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Mark Briody Lives and works at Caringbah, Sydney Australia…

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1 Mark Briody Lives and works at Caringbah, Sydney Australia…

2 Search Engine Optimisation

3 Google Adword Campaigns

4 Website conversions List Building Off line Marketing & Promotions Makes your phone ring! Website development Video creation

5 TODAY… Teach you how to convert more of your website visitors into phone calls Plus SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for more traffic ALSO…

6 I do sell a course that can help take you to where you want to be online and its a lot less expensive than hiring a professional With everyone's permission Id like to go over it a little at the end… If its OK

7 I will be around for 1 hour to help anyone if you have more questions

8 Im going to show you the difference between a good website and a bad one. If I happen to show a website that I consider bad that belongs to someone in this room today… I apologise, its not personal.

9 Phone Number Professional Carpet Cleaning That Leaves Your Carpets Looking Beautiful & Fresh GUARANTEED Or Its FREE Call 1300 000 000 Today


11 Sell The Benefits Not The Features

12 Can someone tell me what the difference is between a benefit and a feature?

13 Lets talk SEO

14 How do you know what keywords people are actively looking for on Google? You use a FREE tool called Google External Keyword Tool Pay attention to [EXACT] and PHRASE match only – NOT BROAD Match

15 FREE Video Tutorial

16 ??free??


18 Important On-Page-Principles


20 TITLE DESCRIPTION Where do you change or set up your important TITLE, and DESCRIPTION tags? Either have your web developer do it for you or it will be in your CMS (Content Management System)

21 The secret to a good title tag is: 1. The title tag only allows 69 characters 2. The title MUST start with the keyword you want to rank for. If there is room left for a catchy hook use one. EXAMPLE: Carpet Cleaning Sydney – Its Clean Or Its Free

22 The secret to a good description tag is: 1. The description tag allows roughly 155 characters 2. The description MUST be 1 or 2 sentences and contain the keyword you want that page to rank for. Try to make the sentence catchy and include your contact number. EXAMPLE: Carpet Cleaning Sydney When you invest in our Carpet Cleaning Sydney service we guarantee youll be happy or its 100% free. Call today on 1300 000 000.

23 Would you like to see what a good title and description look like when ranking on Google?


25 Be sure your url extension also relates to the key word. If your website is the internal page you want to rank for Carpet Cleaning Sydney will

26 H1 Utilising a H1 tag H1 A H1 tag is the first headline on each page and must include the keyword. H1 The best H1 tag is one that is compelling. A good headline compels the reader to continue reading and not leave the website.

27 On Page Content is often missed The Content on each page must be no less than 300 words and must contain important principles which are… 1. The keyword or keyword phrase included no less than 1% but no more than 2% 1. Use related keywords throughout the content.

28 Website Structure You must have the following pages if you want to rank in Google… Without them you can still rank but it is easier if you have them. 1. 1. Terms Of Use 2. 2. Privacy Policy 3. 3. XML Sitemap 4. 4. About

29 On the footer of every page HomeContactAboutSitemapTermsPrivacy

30 The next is vitally important Facebook Fan Page that receives constant LIKES Google Plus Twitter Linked-In

31 Lastly and one of the most important is Building solid and proper backlinks

32 Backlinks are variations of anchor text (in content)and direct urls that link back to your website and internal pages. Backlinks DONE RIGHT will bring you to the top of the search engines providing everything else we talked about is complete. Backlinks done wrong can see your website suspended for long periods of time from Google

33 In short thats about it

34 I am not going to sell anything here today but is it OK if I give my SEO course a quick plug? I have (as of this morning) 22 spots left in my full comprehensive SEO course and its the last time Im doing it… one-on-one coaching With Me The course includes private one-on-one coaching With Me. EVER! For One Full Year

35 $597 Im selling the last 22 for just $597 You cant buy it here today as I dont ever sell or take money when presenting… Its my golden rule. The price is exactly the same if you invest in it tomorrow or next week $3,999

36 to save money Anyone who wants to invest in my SEO course to save money will need to contact me after today

37 1300 884 571 Take my business card

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