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Class of th grade Orientation

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1 Class of 2018 8th grade Orientation
Kentridge It’s a great day to be a Charger! Class of 2018 8th grade Orientation

2 Graduation Requirements

3 4 credits of English 9th grade 11th grade 10th grade 12th grade Core
Honors 9th grade 10th grade AP English Language and Composition 11th grade College Composition & Literature AP English Literature and Composition 12th grade

4 3 credits of Social Studies
Honors Social Studies 9th grade Honors Social Studies (AP Human Geography) 10th grade US History AP US History 11th grade Civics AP Government & Politics 12th grade

5 9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade 3 credits of Math
Algebra 1-2 9th grade Geometry 10th grade Algebra 3-4 11th grade WA 4 year Colleges require math in senior year 12th grade

6 9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade 3 credits of Science
Integrated 1-2 Integrated 3-4 (Honors track) 9th grade Integrated 3-4 Chemistry (Honors track) 10th grade Optional science choices: Chemistry, Chemistry in the Community, Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, Astronomy, Oceanography ,Auto Tech, Culinary Arts Prep, Sports Medicine 11th grade Colleges highly recommend science all 4 years, requiring either Chemistry or Physics. 12th grade

7 1.5 credits of P.E. and .5 Health
P.E. courses can be taken anytime during the 4 years. Classes offered are: P.E. 9, Cooperative Team Sports, Aerobics/Fitness, Food and fitness, Weight Training. Students may waive the P.E. requirement for religious, athletic, health, or academic reasons. Health: Core classes take in 10th grade for semester. Honors classes will need to take 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.

8 1 credit Occupational Education = 2 Occ Ed classes
Family and Consumer Science Technical and Applied Programs Business Education Computer Programming Commercial Art I and II Graphic Arts Yearbook Photo I and II Peer Tutoring

9 1 credit Art = 2 art classes
Any class in the fine, visual or performing arts: Music Ceramics Drama Draw Paint Photography Commercial Art Graphic Art

10 6 credits Electives = 12 elective classes
Any credits earned above the required classes will automatically be counted as an elective.

11 Your Registration Packet
Time line & Zero hour classes Registration form Please circle classes (Core or Honors English, Social Studies, Science, Math, 2 Electives) You MUST put in 3 alternates that you would want to take Have parents sign form

12 You must sign up for 6 credits
Full year classes will not be changed at the semester Choose your alternate classes wisely- we will not change your schedule if you get one of your alternate courses.

13 Sample Schedule 1st English 2nd Science 3rd Social Studies 4th Elective & Lunch 5th Math 6th Elective

14 We will return for Online registration
Meeker- Monday, March 3 Northwood Tuesday, March 4 Bring your SIGNED registration form on these days Parent night Wednesday, February 26th at 7:00pm

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