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1 Queen Elizabeth High School HOME of the KNIGHTS.

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1 1 Queen Elizabeth High School HOME of the KNIGHTS

2 2 Queen Elizabeth High School GRADE 10 REGISTRATION 2013 - 2014 Feb, 2013

3 3 TRANSITION to HIGH SCHOOL: GRADE10 REGISTRATION PROCESS: Feb: QE Counsellors visit Gr 9 classes with Registration Information. One Week Later: Counsellors collect completed registration forms (with parental signatures) March 15: High School Transfer Application Deadline. April 05: Course change deadline.

4 HIGH SCHOOL TRANSFER PROCESS Students MUST attend their designated HS unless they have requested a transfer to another school & it has been approved. If you wish to transfer to another HS: –you must get a Transfer Request from your designated school –have it signed by the principal of the designated school –take the Transfer Request to your requested school Transfer requests MUST be completed by March 15, 2013 You will be notified if your request is approved after that time. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE SCHOOL THAT YOU ARE REQUESTING when you are out of area. 4

5 WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL: Faster Pace Choices Complexity Flexibility Freedom Responsibility

6 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL The High School Year Terms Credits High School Diploma Requirements Choosing Courses Thinking About the Future 6

7 7 THE HIGH SCHOOL YEAR Is divided into 2 semesters: –Sept to Jan –Feb to June Four courses are usually taken each semester. Except for Music, courses are one semester Final exams are written in Jan & in June. Gr10 students take a full program - 8 courses – 4 in each semester – NO SPARES.

8 8 Course Numbers: Gr 10 courses are numbered in the 10’s Gr 11 courses are numbered in the 20’s Gr 12 courses are numbered in the 30’s Sequence: eg. Science 10 is followed by Science 20 which is followed by Science 30. Prerequisite: A course which is required (completed & passed) before the next level can be attempted eg. Science 10 is a prerequisite for Science 20. Science 20 is a prerequisite for Science 30. Some courses have NO prerequisites. eg. Psychology 20 TERMS

9 9 CREDITS Credits are earned for every course taken. To earn credits you must complete the course (pass) with a final mark of 50% or better. Full Course (5 credits) is offered every day for 80 min. Half Course (3 credits) is offered every day for 40 min. In High School you pass or fail by subject not by grade. CTS (Career & Technology Studies) classes are offered in 1 credit modules. You may pass or fail each module. Some modules are pre-requisites for other modules.

10 10 HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA REQUIREMENTS 100 Credits Minimum Including: Gr 12 ELA & Social Studies Gr 11 Math & Science Physical Education 10 (3 credits minimum) CALM - Career & Life Management (3 credits) 10 credits in any level of CTS, Fine Arts, Second Languages, PE 20 or 30 or LDC (Locally Developed Courses). Note: These DO NOT have to be at the 30 level. 10 credits in Gr 12 level courses in addition to ELA & Social Studies

11 GOALS IN HIGH SCHOOL 1.Earn a High School Diploma 2.Prepare for Life After High School Post Secondary Education University Technical School College Apprenticeship Work 3.Have Fun New Learning Experiences New Friends 11

12 12 PROGRAM CHOICES AP (Advanced Placement ) GATE (Gifted & Talented Education) Academic / Technical

13 13 ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) Challenging academic program. 80% average recommended. Students may take one or more courses. AP courses in Gr12 are 8 credits, except Math (10cr). Diploma exams are written in Jan & AP exams are written in May Gr12 AP courses are equivalent to First Year University Courses.

14 14 ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) AP Courses offered at QE: ELA 35 AP European History 35 AP (New) Math 30-1 AP Math 31 AP Biology 35 AP Chemistry 35 AP Physics 35 AP *Note: Courses are offered if there is sufficient enrolment.

15 15 ADVANCED PLACEMENT INFORMATION Think carefully about the AP courses that you select. You will not be able to drop them after April 05, 2013. We are very strict about this because the classes are created based upon your choices now. If there are course conflicts you may be required to change your AP selections.

16 GIFTED & TALENTED EDUCATION (gate) ELA 10-1 GATE Social Studies 10-1 GATE Social Studies 20-1 GATE (New 2013-14) 16

17 17 * GATE NOTE: To remain in the GATE program, students must register in ELA 10-1 GATE, Social Studies 10-1 GATE or take at least one AP course. If you are from out of area, you will lose your GATE status & will be required to return to your designated High School.

