classes 100% College Acceptance (last 3 years) Offers: SAT Prep, Electives Optional Online Learning Student Life Family Atmosphere Affordable Christ-Centered

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