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2 Sophomore Registration Schedule
February 25th and February 26th – Counselors will visit all freshmen homerooms to inform students about registering for 10th grade classes. At this time Registration forms will be handed out and students are instructed to get their teachers to recommend them for their next year’s classes/levels. These forms are then brought home to you for your signature. February 27th, 28th, and March 1st – Students will report to the computer lab to input their choices. They will not be allowed to do this without parent signatures and teacher recommendations. After this I will meet with every student individually to check the classes they signed up for and to ensure they are working toward their graduation requirements.

English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits Science – 3 credits (Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and one additional lab science Social Studies – 3 credits (World Geography or World History, US History, US Gov’t & Economics) Lifetime Wellness – 1 credit Foreign Language – 2 credits Fine Art – 1 credit Elective Focus – 3 credits ½ credit in Personal Finance ½ credit in additional PE

4 What is your elective focus?
AP Humanities & Fine Arts Math & Science Information Technology – Game Programming Information Technology – Web Design TV & Film Marketing: Sales & Service Business: Financial Management & Accounting

5 Typical Sophomore Courses
English II – Honors or Standard AP European History, AP World History, World History – Honors or Standard Math Science Elective Focus Elective Study Hall

6 Two elective choices, what should I choose?
Refer to your four-year plan (a copy will be given to all freshmen during the homeroom visits) Have I taken my fine art requirement yet? Have I started on my foreign language yet? Am I working toward fulfilling the elective focus requirement? Stop by Ms. Wulff’s office for guidance if you still have questions!

7 Course Levels Standard Honors AP
Teacher Recommendations are needed in order to sign up for Honors and AP classes. If a student is not recommended they must fill out an override form and a parent signature is required. Caution – if a student does an override and is struggling in the upper level class the policy states that they must stay in it for a full semester!

8 Good reasons to challenge yourself and take honors and AP level courses . . .
Colleges are looking for rigor when they evaluate transcripts. Your teacher will add points to your quarter grade (3 points for honors and 5 points for AP.) At BHS your grade point average (g.p.a.) is weighted. See the next slide for more information. Honors and AP classes cover more curriculum which impact your scores on the ACT and SAT in a positive way!

9 BHS Grading Scale Grade Value Standard Honors AP A A A B B B C C D F

10 Tennessee Unweighted GPA
A points B points C points D point F points This is the scale used to qualify for HOPE or GAM Scholarship.

11 Sophomore Year Goals Take the Plan. PSAT – optional Focus on your gpa!
Begin college exploration. Carefully consider class choices for the junior year. Work with your counselor to ensure your graduation requirements are being satisfied.

12 How do I know what classes are offered at BHS?
Go to the Brentwood High School website Click on the Counseling Center link Click on the Program of Studies Go to the Courses Offered link Click on each course for a full description and to find out if there are any prerequisites!

13 DIPLOMAS Students who qualify for an honors diploma, will receive on the highest level achieved.
Tennessee Diploma with Honors – (Level 1) Students who score at or above all of the subject area readiness benchmarks on the ACT or equivalent score on the SAT will graduate with honors. Readiness Benchmark scores are: English 18, Mathematics 22, Reading 21, and Science 24. Tennessee Diploma with Distinction – (Level 2) Students will be recognized as graduating with “distinction” by attaining a B average and completing at least one of the following: Earn a nationally recognized industry certification Participate in at least one of the Governor’s Schools Participate in one of the state’s All-State musical organizations Be selected as a National Merit Finalist or Semi-Finalist Attain a score of 31 or higher composite score on the ACT Attain a score of 3 or higher on at least two AP exams Earn 12 or more semester hours of transcripted postsecondary credit

14 DIPLOMAS (cont.) Williamson County Honors Diploma – (Level 3)
Awarded to students who have completed the core curriculum and minimum of 14 credits at the honors or Advanced Placement level, 4 years of science, and a cumulative g.p.a. of 3.5 or higher. Credits earned from middle school will be counted as honors classes. Brentwood High School Honors Diploma – (Level 4) Awarded to students who have core requirements as well as the following course requirements: 4 years of science and 3 years of the same foreign language. In addition, the student must have a cumulative g.p.a. of 3.0 or higher, a minimum of 5 Advanced Placement courses, and all honor courses must be taken when offered.

15 Questions? Comments?

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