18 18 CHOOSING COURSES Core Courses Complementary Courses / Options

19 19 English Language Arts ELA 10-1 ELA 9 ELA 10-1 Pre-AP ELA 10-2 ELA 10-4 ELA 10-1 GATE Recommended Pre-Req Marks >80% >60-65% <50-65%

20 20 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS ELA 10-1 ELA 10-1 Pre-AP ELA 20-1 Pre-AP ELA 30-1ELA 20-1 ELA30-1/35AP (8 cr) ELA 10-2 ELA 20-2 ELA 30-2 ELA 10-4 ELA 20-4 ELA 30-4 ELA 10-1 GATE

21 21 Social Studies Social Studies 9 Social 10-1 Social 10-2 Social 10-1 Pre-AP Social 10-4 Social 10-1 GATE Recommended Pre-Req Marks >80% >60-65% <60%

22 22 SOCIAL STUDIES Social 10-1Social 20-1 Social 30-1 Social 10-2Social 20-2Social 30-2 Social 10-1 Pre- AP Social 20-1Pre-AP Western World History 35 AP (8cr) Social 10-4 Social 20-4 Social 10-1 GATE Social 20-1 GATE

23 23 mathematics Math 9 Math 10C Math 10-3 Math 10-4 Math 10C Pre-AP Recommended Pre-requisite Marks >80% >65-70% <50%

24 24 MATHEMATICS Math 10C Math 10-3 Math 10-4 Math 10C Pre-AP Math 20-4 Math 20-3 Math 20-1 Pre-AP Math 30-3 Math 30-1 Math 31 (Calculus) Math 30-2 Math 20-2

25 25 SCIENCE Science 9 Science 10 Science 14 Science 10 Pre-AP Science 10-4 Recommended Pre-requisite Marks >80% >55% <55%

26 26 SCIENCE Biology 20Pre-AP Chemistry 20 Pre-AP Physics 20 Pre-AP Science 10 Science 14 Science 10 Pre-AP Science 24 Biology 20 Chemistry 20 Physics 20 Science 30 Biol 30/35 AP Chem 30/35AP Physics 30/35AP (8cr each) Biology30 Chemistry 30 Physics 30 Science 20 Science 10-4Science 20-4

27 27 Physical Education Physical Education 10 (5 credits) PE 9

28 28 Physical Education 5cr PE 10 PE 20 PE 30 PE 9

29 29 Physical Education Cost for the program: approximately $125 to cover transportation, rental, facility costs. Students choose from 2 activity modules each week, many off-campus. archery, badminton, basketball, billiards, bowling, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, climbing, curling, dance, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, squash, roller skating, rugby, soccer, self defence, tennis, volleyball, in-line skating, yoga etc.

30 30 GRADE 10 PROGRAM Compulsory/Core Courses: ELA Social Studies Mathematics Science Physical Education Complementary/Option Courses three to six choices

31 31 QE REGISTRATION FORM ELASocial Studies MathScience PE 10Option SEM 1SEM 2 Music

32 32 COMPLEMENTARY COURSES Now the really fun stuff!!!

33 33 Journalism 15 5cr Learn the elements of journalism: Interviewing Researching Writing stories Advertising sales Graphic design News photography Assembly & layout of a newspaper Includes production of the school newspaper. 33

34 34 SOCIAL SCIENCES Psychology 3cr Psychology 20-1 (General) Psychology 20-2 (Personal)

35 Psychology 20-1 (General) 3cr Gain skills & understanding for more effective living in our complex society. Scientific approach to understanding human behavior to appreciate more fully the reasons that underlie our acts as well as those of others. History & Methodology of Psychology Principles of Learning & Cognition Biological Influences of Behavior Perception & Intelligence 35

36 Psychology 20-2 (Personal) 3cr Gain skills & understanding for more effective living in our complex society. Scientific approach to understanding the individual. Personality Human Development Behavior Disorders Therapy & Adolescence 36

37 37 Contemporary Western Philosophy 20 3cr Identify the basic problems of human life: –existence, beauty, knowledge, values, society, the mind Appreciate the importance of reason & critical thinking in philosophical inquiry. Examine some of the great thinkers & their ideas throughout history. Consider the impact these issues have on us today. 37

38 FINE & PERFORMING ARTS 5cr Art 10, 20 & 30 Advanced Techniques in Painting 15 Drama 10, 20, & 30 Film Studies 15, 25 & 35 Musical Theatre 15, 25 & 35 Music 10, 20 & 30 (Band) Professional Development in the Arts 35 38

39 39 FINE & PERFORMING ARTS CERTIFICATE Requires 40cr earned in Fine Arts courses. Must take: Professional Development in the Arts 35 (5cr) –Prerequisite: students must be in Grade 12 & have completed the 20/25 level course of your Fine Arts major.

