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Complete 24 credits 2.0 state GPA Pass FSA (Reading & Writing Assessment) EOC in Algebra 1.

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2 Complete 24 credits 2.0 state GPA Pass FSA (Reading & Writing Assessment) EOC in Algebra 1

3 4 credits of English 4 credits of math (must include Algebra 1 & Geometry) 3 credits of science (including Biology & 2 equally rigorous science courses) 3 credits of Social Studies (.5 US Gov., World History, US History,.5 Economics) 1 credit of HOPE 1 credit of a performing fine art 1 course through online learning Minimum of.5 credit of reading

4  Go to the website –  Create an account  Select a course (must be for high school credit)  Prior to June 1, courses will be approved by your middle school counselor  After June 1, sign up as a Steinbrenner student

5 All required courses for graduation + *2 years of the same foreign language Minimum of 18 academic credits in the areas of: EnglishMath ScienceSocial Studies Foreign Language

6 Accelerated graduation program Can be done in 3 or 4 years See your counselor for more information Many colleges would prefer that you spend 4 years in high school and take advantage of higher level courses

7 Florida Academic Scholars 3.5 academic GPA, 1290 SAT (Reading & Math only, or 29 ACT, 100 hours community service Medallion Scholars 3.0 academic GPA, 1170 SAT or 26 ACT, 75 hours of community service Gold Seal Vocational Scholars 3.0 in required courses for graduation, 3.5 in 3 vocational courses, 440 reading, 440 math, 17 English, 18 reading, 19 math, 30 hours of community service *Subject to change pending state legislation

8 Course Selection Worksheets have been sent to public middle schools Middle school teachers make recommendations for core/academic classes Parents and students make elective choices Steinbrenner counselors meet with students who have changes/questions at the middle school during the school day on Monday, January 26Buchanan @ 1:30 PM Tuesday & Wednesday, Jan 27 & 28 Martinez Thursday, January 29 Walker @ 7:30 AM Thursday, January 29 Ben Hill @ 9:00 AM Print out of course requests is given to students

9 Some classes are “required” English 1 Honors Math – Algebra 1A/AB, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 US Government Honors* Biology Reading – to be determined by 7 th grade FCAT for now, will be adjusted by 8 th grade FCAT in June HOPE Computer Class - Emerging Tech* or, Computing for College & Career or, Intro to Information Technology

10 ET* - (one semester) Emerging Technologies CCC – (full year) Computing for College and Career (Performing Arts credit) Emphasis is keyboarding skills and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point) IIT - (full year) Introduction to Information Technology (Performing Arts credit) Information technology concepts, software applications, communications, basic web design, and emerging technologies

11 Reading is based on 7 th grade FCAT until June when it is “reassessed” by FSA Possible courses include: Read 180 (Intensive Reading 1 & 2 - 2 period block) Intensive Reading A Advanced Communications */Advanced Reading H* Advanced Reading H*/Semantics & Logic H* Semantics & Logic H* some Level 4 & 5 FCAT (Could be 1 st or 2 nd semester)

12 You will choose 8 electives in order of preference, #1 being your first and most important choice. Not all electives will appear on your schedule, some may be alternates. Alternates may become part of your schedule, so they should be classes you are willing to take! Recommendation: Choose a combination of year long and semester courses as alternates to assure you get something you want if reading is adjusted!

13 AP Human Geography AP Biology Earn college credit – rigorous curriculum

14 If you are a public school student – send us the Course Selection Worksheet, if you offered CHOICE as part of the Kinsman Academy, you must take a Kinsman class every year you are here! If you are private school student, you will need to make an appointment to register

15 Veterinary Medicine Culinary Arts Sports Medicine Business of Sports Information Technology Sports Marketing

16 Take the hardest classes you can! Honors Advanced Placement Must sign a contract for AP classes! Keep a balance between academics and activities! Get Involved!

17 Due to the requirements of the Class Size Reduction Amendment, requests for schedule changes may be denied as classes reach maximum legal capacity. Part time schedules – requests for a modified schedule must be made prior to the first day of school!! Pleas read the Schedule Change Policy!

18  School starts at 7:33 AM  Release time is 3:00 PM  Each of the 8 periods is 50 minutes including lunch!

19 The curriculum guide is on the Steinbrenner website This is our main means of communication – check it often!

20 Visit representatives from each subject – check your program for locations AP and dual enrollment presentations are in the cafeteria

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