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Welcome to Sophomore Night

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1 Welcome to Sophomore Night
Marian School Counseling Department

2 Tonight’s Topics What should students be concentrating on Sophomore year. What should they be thinking about to prepare for next year. What can you do to make sure you are on the right track for preparing your student for their post high school plans.

3 Sophomore Year Bridging Freshman and Sophomore Year Sophomore Year
Importance of continuing the momentum Concentrate on getting homework in on time Studying for exams once they are assigned

4 Managing time between extra curricular activities (Sports, Clubs, or Work), academics and life
Students do need to have an outlet to deal with the Stress Spending time with friends Exercise Tap into their passion—drawing, music, etc.

5 If your student is struggling- tutoring on Monday- Thurs
If your student is struggling- tutoring on Monday- Thurs. right after school until 4:00 School Counseling does have names of private tutors. Contact Us at Teachers are available before and after school Library is open until 5:00.

6 Core 40 vs. Academic Honors Diploma
Do you know what type of Diploma your student will earn at Marian? Differences between the two diplomas Benefits of earning the Academic Honors Diploma

7 Core 40 Diploma In order to graduate from High School in Indiana with the Core 40 diploma, the state of Indiana requires the completion of 40 credits. At Marian since we have theology classes, 1 Computer Science class and 1 extra elective, your student will graduate with 50 credits. If you have transferred to Marian the credit may be less due to not having to make up the theology classes prior to being at Marian.

8 The Marian Core 40 Diploma
English 4 years =8 credits Theology 4 years =8 credits Social Studies 3 years= 6 credits Science Years =6 credits Mathematics 3 years = 6 credits Health semester= 1 credit Physical Education 2 semesters=2 credits Fine/Practical Arts 2 semesters =2 credits Computer Science 1 semester= 1 credit Electives = 10 credits

9 The Academic Honors Diploma
The student needs to complete all of the Core 40 diploma requirements PLUS: 1. (1) more year of math= total of 8 credits 2. Three to four years of a foreign Language =6-8 credits - the student may complete all foreign language credits in one language or complete four credits in one language and four in another (2 years of each)

10 3. The Art credits for the Academic Honors Diploma need to be completed in a Fine Art class such as Music, Choral, and any classes that Mrs. Gunty or Miss Litty provide.

11 Additionally The student must complete One of the following:
-take two AP (Advanced Placement) courses and take the AP exams -Take two ACP (Advanced College Project) classes that would earn six college credits and pay the IU tuition -Take one AP class and exam and one ACP class and pay the tuition to IU that would earn three college credits -Score a 1200 or higher of the SAT Critical Reading and Math portions of the test -Score 26 or higher on the ACT Composite Score

12 This is Important Only courses that the student earns a C- or better count toward the AHD. At Marian we have given the student one opportunity to take one class over for the purpose of the Academic Honors Diploma. This must be approved by the school counselor before the student takes the class. Students have to have a overall grade point average of a “B” or better= 3.0 for an Academic Honors Diploma

13 What Are The Benefits of the AHD
Preparing for college- the classes aid the student in getting ready for the rigor of college level classes. The students are introduced to college level curriculum in ACP classes and if pay IU tuition may possibly earn credit for college. Not only will students be prepared for college, there is a greater liklihood students will stay in college and graduate in four years. There is need-based scholarships that come students are eligible for college if they have the Academic Honors Diploma.

14 The AP and ACP Classes that Marian Offer
Junior Year AP Junior Composition-need to take exam ACP U.S. History-need to pay IU tuition AP U.S. History-need to take exam ACP Biology-need to pay IU tuition ACP Chemistry-need to pay IU tuition ACP Fundamental Studio Drawing- IU tuition ACP Cadet Teaching- IU tuition

15 Senior Year AP American Literature-need to take exam
ACP Biology- pay IU tuition ACP Chemistry-pay IU tuition AP Calculus BC-take exam AP Calculus AB-take exam AP Physics B-take exam ACP fundamental Studio Drawing- IU tuition ACP Cadet Teaching- IU tuition

16 The Trades If your student is interested in getting experience in a trade, culinary arts, automotive technology, or the service or health industry we can start this spring to plan on helping them to get credits toward graduation while receiving hands on experience. - The student must have a G.P. A. of a 2.20 or better to qualify. - Students may either attend Elkhart Career Center or possibly a public high school during the day to earn the experience. Please contact your school counselor if interested.

17 Let’s look Ahead What are colleges looking for in a student?
1.Colleges want to see the student is taking the most rigorous course he or she can handle. 2. Colleges want the well rounded student. Someone who is involved in either sports, volunteering or both. This shows that the student can manage their time while achieving academically.

18 3. Depending on what type of college your student is thinking about you need to be realistic on what the GPA requirements are. 4. It is not too early to be looking at admission requirements for colleges.

19 Naviance Your student was introduced to Naviance in their freshman year. What is Naviance? How can we use Naviance in our Sophomore year.

20 Planting Seeds for Junior Year
Students start going to college visits at Marian in the Fall. Students should take their first ACT and first SAT Spring of their junior year. We have resources for SAT prep courses. Contact our office for this information. Students will utilize Naviance extensively starting their junior year

21 Remember when students are applying to college the school is making their decision based on your students grades through junior Keep the momentum strong! Get assistance if you need it from your teachers or school counselors There will be a meeting this spring regarding ACP and AP classes

22 Your school counselors are here to support you in everything you need to do but it is important that you choose to do it. The End Questions for Mrs. Tiller

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