40 Art 10 5cr This course is about: the basics of two & three dimensional design. drawing, painting & sculpture. Student qualities: Creativity Imagination 40

41 41 Advanced Techniques in Painting 15 5cr Gives students opportunities to communicate visually using a variety of materials & methods. Allows student to become creators of solutions to visual problems. Enriches a students’ path to post-secondary study in the Visual Arts. * Painting is the focus for 2013-14. 41

42 Drama 10 5cr This course is about: Movement Speech Improvisation Theatre studies Student qualities: Interest in developing basic drama skills Positive attitude Willingness to participate 42

43 Film Studies 15 5cr This course is about: Early film history. Understanding the literary, dramatic & cinematic aspects of film. Understanding the techniques filmmakers use. Basic storyboarding. Creating a short original film. Student qualities: Interest in understanding the history & craft of film Willingness to share ideas & observations Open-mindedness in viewing a variety of films 43

44 Musical Theatre 15 5cr This course is about: Exploring & developing vocal skills, movement & body awareness. Working with an ensemble cast. Character development. Student qualities: Creativity Imagination Willingness to perform 44

45 Musical Theatre Entrance into this course is by audition. Audition dates will be announced in March. Auditions will be held in the spring at QE & SF. A large scale production is performed before Christmas. 45

46 Music 10 (Band) 5cr This course is about: Building or each level’s musical skills. Working in small groups & large chamber ensembles. Mandatory performance & rehearsal attendance. Concert literature will be stressed. Student qualities: Self-directed practice Dedication 46

47 Music 10 Classes are held from 8:00 to 8:45 daily. Students are expected to make their own way to school as there are no buses. Gr10 Music Students are the ONLY Gr10’s who are allowed to have a SPARE during the day if they wish. 47

48 48 LANGUAGE PROGRAMS Spanish 10 French 10-9y Grade 9

49 49 L anguage Programs 5cr French 10-9yFrench 20-9y Spanish 10 French 30-9y Spanish 20Spanish 30 Grade 9

50 50 Languages French 10-9Y is not an introductory French course. Most students will have had 6 to 9 years of French. Spanish is taught at the introductory level. 30 level language courses may be used as an academic subject for university entrance.

51 51 CAREER & TECHNOLOGY STUDIES (CTS) Media, Design & Communication Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology Health, Recreation & Human Services Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation Construction Technology

52 52 BUSINESS, ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (BIT) Financial Management: Marketing & Enterprise 10 (3cr) 52

53 53 Marketing & Enterprise10 3cr This course is about: Applying business fundamentals of Marketing & Enterprise to complete a project that will display these skills. Student qualities: Motivation & interest in business skills Interest in computer skills Attention to detail Good personal skills 53

54 54 HEALTH, RECREATION & HUMAN SERVICES (hrh) Foods 10 (3cr) Legal Studies 10 (3cr) Sports Performance 10 (5cr each) Sports Medicine 10 (5cr each) Team Leadership 10 (5cr each) 54

55 Foods 10 3cr This course is about: Kitchen safety Sanitary food handling procedures Efficient work habits. Nutrition Comprehension of recipes Cooking techniques with small equipment. Student qualities: Interest in correct cooking procedures. Willingness to work cooperatively & efficiently. 55

56 Legal Studies 10 3cr This course is about; learning how Canadian law works how it affects the daily life of young people Student qualities: an interest in law the ability to work independently willingness to discuss & debate ideas 56

57 Sports Performance 10 5cr This course is about: Assessing your fitness levels & goals. Learning proper training techniques. Evaluating performance enhancement. Managing sports injuries. Discussing sports studies. Demonstrating leadership in class Student qualities: Previous success & keen interest in PE or an individual sport. Desire to train & improve fitness. Self-motivation. 57

58 Sports Medicine 10 5cr This course is about: Health Service Foundations Musculoskeletal Systems Injury Management Cardiovascular Systems Technical Foundation of Injury Management Student Qualities: Interest in career path related to sports medicine. 58

59 59 Team Leadership 10 5cr This course is about: Demonstrating personal leadership fundamentals, teamwork & communication skills, mentorship of others & project management. Enhancing the school community by building school spirit. Making a difference through exciting, student-driven initiatives. Performing volunteer service hours. Student qualities: Positive community spirit. Willingness to work in groups. Independent work skills. Interest in developing & growing as a leader.

