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Understanding High School Requirements & Financial Aid

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1 Understanding High School Requirements & Financial Aid

2 Moving through high school...
Credits for promotion: Grade credits Grade credits Grade credits

3 To graduate from high school...
• Credits required: 230 credits • Pass all required classes. • Pass all areas of the High School Exit Exam.

4 High School Graduation vs College Admissions Requirements
a-History - 30 credits (3 years) b-English 40 credits (4 years) c-Math - 20 credits (2 years) d-Lab Science - 20 credits (2 yrs) e-Foreign Language - none f-Visual/Performing Arts - 10 credits (1 year) g-Electives - 70 credits College Admissions a-History - 2 years b-English 4 years c-Math - 3 years d-Lab Science - 2 years e-Foreign Language - 2 years f-Visual/Performing Arts - 1 year g-Electives - 1 year

5 Grade requirements 4-year College High School Grades must be “C”
or higher to enter. High School Grades must be “D” or higher to pass.

6 High School Exit Exam The California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE):
English language arts Reading and Writing sections Multiple Choice and Writing task Covers state standards through grade 10 Mathematics All Multiple Choice Covers math concepts and skills through Algebra I

7 High School Exit Exam Taken once in 10th grade
If one or both parts not passed, may take two more times in 11th grade and three times in 12th grade Once a part is passed, no need to take again English language arts Passing score (450 possible) Mathematics

8 High School Exit Exam What if a student doesn’t pass?
Students who complete all graduation requirements have one more chance to pass exam in summer after senior year Can complete diploma in Adult School When 18, can take the GED and/or enroll in community college

9 What else do colleges consider?
College entrance tests (SAT or ACT) Honors and Advanced Placement classes Additional academic classes Special talents or skills  UC’s and Private Colleges  Extra curricular activities Community service Obstacles overcome Essay (writing skills)

10 How to get ready for college NOW!
• Read as much as possible. • Get involved in school activities. • Take challenging classes. • Make up “D’s” or “Fails” as soon as possible. • Take advantage of opportunities. • Develop strong study skills.

11 Four California College Systems

12 Items considered for Financial Aid
• Total family income • Number of people in family • Value of family assets • Student’s grade point average

13 Depending on your family’s total income, you might receive…
Federal Pell Grant Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Federal Work-Study (part-time job) Federal Perkins Loan Federal Stafford Loan California Grant

14 Depending on your GPA, you might receive a …
Cal Grant A (full tuition at CA public school) 3.0+ Middle to low income family Cal Grant B (full tuition + $1,550/year) 2.0+ Lower income family Cal Grant C (vocation/occupational schools) No GPA requirement!

15 What Can Students do NOW?
Get GOOD GRADES! Good grades turn into MONEY! A Cal Grant is based on 4 semesters of work in 10th and 11th Grade. A Cal Grant can pay for tuition at a California college.

16 You have a challenge and a promise.
What should you do NOW? You have a challenge and a promise. Go for it!

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