60 60 MEDIA, DESIGN & COMMUNICATION (MDC) 3cr each: Intro to Communication Technology 10 Mandatory pre- or co-requisite for: Multimedia 10 Digital Photography 10 Animation & Web Design 10 60

61 Introduction to Communication Technology 10 3cr This course is about: Visual Composition Graphic Tools Audio/Video Student qualities: Interest in technology, graphic design & creativity 61

62 Multimedia 10 3cr This course is about: The study of broadcasting & communication technology. The use computers & audio-video equipment to create communication projects. Student qualities: work in groups while being responsible for individual assignment completion desire to learn about video, still images & audio d

63 Digital Photography 10 3cr This course is about: Learning photographic principles & how they apply to digital images. Use software & hardware to create perfect photo images & presentation. Develop skills in composition, lighting & exposure with digital cameras. Student qualities: interest in photography & design 63

64 Animation & Web Design 10 3cr This course is about: The use of graphics, web design & animation Student qualities: willingness to communicate creative energy responsibility for your own learning readiness to share responsibility for maintaining the computer lab. 64

65 Design Studies 10 3- 5cr This course is about: Exploring careers in pre-engineering, interior design, architecture, industrial design etc. Design in both 2D & 3D perspectives. Basic sketching, design & model construction used by designers. Mostly computer assisted design (CAD). Student qualities: keen interest in detail interest in creating today’s residential, commercial & recreational facilities 65

66 66 TRADES, MANUFACTURING & TRANSPORTATION (TMT) Wood Technology 10 (3cr) 66

67 Wood Technology10 3cr This course is about: Safe & efficient use of woodworking Machines, power & hand tools. Exploring construction & cabinetmaking processes. Working with common construction & furniture making materials. Reading drawings & following project plans. Student qualities: Maturity to operate power tools safely & work independently. 67

68 Career & Technology Centre The CT Centre is located at: The Lord Shaughnessy Campus 2336 – 53 Avenue SW (403-777-7971) QE students may access additional CTS courses. Check out the CT Centre Website: * See your counsellor for more information. 68

69 CT Centre Courses Auto Body Welding Fabrication Pre-Engineering Cosmetology – Hairstylist Apprentice Cook Apprentice Medical Sciences First Responder Environmental Stewardship Financial Management & Marketing Computer Science Broadcasting 69

70 70 Career & Life Management 3cr This course is about: Personal & interpersonal challenges Career explorations Financial planning Human sexuality Note: Offered as a blended program (face-to-face & on-line learning) at QE. Guest speakers attend. Can be taken through CBe-learn or Chinook in the summer. Required for the High School Diploma. Recommended for Gr 11 students.

71 71 Work Experience 3 to 15 cr A one credit module, HCS 3000, must be completed independently. One credit is earned for every 25 hours of work to a maximum of 15cr throughout high school. Students may work at part time jobs, work as teacher assistants or do volunteer work WE credits are given as WE35 to start – important if a 30 level course is needed to meet High School Diploma requirements. Visit the Work Experience Coordinator, Mrs. Jones, in Student Services, for more information.

72 Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Allows students to complete their High School Diploma & first year of apprenticeship at the same time. It is possible to earn 40 high school credits in RAP (instead of options). Recommended that students begin RAP in the summer after Grade 10 or 11 by doing summer work experience. An excellent website for apprenticeship information is: 72

73 73 QE REGISTRATION FORM ELASocial Studies MathScience PE 10Option SEM 1SEM 2 Music

74 74 HOW DO I SELECT MY COURSES? Current Achievement in Gr 9 (marks) Ability (things you are good at) Aptitudes (special strengths & skills) Interests (what you enjoy) Aspirations (goals)

75 75 REGISTER for SUCCESS If you choose courses that are too difficult, you will be frustrated. If you choose courses that are too easy, you will be bored & will limit your future opportunities. Remember: it is possible to change streams & upgrade.

76 76 REMEMBER: You are the one taking the courses. Choose academic levels wisely according to your current marks. Choose your complementary courses carefully in order of your preference. Begin or continue to work hard if you wish to upgrade to a higher academic level.

77 77 REMEMBER: April 05, 2013 is the deadline to make course changes.

78 78 QUESTIONS ? ? ? ?

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